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Grounding With Gnomes And Nature Fae

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Rachel Chamness

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July 09, 2020

Today we are getting help from the Gnomes and Nature Fae. 

This is all about grounding, calling back your energy, and other techniques that will help to keep our energy clear during this time of ascension

You should say these five things daily: 

1) I call back all of my energy from every space, form, plane, extension, world, and portal to be cleared and returned to me and my oversoul. 

2) I cut all energetic cords to me from and to others in this life and all others. 

3) I disconnect from the earthly 3rd-dimensional matrix, and connect deeply and firmly, grounding into the 5th-dimensional earth grid. 

4) I reject all psychic implants, hardware, or other unnatural and psychic devices anywhere in my body that interfere with my highest good. 

5) I ask to be cleared and protected as I go about my day. 

During the ascension process, grounding is going to be more important than ever. The Gnomes and Nature Fae will help you with that! 

Who are the Nature Fae?

The Nature Fae that I channeled with the Gnomes today are everyday Nature Fairies you would find in your garden. They live in flowers, leaves, mushrooms, rocks, and even in tree bark (but they aren’t Tree Spirits). They live near your home, in your lawn and/or garden or at the local park. They are there to help you ground and get more in tune with nature.

How to Ground

Grounding can be as easy as taking a deep breath while imagining roots coming out of the bottom of your feet. I imagine them as red, brown, and/or black. These roots go down, deep deep into the Earth Star Chakra, going through this chakra and joining with the New Earth and Mother Gaia. They will help you connect with the 5th Dimensional New Earth and Gaia, who I always see as part of this process. 

We do a lot of work with different Elementals and Galactic Beings who help us prepare for the Ascension process in my TAG VIP Group (Transformation and Ascension Group). You can find more information about joining us at

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