Light Path Sessions

This Light Path Healing & Guidance will come from a place of truth, light, compassion and support. This deep healing will be channeled and supported by high vibrational Spirit Guides and Illuminated Masters with channeled help and advice for your Light Path and Purpose in this life.

This inner focus time will support you by connecting to your higher self and Spirit Guides as well as making sure that blocks and problems are cleared to give way to deep healing. This session begins with an energy clearing session, then gives way to deeper healing and information for Soul Guidance.

Sound Waves Heal Meditation circle

Light Path Sessions

💎 Liquid Reiki Sound Healing: Reiki, Light Language, Channeled Messages & Sound Healing combined. This starts with a 15 minute Energy Clearing Session.

💎 Clearing: 13 Chakra+ Opening & Clearing, Attachment Removal, Cord Cutting, Aura Clearing, Blocks Removed, Fifth to Twelfth Dimensional Upgrades, Connection to Fifth Dimensional Ascension, Suggestions for keeping clear.

Choices for Session (fill out in intake form):

💎 Channeled Messages (Reading) from your Spirit Guides & Helpers

💎 Galactical Starseed Connections- Attunement

💎 Elemental, Angelic, Spirit Guide Connections – Attunement

💎 Questions for Spirit

💎 Counseling & Mentoring with advice from Spirit Guides and Helpers about your Light Path/ Purpose in this Life

💎 Past Life Session and Clearings– Healing & Resolving Wounds

💎 Blocks Removed, Help for Problems & Challenges

💎 Connection to Higher Self and Guides

💎 PTSD Help with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping (must be an hour)

💎Birth Portal (must be an hour) – opens portal for baby to come through more easily, protect mother and child, helps with labor and PTSD


💎 Complete Energy Clearing Session
💎 Clearing Past Lives and Blocks
💎 Bringing Spirit Helpers closer to you with messages and healing
💎 Galactic Starseed Connections
💎 Elemental, Angelic, Spirit Guide Connections
💎 Answers from Spirit
💎 Advice for Career and Light Path
💎 Birth Portals for Baby
💎 Clearing and Helping Support Crystal Children
💎 PTSD or Habit Clearing with EFT Tapping

How will a Remote Session be different from a Live one?

🔮Live Sessions include a lot of interaction. You are there to ask questions. However, because of natural conversation and questions, you might need a longer time period.

🔮Remote/Recorded Sessions can be time-tailored if our schedules aren’t a match. The advantage of these sessions is that you will get a lot more healing and deeper messages since there will be no interruptions  and I can connect deeper with your Higher Self & Spirit Guides.

You will customize the session in the Intake Form. Remote or Live, and what you would like for your session.

Begins with an Energy Clearing Session – first 15 minutes of session




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