Justice And A New Way – Channeled Messages From Atlantis

Justice And A New Way - Channeled Messages From Atlantis

This month in my TAG VIP Membership program, we are working closely with some gods and goddesses from Atlantis. Three of the main entities who are coming forward this month are Anubis, Serapis Bey, and Thoth. I’d like to share some of their messages with you.

One thing that came up as I was channeling them is that they have been around forever and will be around forever. Their energy is eternal.

Even though you may associate Anubis and Thoth with Egyptian mythology, they were also a part of the Atlantean experience as well. Serapis Bey is an Arcturian and Allopyami is more of an infinite/goddess energy.

This month, we are focusing on some really big shifts that are going to be coming up in the next few months, especially when it comes to topics like justice and rebuilding society so that it is fairer for everyone. Personal justice will be a part of the process, but vengeance and separation and division will not.

One thing Serapis Bey said was:

Like the crumbling of Atlantis, so will the civilization that is built crumble upon itself. The very structure that brought justice no longer serves the people it was written for. Therefore all must be rebuilt. And so it is to many nations and structures. And so must you dissolve any rigid ideas and non-truths you hold so tightly for they also will leave you. Let us show you how you can build a light in and around you to bring you to great heights.

Then I brought Thoth through, and he said:

We watch and wait until we can serve humanity for the highest good of all, to help you to build a greater structure that serves all.

Anubis came through after that, saying:

For death must come to the structures that no longer serve. It is now time to serve a higher good by razing structures of guilt, servitude and complacency.

The common theme for the group of energies I am working with this month is death to the old systems, beliefs, and ways and they are opening us up to the new. I believe that in this month, we will be opening up to some new truths that we have not been shown before.

After all, there are many things in our lives that we take as truth, which were just taught to us incorrectly—or on purpose incorrectly—and so we will be seeing some new truth, and there will be some change in governments, I believe in our earth, and there will be a lot of changes coming up now that will help us move toward Ascension or the next Golden Age.

I also channeled a message from an Atlantean Mermaid goddess called Allopyami. She said:

Again, I say to you, you will feel the rightness and truth. And you will feel and know what is true and what is not. This enhances your sense of discernment greatly as non-truths fall away and as personal justice is fulfilled.

She shows me that personal justice is not about righting wrongs that have been done to you. It is not separatism; it is not a holier than thou, “I am right and you are wrong kind of attitude.” It’s nothing like that.

As I was channeling these messages, it was clear to me that this was going to be a new way for us to connect with the energies of justice and also what is right and what is wrong. We are going to rise above petty quarrels and shameful, guilty feelings or calls for vengeance. Those are 3D feelings that need to be transmuted so that we can all ascend into a 5D reality.

The attunement I offer in my TAG VIP Program this month will help you to connect more with that 5D energy and understanding. It will help you grasp the concepts and how to work with them in your own life more easily.

If you’d like to hear more about the messages that came through in this Masterclass, you can join my TAG VIP Group here. These channeled messages are from December 2020.

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