The Reiki attunement is a ritual that connects you with the powerful Reiki Source, allowing you to access healing energy of the Highest Light, surrounding you in Reiki Protection, so you can practice Reiki healing on yourself and others. This means that any person can learn how to channel or flow Reiki.

Get attuned and get properly trained to become a Reiki practitioner or Teacher. All levels include Reiki Training, Reiki Practice, extra training used everyday by Rachel Chamness in Sessions, a Manual and Reiki Book, Community and love.

I would love to guide you to opening yourself up to more of the Universe’s help through this Attunement!

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Anyone can be certified in Reiki, it is transferred from Master to Student. Attunement will increase psychic awareness & abilities in the student. The Attunement never wears off, it is forever.
Reiki heals in 8 ways:

⭐️Strengthens the immune system
⭐️Energizes and balances the whole body
⭐️Brings Peace to the mind and body
⭐️Increases rate of recovery of injury
⭐️Eases muscle tension
⭐️Promotes pain relief
⭐️Relieves stress and anxiety
⭐️Promotes deep relaxation

You will feel the Attunement preparation in the body & psyche starting 21 days before the Attunement. You may be feeling it already as you read this. And there will be a 21 day Clearing and Self-Healing cycle after the Attunement where Reiki 1 Students are asked to work on themselves daily.
Treat yourself to this amazing upgrade, working with the Reiki Ray, helping others and yourself, increasing your psychic awareness and abilities. Includes Materials, Certificate, Attunement, extra programs, and more.

I offer many ways to get attuned to Reiki:
❤️️The 6 Person Class I offer once a year
❤️️Privately with me, Zoom or Local
❤️️A Class of 6 you put together, Zoom or Local
❤️️Waiting List for extra classes

Sound Waves Heal Level 1


Includes Attunement, History, Reiki Meditation, Protection & Shielding Techniques, Emotional & Mental Healing, Pets, Plants, Objects, Chair & Table Practice, Abundance Program, Materials, Certificate.
Be certified & personally attuned to Usui Reiki 1 by Reiki Master & Channel Medium Rachel Chamness. Five Hour Class.

💫Guided Meditation & Attunement
💫History & Instruction
💫Pets, Plants, Objects
💫Protection & Shielding Techniques
💫Abundance Program
💫Reiki Practice
💫Reiki Refresh Video Program

🌈Includes Materials, Certificate, Attunement, Extra Programs and more.

Waiting List for extra Reiki 1 classes is listed in Class Session Link

Sound Waves Heal Level 2


Includes guided meditation & Reiki attunement, distance & absentee healing. Learn and be Attuned to 3 Reiki symbols + one I use every day, heightened level of intuition, cord cutting, psychic surgery & implant removal, pro tips, distance Reiki practice. Wake up to higher dimensions of self.
Includes Reiki 2 Video Program including Reiki 2 Course Refresh Videos, How to use a Pendulum Class, Learn to Use your Psychic Senses with Oracle Cards Masterclass, How to Clear your Chakras with Sound Healing Class.

Be Certified in Usui Reiki 2 by Reiki Master & Channel Medium Rachel Chamness. 5 Hour Class.

☀️Prerequisite: Reiki 1
💫 Reiki 2 Course Refresh Videos
💫 Cord Cutting, Psychic Surgery, Psychic Implant Removal, & Story Removal
💫 How to Repair a Tear in the Time Transcendence 8th Chakra.
💫 Learn and be Attuned to 3 Reiki Symbols + one I use every day to hold time
💫 Heightened Level of Intuition, & Distance Reiki Practice
💫 Pendulum, Sound Healing & Oracle Courses Included
💫 Pro Tips
💫 Reiki 2 Manual
💫 Meditation to meet a Lemurian Celestial Teacher for Reiki Advice and Light Codes for your practice

🌈Includes Materials, Certificate, Attunement, Extra Programs and more.

Waiting List for extra Reiki 2 classes is listed in Class Session link

Sound Waves Heal Level 3

REIKI ATTUNEMENT – Usui Master Teacher LEVEL 3

Master Practitioner & Master Teacher Class – Includes Guided Meditation & Attunement, Learning Attunements, Level 3 Symbols, Practice and more.

Be Certified in Usui Reiki 3 Master Teacher by Reiki Master & Channel Medium Rachel Chamness. 10:30am- 5:00pm with an hour lunch break. Five Hour Class. This class is 6 hours which includes 1.5 hours of breaks/lunch.

☀️Prerequisite: Reiki 1 & 2 Attunement.

💫Guided Meditation & Attunement
💫Learning to give Attunements
💫Level 3 Symbols, practice and more.
💫How to Remove an Attachment
💫How to perform Surgery Sessions and Birth Portal Sessions
💫How to send Earthbound Spirits to the Light
💫Antahkarana & Reiki Grids
💫Pro Tips- finding your niche
💫Teaching Videos and helpful advice for teaching your own classes

🌈Includes Materials, Certificate, Attunement, and more.

Join Waiting List for extra Classes if this date doesn’t work for you.

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