Orion and Mintakan Star Beings Masterclass and Channeled Messages

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Rachel Chamness

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January 19, 2021

This month in my TAG VIP Membership group, we are working with several Beings from Orion and Mintakan, including:

😇 Archangel Orion
👽 Brethia, Orion Star/Galactic Council
🌌 The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, Orion Starseed and former human Superstar
🐬 Selena, Mintakan Dolphin

I shared the entire masterclass on my YouTube Channel. You can watch the whole video below in just a moment.

If you would like to skip to the parts I think are the most important channeled messages in the masterclass, scroll down a bit and I will have them broken out and transcribed for you.

Here is the whole free TAG masterclass about the Extraterrestrial Beings we are working with from Orion and Mintaka. Starseeds from Orion will likely really resonate with these messages.

Rachel Chamness Trance Channeling Orion and Mintakan Star Beings in this 13 Question and Answer Masterclass.

The next videos start up right at the trance channeled messages. You can push play to find the answers to the questions about the Galactic Beings from Orion.

Why are the Beings from Orion here?

Rachel Chamness channeling a Star Being named Berthia, who is a Member of the Orion Galactic Council from the star system Orion.

Why are we here now is because we have come to help you. We have come to help you with what is happening on your planet at this time.

You have been through quite a lot of change. However, it is necessary, sometimes for great change to happen, to wake up more people to bring in the frequency that you need to get to ascension—to get to your Golden Age, and the date of that is still not completely clear. Yes, you do have a date of 2032, when it will be complete. 

However, the more that awaken the faster you will start to see real change. This year for you on your calendar brings in some higher frequencies which need to be brought into the body and you have been experiencing some of these time bending reality shifts and experiences, the vibrations of the body. The sounds and the ear. Yes, correct. And the feeling of the air undulating in front and behind your body, the feeling of your auric field.

Your telepathy is beginning to open despite best efforts of it being suppressed on your planet.

And there is more, we are bringing in much light and the Mintakans are bringing in much joy in this month to help you with this transition, there’s much to be discovered this year on your calendar. There is much to be assimilated with joy and high vibrational frequency. We are here to help you.

Orion Nebula  image
M42 Orion Nebula APOD

How do Beings from Orion help with Ascension?

Rachel Chamness channelling a message from Selena, a dolphin from Mintaka, regarding how the Beings from Orion will help us with Ascension.

How do Beings from Orion help with Ascension?

Earth is a dense place and you have been through much shadow work and density, and it is now time to open up more light into your DNA and into your earthly bodies, lightening your vibrational frequency with joy and with light – light codes and Source Light.

This higher vibration will smooth out some of the side effects of Ascension that you are feeling now and will help you with this year to find more joy, presence and love.

Orion Star Beings image

Berthia came back to share another message:

You know deep in your heart, what you must do. And yet, your planet still has much busy work. But we say to you that now is not the time for busy work. You have to work to try to get it done without delay. And without distractions. And instead, leave time for nature, and connection and timeless presence, the Now.

This is the most important message, and yet you have heard it before, but it is urgent now. You must take time for presence. For now, and not just in meditation. But in the regular world. 

Many of you spend a great deal of time in your upper chakras in meditation and experiences. Perhaps it is your work, such as this one I’m speaking through. And yet, you must make time for the connection with this earth, and with Mother Gaia, as you call her—the entity of your planet, because it is very, very important that you do.

It is still important, of course, that you go into the higher realms and to do this work, but then you must ground back down into your earth. For you have come here for a purpose and it is time to do that but also to have the experience of earth. You do not want to pass this by.

This life is fleeting and there is much to be discovered and felt. 

You do not need to go to a beautiful exotic place to feel it; you can feel it in your own yard, or balcony, or living room. Ah! Maybe more outside.

This is the urgent message that I give to you now and I beg you to heed it.

Constellation Orion image
Constellation Orion in the sky

A Channeled Message from Orion Starseed, Prince

I also got a channeled message from The Artist Formerly Known As Prince—a starseed from Orion—that I want to share with you. 

Rachel Chamness channeling Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as Prince, was an American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer, and actor.

Prince image
Photographer: Mark Milstein/ Northfoto

Orion the brightest stars in the sky. Where else would I hail from? We’re going to shake you this month. Get that body moving. Not all projects need to be started or finished right now. (Bethia also said something like that). Give some time for play, for relief and gratitude, for connecting to the sun and to the earth, for feeling the new strains of music from this new Earth, and learning to sway with it. Sway my friends! Sway.

I hope you liked this Masterclass! If you would like to join my TAG VIP Group so you can connect more deeply with Orion—especially if you feel like you are a Starseed from Orion—click here for more information

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