Are Animals MultiDimensional Helpers? Animal Spirit Guides Masterclass

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Channeled Messages From Animal Spirit Guides —TAG Masterclass

This month in my TAG VIP Membership program, we are working with Animal Spirit Guides & Animal Totems who are helping us with ascension.

Every month starts with a masterclass, where I ask the group of beings 13 different questions related to who they are, where they come from, and how they help us (humans) with the ascension process. This time I switched up the Questions and added a few, since Animal Spirit Guides are quite a different group of beings than we are used to working with, in TAG!

I have to say that the Animal Spirit Guides and Animal Totem Guides were such an exciting group of beings to work with. I was THRILLED to channel a message from a Tyrannosaurus rex Animal Spirit Guide, too! You can read the first few channeled messages below, or scroll down to watch the channeling session video in full.

Condor Animal Spirit Guide Image
Condor Animal Spirit Guide Image

Animal Spirit Guides Question 1: Why did you choose to come to Earth?

Condor Jerry: 

Hello, thank you for coming. We have come to Earth to help. We have always come to help humans in various ways. Some of us [Animal Spirit Guides]—in the wild—help hold the energy of the planet and help transmute energies around humans or in rural places.

Some of us come as pets to help specific humans in our soul group because we are multidimensional beings as well. And yes, you can reincarnate as any type of being you want, so you may come back as a condor yourself or you may spend your next life on Lyra or you may spend your next life in another universe entirely. That is how it works.

Many [Animal Spirit Guides] who come to be pets are multidimensional soul groups of the being whom they partner with, so yes, your pets come to you. They have been waiting for you when you find them or adopt them. It is destined to be and you knew this before you came into this Earth. Some do return and some stay with you in spirit after they pass, but they never leave you. It is a special bond with pets. 

Even some wild animals have this relationship. If they live in an enclosed place like a zoo with their helpers they may have a special relationship with a human there. We understand that you feel sad when you see us in zoos and sometimes it is very sad. But we all have a purpose and we have come for that purpose. Even if the life itself will not be a beautiful life for us there is always a lesson in it for someone. There is always something that we have come to do to help others.

Dinosaur Animal Spirit Guide Image
Dinosaur Animal Spirit Guide

Animal Spirit Guides Question 2: What worlds do you come from and how is it similar or different from Earth?

Dinosaur Leelo:

Hello! I have wanted to talk through this being for some time! I am female and I am Leelo. Yes, we came to Earth for a very specific reason. There was much to build and do to Earth. As you know, we came to Earth and then we were destroyed on Earth as there was a meteor [re: Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) extinction event]. It wasn’t quite a meteor, but it was a similar event. You know it as the meteor. I won’t tell you what it was—you aren’t destined to know at this time.

But yes, we were on Earth and we really explored the Earth. We helped it grow and we laid our bones for future help. Yes, even petroleum and things like that, that you may not be happy about ruining the Earth to receive, but you use every day of your life. It is part of the Earth’s growth. Of course, you must experience all the things of the 3D Earth. That is why you came here and that is why we came here as well. We came to experience all the things and help you going forward.

Dinosaurs are just multidimensional beings. We aren’t dinosaurs in another place. You do have some animals that do reincarnate as the same sort of being such as dolphins. As dinosaurs—this was a specific thing that was to be made for Earth. So the DNA was made for dinosaurs by extraterrestrials and planted on Earth. Our spirits chose this great honor to be these beautiful beings. Yes, I am a Tyrannosaurus rex and it was amazing to be such a large creature on a large planet with large everything; trees and beautiful greenery. It was a great life and I enjoyed it very much. It was beautiful in all ways and I think of it often. Thank you for having me.

And how is it different from other worlds?

Well, other worlds can be so different! They can be very, very different because they can be anything. I can reincarnate in many different forms on many different planets and it is no different than you. There are no dinosaurs in other places at this time though there may be in the future. I stand corrected—there is a world with the beginning of dinosaurs. A world that is being cultivated. I stand corrected, but for the most part, it is an Earth thing. It was a great, great pleasure to be here.

Bear Animal Spirit Guide Image
Bear Animal Spirit Guide

Animal Spirit Guides Question 3: Where else have animal souls incarnated? Do other planets or galaxies have any of the same plants and animals we do?

Bear Taulo: 

There are many planets with different kinds of animals, but also you should realize that many planets have different beings completely. We may have incarnate mystical creatures (i.e. unicorns) which are really no different than the beings you have, only you’re seeing them more in a soul shape—so you may see them flying which seems impossible because you have horses—it’s just your view.

If Unicorns were common here you wouldn’t think anything out of the ordinary, of course. So we have all kinds of elementals; fairies, etc. Little flying, speaking things-ha ha. And of course, animals are always speaking. We are telepathic in this life on the 3D plane. In other galaxies and places where we exist, we will be speaking and in the 6D we will be speaking as well.

Do we exist on other planets?

Yes, again the dolphins are on many planets. The whales are on several planets. The dolphins and the whales have their own planet and they choose to incarnate many times as themselves. They are a different species. Many of us did want to try to come as humans in this life but there were limited spaces and so we came to help instead as the animals on this Earth.


What I can see from what they show me when they’re talking to me is that— yeah there are lots of planets with animals, but there are lots of different things they can see that we didn’t think about like where you can see angels and you can see fairies. They may not have fairies or elves.

I have seen other planets where they have all different kinds of other beings there. You may have started this masterclass thinking it was a very beginner level of talking about Animal Spirit Guides and everything like that. But really, just like everything else they’re galactical. Even fairies and angels say to me, “Well, we’re galactical too!” They think it’s funny that humans put them in these categories, but we are 3D and trying to make sense of everything.

You can watch the entire channeled masterclass with the rest of the questions in the video below! Let me know what you think either in the comments in the YouTube video or in the comments on this blog!

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