Angels & Guardian Angels

People love to connect with angels and angelic brings for guidance and support. We are all assigned an Angel Team and Guardian Angel when we are born. They are with us in both good times and bad.

There are different types of angels—from the Archangels like Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel, who you have probably heard of before—to lesser-known angels like Seraphim or even angels who oversee other Light Beings. I’ve even met some Pleiadian Angels!

People often ask me in sessions about their Guardian Angel, and these are some questions I have been asked about Guardian Angels and a few general angel questions.

To answer these commonly asked questions, I sat and channeled messages directly from the angels for this blog post. Most answers came from Archangel Gabriel, but many other Angels chimed in as well. I did not designate where they all came from, but all these answers were channeled by me. I also answered from some information from past channels that I have gotten many times.

Guardian Angels and Angels ingage

Angel Questions about Guardian Angels and Angels in General

1. Is there a difference between an angel and Archangel?

There are many realms of angels. Archangels are a type of angel and they oversee more beings at once and use a higher frequency light for transformation. Their higher frequency light is a very strong light that you can learn to call on with Angel Fire, a modality of calling healing angel light for yourself or others, in any situation. Angel Fire is the first course in my TAG Beginners and TAG Lightworkers monthly Groups!

Other angels might be assigned as Guardian Angels. Any being can become a Guardian Angel, if they choose. But Archangels came from Source and can help every being in the Universe in great detail. Their scope of their help is really unlimited.

There are also all types of angels like Virtues, Seraphim, and Cherubim/Carrion Angels. This was an entire month of learning about all the types of angels in my Transformation & Ascension Group for Lightworkers in November 2020 and is available to all TAG Lightworker Members, as well as an entire Angel package from TAG Beginners. But today we will concentrate on some general questions.

As we are free to explore working with angels nowadays, people are discovering new types of angels and new angels and the work that they are connected to. Some have slightly different experiences with different sorts of angels, so people might describe them just a bit differently.

2. Are all Angels born from Source as an Angel?

All angels come from Source, as do you. All of them come from source as an Angel except for Guardian Angels, which is a position that any Being can earn.

Archangels came from Source before any other being, so Archangel Uriel has said, in the most recent Masterclass with Uriel & Gabriel. They came to help all other beings. It is their divine purpose and their “job” and they are happy to do this.

Guardian Angel Clouds image

3. Is there a particular planet or dimension that is specific for Angels only?

Archangels are at the highest dimension. You might describe this as the 13th – 16th Dimensions. These dimensions are shifting and growing, so it can vary. They have even mentioned a coming 18th dimension for Archangels.

However, dimensions are a human concept we use to try to understand the level or frequency of a group of Beings. The planet Earth and humans are now working in this time of Ascension— shifting from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension.

The higher the dimension, the closer a group of beings is to Source. So, Archangels are closest to Source energy. They interact directly with Universal Light or what some might call God.

4. Why were Angels created and how are they different from other beings such as Ascended Masters or Elementals?

As more beings at different levels were created, there was a need to create beings who had the ability to help and guide all kinds of Light Beings. All this happens out of time and at the same time.

Light Beings— like Elementals— have unique tasks themselves. Some help us to connect with Earth or Mother Gaia or different elements on the Earth (the water, the core of the Earth, the skies, etc.). Others help protect us with their powerful energy, like Dragons.

Ascended Masters, on the other hand, were once incarnated in human form. They chose to stay close to humans, but in spirit form, to help us with our spiritual lessons so we could ascend.

All three groups—Angels, Elementals, and Ascended Masters—are here to help humans move to higher vibrational levels. They are similar to one another, but not the same.

Archangel Gabriel Guardian Image
Archangel Gabriel

5. What are Guardian Angels? Are they a particular type of Angel or are they spirit guides or loved ones who have crossed over?

Guardian Angels are a type of angel, as there are many types. Guardian Angels can come from Light Beings of all types who wish to incarnate as an angel.

And yet, all angels and Archangels can also be Guardian Angels. It depends on your soul’s purpose and lifetime.

However, the types of Guardian Angel you have—if your Guardian Angel is an Archangel or a “regular angel” or known versus unknown—does not put you in any type of hierarchy or make a statement about the purpose of your soul. It is only to do with connections with angels— and beings in general— that you have made as your oversoul. This means, angels you likely know personally and have a relationship as your Higher Self are more likely to help you as a Guardian Angel in your incarnated life form — including being a human in this life. (or even if you are not a human!)

6. What is the job of a Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angels are with your soul for the entirety of its manifestation. Your Guardian Angel will help protect you and guide you through your life lessons and soul contracts.

Your Guardian Angel will help manage all the agreements you made before this life for this life. They also helped guide you to make these agreements, and they help where they can, within these constructs.

Before you came into this life, you and your Guardian Angel discussed what was necessary for you to learn in this life. With your Guardian Angel’s help, you chose Soul Contracts with different souls to help you learn through trauma. Yes, trauma is how we learn in this 3D life. Also we can learn by Joy, but hardships are the strongest teachers, unfortunately.

Archangel gabriel Guardian image

7. Do Angels help other beings or human-like beings on other planet’s or do they exclusively work with Earth and humans?

Angels help every type of being in the Universe. Angels are also available to help low-level vibrational beings transcend if they wish it. They only need to call on us.

8. Do Angels ever incarnate as humans or other types of beings?

Yes, very rarely do Angels incarnate as 3rd – 6th-dimensional beings in lifetimes to learn and to help in other ways that can sometimes be more efficient. <- This is directly channeled. Many have been told that some Angels or all angels come from human life, but that is not true. In fact, none of the angels started as human, they started from Source. Our human life is only one of our many lives, and definitely not where we started!!

I’ve had many Archangels tell me their human lives. We know of Archangel Metatron and Sandalphon as having human lives. But Archangel Ariel has told me that her human life was as the Biblical figure Ruth and Mary of Nazareth was the human incarnation of Archangel Mary, she tells me.

9. When humans die can they become Angels?

No, and yes. Humans are only an incarnation. Angels can be humans. Anyone can ascend to be a Guardian Angel. But all other Angels start as Angels when separating from Source— although technically they are not “separated” from Source, and neither are we. For we are from Source and Source is within us.

10. What is the #1 thing we can do to speed up the ascension process?

Meditate, release lower vibrations, accept help from the Universe and Light Beings who have come to help you. Do some self-work to release third-dimensional concepts and indoctrinated beliefs. Allow, don’t force, and ride the wave willingly where the angels take you.

Archangel Image

11. Are angels just light beings or do they have a physical form?

Angels are beings of Light who can transform into any form. Angels often use human forms to help people, for that is how angels are known by humans. But really angels are Light Forms.

12. How is the work Angels do to help earth’s ascension process differ from other beings?

With our light and essence, we are able to be many places at once—to help large groups and individuals at the same time. Time and location do not affect us and our work. – Archangel Gabriel

13. What else do the Angels want us to know that we didn’t cover so far? How do we call on you?

Get to know us and speak with us. Be open to connecting to us more deeply. We are here to help and it is our reason for being. – Archangel Gabriel

All you ever have to do to ask for help from Angels is to ask. Simply ASK. I do love to teach Angel Fire, which is a modality of Angel Light to help you heal yourself and others, without using your own light, but using the angel’s light. This class is taught as the first class in both Transformation and Ascension Group for Beginners and Lightworkers.


Angels and Archangels are here to guide us. Each one of us has a Guardian Angel who helps us choose and live out our soul’s purpose and mission. There are many different kinds of angels, and they are all high-vibe Light Beings from the 13th – 16th Dimensions. Angels are different than Ascended Masters and Elementals, though.

If you’d like to find out more about Archangels Gabriel and Uriel this month, check out my TAG Lightworker’s Membership. This month, Archangels Gabriel and Uriel invite you to deeply attune with them, so they can fully connect our 3D Heart Chakra to 4D High Heart Chakra to Higher Frequencies of Self-Love and line up our 5D Causal Chakra for Ascension! This is the bridge to seeing yourself in your true magnificent form— as you truly are. The next phase of ascension is achievable through self-love.💞 I hope to see you there!

If you would like to become a channel, then I would love to connect you to your innate mediumship and train you to safely channel all types of beings in my Trance Channel Mediumship Courses!


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