Sun Deity Messages & Exercises to Build the Light Body, with Sol, Amaterasu, Ra, Apollo, & AA Metatron

TAG Trance Channeled Sun Deity Master Class

Rachel: Hi! I’m Rachel Chamness with Sound Waves Heal. This month’s TAG master class from my Transformation and Ascension Group Community and Library is all about sun deities and building the light body. We have a Norse Goddess –Sol, a Japanese Sun Goddess – Amaterasu, an Egyptian Sun God – Ra, and Apollo, the Greek God of Sunlight. Also visiting is Archangel Metatron with his connection to the Central Sun.

I can’t wait to hear what they all have to say, what they’re all going to be bringing through to tell us about. So let’s just dive in right away, I’ll be trance channeling all of these beings. 

I’d like to start with Apollo, who has been asking me to bring him through for many, many months of TAG, and is really glad to be having this month with the Sunday at ease. And so I thought he was the God of the Gun, but turns out he’s the Greek God of Sunlight. Helios is the Greek God of Sun. But Apollo is who really came through from the Greek Gods. So let’s bring him through and see what he is dying to tell us. 

Apollo sun god channeled light body image

Greek God of Sunlight Apollo
This Layer of Ascension

Apollo: It has been some time since I’ve felt that I could bring more of my own energies into this realm, your planet Earth. And so I am pleased to come through now in more of my embodiment. It is a time for you to bring more light into your light body.

And as this medium is asking me, yes, we have done this before. But as new energies come onto the planet, there is more to embody. And the more that you bring this light into your body, the more you release, anything that’s inhibiting it from growing in your body, meaning releasing old density. The more that you can do this, the more you will be able to walk into ascension easier. It is many layers of ascension, and we can only bring one layer at a time.

The time that is coming through now is much of this light, this sunlight from a great source, from the Great Central Sun, as you call it. This light has much energy and light codes to help change your body, change your DNA, lighten your density. And this is a physical aspect which will help you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, help you to release what is no longer serving you.

Many times it is explained to you that as you release density you are able to vibrate at a higher rate or a higher density or dimension, and that is true. But also it goes the other way. And so we bring this light into your body, now you are you able to release. Now you see so clearly how what is no longer serving you can be let go of. This is so important. And it is helping you to understand the ways of the third-dimensional life. To see through many layers of it from a higher perspective. This is what’s needed now. 

Rachel: Okay, so many times I say that our spirit guides tell us to do things or tell us just do this and we say it’s very hard. It’s hard, harder to do than you think, it’s harder to release these things. It’s harder for us in the 3D world. You’ve forgotten what it’s like, or you don’t know what it’s like.

And now the message I’ve been getting all day β€” and what he has just said β€” is that some of this energy that they’re bringing through now is actually going to help us do that. So where they’re coming from, where they’re vibrating, more in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th dimension, it’s very easy to release density. They have no density the higher they go up. S

o they’re coming from that perspective, which is hard for us because we’re not there. But now he’s saying that as this light comes in, it is easier to see all the things that we need to release and easier to release them. So that makes all the sense to me, to why we’ve been having the sort of back and forth with spirit. It’s harder than you think, I’m trying to release it, and it’s hard to do. And they’re saying, now with this light, you should be able to come to a place where it’s much easier to release. So that is great news; I know you think so too. 

Let’s bring in a Amaterasu and see what she would like to tell us.

Sun Goddess Amaterasu channeled

Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu

Solar Light and Family Ties

Amaterasu: Your point of origin has changed. You are no longer starting from such a low vibration as when you came to this planet, and depending on your age, how long you have spent in that deep density of 3D. You have been holding this energy of the past with you for a long time and now, your point of origin has changed.

And what that means is that deep density of the past is being released from your body. So that where you start is closer to where you are finding yourself vibrating more often these days. And you do not have to bring yourself up to this point for it will be your point of origin. And this is a great relief for it means that your vibration will not dip as low as it has in the past.

For you are leaving that layer of density of Earth. This earth layer that you are entering into in this year is a lighter density; and you will be feeling it, you will be seeing an understanding more in your everyday life. And you will be feeling that it is not as difficult to get to the vibration in which you seek every day as it has been in the past because you are starting more at that point. 

Rachel: Does that make sense to you? That’s really cool. Because they show me visuals. And what she’s showing me is like β€”here’s the past β€” like all this density. And since you’re starting back here, especially if you’re around my age, you have to drive through all this. It’s like every day, it’s like that’s your point of origin. And then you just have to bring yourself up to this higher point.

Now, I mean, many of us are used to vibrating at a higher density and we might not realize that we do do that. Because I don’t really feel like I do that, I feel like I vibrate much higher than I ever have and I have a pretty good point of where I start. But she’s saying there is still some of that, that we don’t realize.

Maybe we come through it really fast. Or maybe some of us feel like it’s a slog sometimes to get to a certain point. And I have actually heard that lately from several lightworkers, who say that they want to begin to work on others, to be healing others, and they feel like they have all of the knowledge that they need to do so because I’ve taken many classes and they know what they’re doing. However, they don’t feel like they can keep their vibration high enough to begin or to do so. And so I’ve heard that several times.

And so what I’m getting is that this sort of point of origin is going to be a big difference what they’re bringing through. So if you’re not in TAG and you’re watching this on YouTube, this masterclass is where they kind of tell us about themselves and tell us what we’re doing. What are we doing here this month? And then in the subsequent offers, they bring things through that help complete this.

And if you’re a medium and you’re not in TAG, and you’re psychic healer, and you feel that you can just connect to these beings and ask them to bring it to you, then that’s all you need to do. If you want help, in TAG there’s attunements and meditations and then there’s all kinds of classes, it’s a huge library of videos that can help you get to there. So that’s what they’re talking about.

light body sun deity messages image

So it’s kind of either β€” you can connect to them and say, “hey, give it to me” or talk to them. Or maybe you need some help, or maybe you just like doing it with others and community and just taking that time for like 30 minutes to get in the energy and listen to the video or 20 minutes and have it be done than to start at a point where you have to call them in.

So it just depends what you like, we really enjoy in TAG this community.

So that’s what she’s talking about. She wants to help us redo our point of origin. And I feel that, when we’re in TAG and we’re doing all these things, we’re working on ourselves so hard that we can get to these places a little bit ahead of the collective β€” but even those who aren’t in TAG who are really seeking fifth dimension and are working on Fifth Dimension will also get there in time. So you know, one or the other; but I think that’s really cool.

I really like what she’s saying point of origin.

And I kept hearing her say that before she came in, point of origin. I was like, what are you saying? I have no idea what they’re going to say when they come through. Okay, let’s see, I feel that she has more to say, before we go to someone else, let’s see what she has to say.

Amaterasu: This life that you live has too many components of keeping you away from the sunlight. Long hours of work inside buildings, even in your own home may keep you from standing outside in nature and in the sun. And just being outside and connecting with your feet on the ground, even in shoes is such an improvement than being inside. And so when you are outside, these energies can come to you better.

If you can work in a room with windows, then this is also helpful for bringing that light into the room. This kind of light is not exactly that you have to stand in the ray of your sun, it is more that you are accessible in a more free way for it to reach you. So it is harder for it to go through walls and to be interfered with β€” with other problems of the inside of homes and buildings such as Wi-Fi, such as radio waves, such as EMFs, such as VOC or other chemicals released in the air from all kinds of building construction.

And so when you are outside in a cleaner air β€” even though of course there’s smog and other things β€” it is much easier and of course your feet are on the ground. This is also easier because you’re a little more grounded on the outside no matter how much you ground on the inside. And so this is very important.

So to go outside in nature is not only good for your health, but it is good for your light body, make sure that you go outside more often and bring your family with you so that they may build their light body as well. Even if they do not know of the light body or know of the 5th dimension or do not understand any of these concepts, the more that they are outside the more that these concepts may occur to them. And it may help them to up level more with you as well.

If you are ahead of your family and friends, that is okay. Many will catch up. If you are ahead of the curve of this ascension, then that is because you are a lightworker; and perhaps you will be using your knowledge, your work to help others come into this dimensional frequency later.

So it is okay if you feel that you are the only one in your family who is bringing in this upgrade. And you may notice that the children already understand this at some level, and will surprise you with their knowledge that they have brought into your earth. 

Rachel: Okay, well that’s so true. Any of us with kids know that it is just amazing what kids do — and say — these days and maybe it’s because they’re more free to do so that we accept them and what they say and we don’t write it off as fake imagination or something. But everyone really is seeing that; these Metatron children or whatever you want to call them –rainbow children — they’re really bringing in a lot of this esoteric knowledge which is really beautiful to see. Let’s bring in this Norse Goddess Sol.

norse sol goddess

Norse Goddess Sol

Health and Med Beds

Sol: Many of you are seeking healing, healing of the 3D body. And we wish to tell you that all healing is possible in the upper realms of existence and where you are headed. And you may find much relief of your problems as you get to a higher frequency.

You will not need these med beds or other types of healing apparatuses that we hear you discussing and seeking. All you really need to do is build your light body. As you build your light body, these concepts of manifestation will become so much easier for you.

Now you may be attached to a very physical problem that you are having. Perhaps you are overweight or you have a disease, or a problem in which you must take medication or be reminded of many times a day as it is bothersome or needs attention. This has you very connected to this disease. And the concept of disconnecting to the disease and not focusing on it and focusing on joy and truth and love and health may seem impossible. It has been very difficult for most of the population to understand how to manifest in this way, when they have such physical problems.

And now, I would like to say to you, as you bring your light body more light and you release much density, it will be very easy to manifest this healing for yourself. It will be much easier to release the problems that you’re having that need so much attention. You might find that it is getting better, or that it is not paining you as much or that it is not entering your thoughts as much. And so you will come to a place where you can manifest the answer much more easily. And you will be able to leave these physical problems behind. 

Rachel: Well, okay, that’s awesome. That’s a different take on what Amaterasu was saying. Also with health, I have seen that too. Sometimes it’s really hard to just like release all thoughts of pain in the body, especially if you have something very painful that you deal with every day, you have a really present disease, something that must may take medication, it’s got to do all kinds of things to just exist in the world. And how can you release that in this whole Law of Attraction sort of manifesting way, which of course we know works.

Our only problem is sometimes convincing our brains and making us able to do it. So they’re really just driving this point home that as we build the light, that as we bring more light in that we should be able to do this. Now what I want to do now is ask so what everyone can know right now about building their light body, even if you’re not in TAG this monthβ€” so that you can begin now, even if you don’t have the other offers coming up this month. Because I think it’s really important that that information is out here. And that’s why I put these master classes on YouTube. So let’s see what she says. 

Sol brings Exercises

for Building Your Light Body

Sol: I am happy to bring you an exercise.

Go outside, make sure you have a blanket, a sweater, whatever it takes to sit still for a while. Sit on the blanket. Stay dry, stay warm, it does not matter if it’s a beautiful sunny day or it is not. I would not recommend you sit in the rain, but if you can get comfortable in whatever weather you are having, that is enough. Center yourself, taking deep breaths connect with the earth and with your spirit guides and your helpers. Release density, release the 3D world. Do what it takes to come into your higher self or just give time until you feel connected and peaceful.

Then I would like you to think of a line, a center line coming up and down in the center of your body. Going through the chakras, going through the body into the ground and connecting with the fifth dimensional grid, crystalline grid of Gaia. Going up you would like to connect to your soul star chakra where the Seat of the Soul lies.

And then I would like you to imagine a triangle. The triangle will begin where the soul star chakra resides which is 6″-12″ above your head; and it will come out at least to the shoulders. And this is a golden triangle. As you take a deep breath you will imagine and ask for the sunlight to come into this triangle and to light up the triangle with these solar light codes of ascension to build your light body, and feel how that feels to you.

And once you are feeling the light of this entering your light body, you may practice bringing this triangle all the way to the ground, so that it encompasses your entire body. It helps if you can sit cross-legged, but it is okay if you are not. And imagine this light coming in, is going to fill your light body. This is one way in which you can bring the light into your body. And you may practice this as much as you want. It would be helpful to do this many times a week. And it is one way that you can do this. Call us in and ask us to help and we will assist you. 

Rachel: Okay. Well that’s great and that’s really cool. I like that thought. Another way too is in TAG we’ll be doing the Sun Deity Light Body attunement, that’s going to be helpful. And the work that we do in the healing meditation, I think will help too. And then there’s also a sigil, which will help you banish the blues. So it’s also helpful to bring your vibration up. Well I hope that you all try that and I’d love to hear what happens. So if you do, or if you did that already, or if there’s something similar to what you’re doing, then I’d love to hear in the comments.

That does remind me of something I watched recently on Gaia, a little bit, the sacred geometry series, have you guys been watching that? It’s really good, and it teaches you how to do something similar. It does remind me of that, so that’s kind of cool. I have been watching that but I’ve only just started. It’s really neat and it has some exercises like that in there. Not specifically done outside though, so I think if you’re already doing that, you could try doing it outside or you could try mixing these two things together and I think it would be really cool. 

Okay, let’s talk to Ra, I know you guys have been waiting.

sun god ra master class channeled messages image

Egyptian Sun God Ra and Light Body Intention

Ra: I bring much light with me wherever I go. And so if you call on me, I shall come and bring the light to you. There are many messages that I can bring to you as well. And if you cannot channel or converse with higher deities and beings, then you may ask me to send you a sign, and I will bring a sign to you. 

Rachel: I’m asking him if he wants to tell us some of these signs, and he does not, he thinks that you can pick the sign. I tell people this all the time, so I love that he’s saying this. Okay, let me bring him back. 

Ra: For building the light body there are also intentions you can make placing your hands on your heart in a cross pattern. Say:

I am one with all. I ask to embody the solar energies, which will help me follow my soul’s purpose, which will help me raise my vibration and will help me walk into the energies of ascension in this life.

This will serve you well. We bring many layers of this light to you and to your earth plane. There will be many layers this month, and many layers again, repeated and again and again. And so it would be useful for you to repeat these exercises every three months in the year 2023 for more light body building.

Rachel: So that’s great, because here we are in TAG, we will be revisiting all of these beings in April for a deeper dive. So they’re recommending that we do everything all over again in April, and that we will learn more about the upper layers that we are finding ourselves integrating. Now all of that is making me feel really like oooh, that’s a lot of energy. I don’t know if you feel it just from me bringing it in, that was really cool. I’ve never actually brought Ra in at all, so that’s amazing.

I’d love to hear from Archangel Metatron. What he’d like to tell us about all of this. 

Metatron Cube channeled messages image

Archangel Metatron- why did he join this month of TAG Lightworkers?

Archangel Metatron: I hold the light of the Great Central Sun at the gateway of ascension for you, and I control how much is coming in to your body.

I do this by what is best for you, so that you can still function in the 3D world, and what you are able to hold. And so I work with these deities quite a bit to help bring this light in through your gateway chakra. This one calls it the Stellar Gateway 5th dimensional chakra. This is where I hold this light and bring it through for you.

And so how can you bring more light into your body?

Well, the answer is always that you must continue to work on yourself. And as problems and transparency comes up for you, that you begin to see what it is that you need to work on, that you need to release β€” what’s no longer serving you. As you release these things, your body vibrates higher because you are farther on your path. Then I am able to bring more light into your body. Yes, all of these exercises also work. All of the work that you do to bring more of this light into your body, to build your light body works. All of it is important.

There are many aspects in which you will build your light body, the exercises brought forth will help. Anything else that you can do will also help you. The more that you do to build your light body, the easier it will be to release the density that holds you back from your destiny or your life path or your soul’s path or whatever you would like to call it in this life, your destination. And so, know that it makes it easier to do these practices, to meditate as well.

Any time spent meditating and working on yourself is crucial. And of course, you can do it too much as well. You must also spend time in your 3D life, you must live amongst your peers and your family, and work for yourself there as well. It is a delicate balance, as lightworkers know, to come into these higher realms, to help with shadow work, to work on this shadow work, to work on themselves, to work on old hurts and old patterns to release and to learn more about the self, to work more on the self and all of the things that you are juggling right now along with working and life, family, perhaps being a mother or father or more.

There’s so much to be done in this busy world and yet you are taking this time to work on yourself and your ascension. And we’re so glad for that. We’d like to just caution you that while we ask you to work on yourself harder or more often, if you’re not already, that you don’t do it so much that you remove yourself from your present life. You have come here for a journey, it is very important that you follow and understand and love the journey.

Learn to find joy even in times that are stressful and full of strife, there is still joy to be found. And to find it, you must work on some of the things that are keeping it from you. It is such a delicate balance, but we know you are finding your way and we are proud of you. 

Rachel: It is a delicate balance. Nobody is saying just choose joy and you’re good. That’s spiritual bypassing. You want to be able to say, hey, why am I not feeling joy? Because I’ve got this thought running in my head. Or because, I’m still really upset about what happened.

And so you have to say, okay, I was upset about what happened. Let me go through that. What makes it hurt so much? What is it that I can’t release? And then try to work it out so that you can release it. And on my website, I have a blog post called eight ways to process shadow work and to eliminate shame, and these are some of the ways that you can kind of deal with a problem that you can’t fix.

So if you’re saying to yourself something like, “oh, I wish I could stop thinking about that fight we had” and there’s really nothing you can do about it, you can’t control someone else or maybe it’s just a hard thing that you have to accept. Then there are a lot of ways in which to help you accept that so that you can release it from running in your mind or keeping you from joy.

It’s not spiritual bypassing if you’re just coming to a place where you accept the problems so that you can kind of release them from bothering you so much. And that’s really the trick to shadow work. There’s many ways to do it, there’s [inaudible 30:19], there’s acceptance, there’s many ways, and I list eight of them on this blog post and I think it’s really important stuff. So I would recommend that you read that.

But that’s kind of what he’s saying. That’s part of being human, is that we have to find a way to find joy, when life is stressful. It is stressful, it’s hard, and we have to find a way. But I love that they’re bringing through that this great light can help us see things more clearly, from a more higher viewpoint. So I sometimes call it the fifth dimensional viewpoint, or people call it zero point energy, or however you want to think of it. Seeing this, so that you understand. It’s like you start to see through the 3D where you’re like, this is all just something else, I see it now. Before you would have reacted, now you’re seeing it for what it is.

That’s part of where we are. And the more that we can use techniques to help us release these constant self-incriminating thoughts or worries, the more we can focus on joy, no matter what’s happening. And I think that’s part of what we’re here to learn, besides here to learn about what’s really out there, who we are, spirituality, our connection to Source and God and oneness or however you want to think about it, the universe, how we’re all one, and how to find love everywhere. I think that all of that’s really important. 

Sun Deity Messages TAG Master Class image

Trance Channeled Sun Messages Master Class

Well, they’re saying that’s it that they want me to bring through in this master class. And I hope that it was helpful to you. Of course, if you’re interested in TAG, I’d love to see you. The link is below in the description, and it’s at on my website, and I’d love to see you there. We have a great community and I can’t wait to be doing the attunement and all that stuff. And we’ll be practicing some of the things they told me to do in this masterclass as well.

I’d love to hear what you think, and I’m really looking forward to the team that we have of mediums that we call TAG Team in TAG who will bring forward even more messages and understanding this month in TAG. So make sure you guys catch that if you’re in TAG watching this. And if you’re on YouTube watching this later, then thank you so much for watching, and hope to see you soon and have a beautiful day.

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