What Is A Starseed? How Do You Know if You Are a Starseed?

What Is a Starseed? Who are Starseeds? Am I a Starseed? How Do You Know if You Are a Starseed? Are We all Starseeds?

Written by Jessica Collins and Rachel Chamness

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a “Starseed”? 

You may have heard the term Starseed before in spiritual communities, or as related to the Earth’s Ascension from 3D to 5D, but what does Starseed really mean?  

Many people begin to hear the term during their spiritual awakening. If you are hearing this term, you may be beginning a spiritual awakening yourself. Perhaps you feel a deep connection to the cosmos and a longing to know if you have a “home” in the stars.

Typically, starseeds are thought to be advanced spiritual beings that have reincarnated on planet Earth from other galaxies and star systems, often far, far away from this planet.  The reasons they have come to Earth in a human incarnation may vary— but it is commonly believed that most starseeds have come to help wake up humanity for Gaia’s evolution.  However, when starseeds agree to come to Earth, they also take on the veil of amnesia and forget their origins, where they came from— and even why they came to begin with.  Often, they live lifetime after lifetime on Earth before waking up to their mission.

Starseed Eyes Image

There are really two types of starseeds, if you look at the bigger picture— since our human bodies were actually created by extraterrestrials and contain extraterrestrial DNA. Some of us might have reincarnated so many karmic lives on Earth, that it feels as though Earth is our true Home. Some of us might be freshly incarnated here from other planetary lives, galaxies or even universes, which gives us more of a connection to other worlds in our psyche. So really and truly, we are all starseeds at heart. Due to the veil of amnesia, if you have been reincarnating a long time on Earth, you may not feel or resonate with the term Starseed, because Earth feels more like your home.

Whether you incarnated for the first time on Earth in this life or a millennium ago doesn’t really matter— as we are all fractals of Source or Spirit, and we have literally been everything in the grand scheme of things. So even if you feel more Earthly than other people, don’t worry, you are still a part of this Universe, and Ascension is still your path.

How Do You Know?

Most starseeds have a deep longing to be one with the universe and to the stars from which they came.  You may feel as if you don’t fit into the typical human mold— or even feel you don’t understand other people, especially anyone’s driving motives of lower vibrational nature — like greed or narcissism.

Jessica writes: My personal experience of realizing that I am a starseed really came together during a meditation in which I had a distant memory of a life other than the one I have on planet Earth.  I remember bursting into tears, having a sense that this was not my true home, and feeling like I had lived many lifetimes here on Earth without knowing who I truly was.  Many starseeds have these same types of feelings— just an inner sense of knowing that you are from another planet, or maybe even another universe entirely.

Lots of starseeds also feel like they just don’t fit in with other human beings.  They may be less talkative and more introspective than others, or they may just not connect with others unless it is at a deeper, rather than superficial, level.  Often they might be more introverted, intuitive, or possess psychic gifts, such as fully opened clairs— the main ones being clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience.  What many people don’t understand is that everyone is born with these abilities, but they are either forgotten— or not allowed to develop— due to society’s prevailing viewpoint that they are abnormal… or even completely false.

Starseeds are often very empathetic individuals, and they may have an affinity for animals or children.  They are very in touch with their own emotions, and therefore, they can sense when others are experiencing problems or issues, sometimes even before people know it themselves.  An empath often feels other people’s emotional pain, and it can be overwhelming to be around large groups of people because of that.  I often suggest to empaths to learn to shield themselves from other’s emotions with Angel Fire Technique or Reiki. It is also important to develop one’s clairsentience to use as a tool to understand other’s emotions, without taking them on.

Stars Starseed image

Many starseeds are what some call “old souls” who seem wise beyond their years.  Those who are younger— such as children— may seem more mature for their age, or they may get along better with people who are much older than them. 

Starseeds frequently gravitate toward professions that involve helping or healing others, such as counseling, teaching, nursing, energy healing— or working as psychics or mediums who help others remember their galactic origins.  Most Lightworkers would consider themselves to be starseeds, since their mission is to raise the consciousness of our planet to help with Ascension.  I feel deeply drawn to this— empowering other Lightworkers and Starseeds with techniques for healing and opening higher dimensional chakras— to help spread healing and understanding about Ascension farther through our beautiful planet. That is why I began my monthly community Transformation and Ascension Group (TAG for Lightworkers).

Where Do Starseeds Come From?

Starseeds come from many different star systems within our known universe— some may even come from other universes that we don’t know anything about.  Here is a list of the places most starseeds typically seem to come from.  Check out our TAG group if you would like to learn more about the beings which come from these systems and why they came to Earth:

Inner Child Healing Image

Who Are Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children? Are these Star Children?

These so-called star children are typically starseeds who have special psychic abilities— such as telepathy, telekinesis, and so on.  Indigo children were the first wave of these starseeds, born from the late 1960s to early 1970s, and even into the 80s and 90s.  These children seemed to have more indigo-colored auras, hence the name.  Their traits include a high intellect, amazing creativity, such as through art, music, writing, dancing or singing, a very active imagination, a high emotional intelligence, and sometimes a rebellious streak, as they have been sent to break through societal norms and the traditional ideas of power.

Crystal children are even more highly evolved beings who were born from the early 90s to late 2000s.  These starseeds are all about bringing humanity back to the idea of love and unity.  They are sensitive and caring individuals, and many of them are clairvoyant and possess the ability to heal others.  Their auras were octarine, or “crystal.”  These beings may be able to manipulate energy in ways we do not fully understand.

Rainbow children are starseeds that began coming to Earth around the year 2000.  Many are the children of either Indigo or Crystal children born in the 80s and 90s.  The auras of rainbow children hold an even greater spectrum of colors than Indigos and Crystals.  These children are not as affected by negative emotions, and they are often psychic and empathic.  They are also very loving, brave, and can be telepathic.

Golden children, who are sometimes called “children of the sun,” are even more highly advanced souls than previous starseeds who have incarnated on Earth.  They are very intelligent, and they often have strong intuition and other psychic gifts.  They have most of the same characteristics of the Rainbow Children, but they have golden auras. 

They are very sensitive to their surroundings and are very observant.  They grasp ideas very quickly, and they are often resistant to authority.  They often have high levels of energy and are friendly and outgoing.  They frequently use music to express themselves and enjoy dance and dramatic arts.

Do you think you are a Starseed? 

What do you think? Are you a starseed? Do you resonate with one of these types above, or a different one? I’d love or you to leave a comment below and share which star system you think you might have come from.  Or do you resonate more with consistent Earthly reincarnations?

Options to learn more about Galactic

I offer a few ways to get to know more about being a Starseed, and Star Beings you may be connected to.

1-One is to have a Session with me, even a mini-session to find out more about your Galactic Star Guides

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