Sacred Geometry: What is it? How can you use it for Healing?

by Dara Lum & Rachel Chamness

What is Sacred Geometry? How can you use Sacred Geometry for Healing?

Sacred geometry can be a huge and complex subject to dive into—in fact, I was a little intimidated to write this blog! I did feel it was important to write about this, especially because I now use sacred geometry every day in my spiritual practice, mostly with channeling Light Language.

The language codes that form the foundation of sacred geometry help me connect to the universal source of power, and I find that the more I incorporate the symbols and patterns of sacred geometry—which I see when I use Light Language—the more that power increases. 

And that is what sacred geometry is truly all about—it is living proof that within each of us we have all the power and light we need to live happy and powerful lives, connected to the source of creation itself. And I want to help you to see your power and connect to it!

So what is Sacred Geometry anyway?

Some will say that sacred geometry consists of special kinds of mathematical patterns. I prefer to think of it as the light language that forms the basic codes—or building blocks—of life on the Earth. I even think the same codes form all things created in nature throughout the entire universe, and perhaps even the higher dimensions. How cool is that?! We are all connected through a common language of creation.

But I digress… Can you tell I get really excited about sacred geometry? So let’s take a crystal of salt, which is really a tiny cube made up of chemical elements of sodium and chloride. The elements fuse together to form the same shape almost every time, through the process—or mathematical code—of bonding. We don’t really know where the code comes from.

When I meditate or use light language in sound healing or my art, I love to visualize similar crystalline structures, and the codes that go into their creation. A cube of salt may not seem very complex or miraculous. After all, the cubic structure is one of the most common and simplest shapes found in nature. 

But it is important to realize that sacred geometry is not only about the basic structures of matter, but also about the synergy between living and nonliving things. We know that salt is absolutely necessary for human life. When those minerals enter into our bodies, they know how to activate the essential codes within you that optimize health.

In nature, this process of creation and re-creation shows up everywhere. It is up to us to slow down and observe the eternal rhythm that is life—the shapes, the patterns and the synergies that are all around us, from the tiniest salt crystal to the most complex living being.

Sacred Geometry shows up on Earth – all the time

Within nature, we see evidence of sacred geometry in every single living thing on Earth. But most of us did not learn geometry this way and may feel some resistance to accepting the slightly chaotic mathematical proportions that happen in nature. The codes form a sacred rhythm of perfect shapes and patterns that offer both a mysterious and miraculous complexity. Nature is always showing us that it is part of the universal code. 

The geometric shapes that make up our living world are to me more musical and fluid, and very, very sacred. Life unfolds on Earth as a spectacular orchestra of complex patterns. We don’t see just cubes, but instead find hexagons, spirals, fractals, and radiating circles throughout our natural world.

As Plato stated, “The knowledge of which geometry aims at is the knowledge of the eternal.”

Each living being has a shape, form and ratio that creates balance, symmetry and beauty that we can observe as a constant law of our natural world. 

How miraculous is that!

The magic of the language that forms the repeating shapes and patterns we find in nature is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to look at. It also has practical applications. The spirals in the seeds of a sunflower are arranged to increase the number of seeds within the center of the flower. Petals radiate out of the flower in a way to allow equal levels of sunlight, to optimize growth. 

Sunfower Sacred Geometry Image
Sacred Geometry Patterns in Sunflowers

Is nature’s profound Light Language magic or math? 

Even more amazing are the mathematical relationships that ancient mathematicians studied and defined as constant mathematical formulas. The pattern of a spiral of a seashell, vine, hurricane or even a galaxy is not as simple as 1+1=2, but there is a predictable ratio that can be understood and recreated through numbers.  

We commonly link sacred geometry to the Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano Bogollo, also known as Fibonacci, who wrote about the ancient Indian and Arabic knowledge of numbers in the book, Liber Abaci. In this book, he describes a proportional sequence of numbers —the Golden Rectangle, or Fibonacci numbers—that relate to many different natural phenomena. We know now that Fibonacci did not discover this mathematical code; Arabic mathematicians and philosophers had written about it decades before. We can assume that this was ancient knowledge passed down before most books were written.

I like to think that this is the ancient light language that is being downloaded as we ascend to our new 5D realities.

In nature, sacred geometry is also balanced and always moving, there is both male and female working together. Straight lines are perceived as masculine energy, and curved lines as feminine energy. We need both and everything in nature has a mathematical order, a pattern and rhythm that is both intricate and simple. The roots of a tree follow a similar pattern, as does the trunk, leaves and seeds of each species. The patterns that become a maple tree follow a universal geometry that is predictable, observable and measurable. 

And I believe that humans also have access to these formulas and ratios on an intuitive level, and it is just there waiting for us to connect to it.

Human creation is Sacred Geometry reminding us that we are also connected 

What makes a work of art look perfect or beautiful? Or music sublime and enjoyable?

Artistry and innovation may seem random and spontaneous, but the products of that art follow similar shapes and patterns of sacred geometry. 

We may not realize it on a conscious level, but we often intuitively know something is beautiful—even if it isn’t apparent that it follows a proportional balance and symmetry. We have recreated nature’s codes in our own daily life for thousands of years. 

We know this because we see the sacred symbols from history. A mandala combines an infinite number of shapes and symbols, and will never have the same pattern, yet it all fits perfectly within the shape of a circle. The process of creating a mandala reveals the deep connection humans have to the light codes. 

Similarly, sacred geometry appears in Islamic, Jewish and Christian art. Architecture from the Egyptians and Greeks mirrors the Fibonacci sequence. 

In Central America, Maya religious art reflects sacred proportions with origins to the shapes of nature. The Maya also created temples that link to the sun and moon through their geometric designs. 

Ways to use Sacred Geometry to Activate Your Intuition or Light Language

One of the most powerful ways to switch on light language for a higher vibration is to use some of the most powerful sacred symbols in our universe. For many of us, our modern world has disconnected us from our own divine connection to this source of power and our own place in the universe. 

Some say that sacred geometry comes directly from Source—or God—and aligning our heart, mind and soul to the codes allows us to connect directly with our own divine higher power. However you think about it, spiritual experts and religions have explored the divine language or codes that connect all life to each other and to the universe for generations. 

For example, the Flower of Life draws you into the consciousness of the universe both in drawing and observing the way the shapes weave and intertwine. The rosette symbol has been found in ancient civilizations dating back to the Late Bronze Age, or 16th Century BC. It has been described in some cultures as representing the origin of life itself—a center circle from which flowers bloom. The geometry comes alive through the formation of overlapping circles, resulting in a rosette. The continuous pattern of circles results in balanced and symmetrical flowers within. 

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Image
Sacred Geometry in The Flower of Life

Ways to Use Sacred Geometry in your Daily Life

  • Placing symbols around your space will center and uplevel your energy
  • Drawing the symbols allows you to experience the light language embedded within
  • Meditating with the symbols deepens your connection to your Highest purpose

The most important thing to remember about sacred geometry is to trust your intuition. Find the shapes in nature or sacred history that call to you. The more you work with these shapes, the more the light language will increase your connection and understanding of our universal code. 

If you are interested in learning Spiritual Subjects, attuning to concepts and Spirit Helpers, and upleveling your body for Ascension, we would love to have you in our TAG Community!


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