Tree Spirits & River Spirits: Grounding Galactical Energy to Earth, 11/2019 TAG Masterclass

Tree Spirits and River Nymphs from TAG Month 11/2019

Grounding Galactical Energy to Earth

I have been wanting to release this older Masterclass from TAG for a long time. It’s so wonderful!! I hope you enjoy it. below are some notes of what they said, but nothing of what I brought forward from what they showed me. So, I encourage you to watch and listen to the Video.

This Class was very casually recorded, and never meant for youtube so I hope you enjoy the relaxed quality of how I recorded it for my TAG Community.

Water Beings and River Elementals are back this month in TAG Lightworkers, July 2022 and you will see the Masterclass coming up this month which is all about the Diamond Light of Archangel Gabriel and includes Goddess Yemaya.

This old Masterclass type included 13 Questions. These are most of the answers below.
The Udine & Fae Energies are very, very FAIRY-like haha. A little silly to watch!

Tree Spirits, Famous Green Man, Maiden Crone, River Nymph “Salia”, Udine “Moppa”, Forest Fairy “Kalina”

Tree Spirit Image

Green Man & Maiden Crone Tree Spirits: Where do you Originate From?

Green man: I am old as the trees and as old as the wild.
We began this planet but not from it.
Our seeds were carried with great care to begin this planet and we have seen many ages pass.
We have been here for many millennia.
The landscape sometimes changes but the spirits are the same. Trees reincarnate as different plants, trees, plant matter-but their spirit is always here.
This is also true of most elementals.
Trees exist in many realms.
Their purpose is to lighten the heart and to guide you. They facilitate this for many races and many types of beings.

Maiden Crone Tree Spirit, where do you come from?

Maiden Crone: I am older than dirt. [Laughs] What you know as dirt is not nearly as old as I am.
I have two faces and I show you the crone so you know how long I have been.
Though there was a beginning for me—the time is so long past it is considered that I have always been (or existed).
From birth to death, the life cycle I overview. I come as the maiden and the crone.
I come as a helper for babies born. I come for guidance for those ages that are “difficult growing years.” [Ages 10-19 or a bit longer]
Later I come for those in old age.

River Nymph Tree Spirit Image

Where do you Tree Spirits and River Beings exist now?

Green Man: We exist here on Earth with you. Yet we exist in other realms, planets and places too.
We do not live in a 3D time reality. We can interact with 3D time reality. Our time is everywhere because we experience time differently.

What does this group of Tree Spirits and River Spirits have in common?

Moppa/Udine: What we have in common is our health and the places where we thrive. Places with lots of green and water. Trees need water and Udines are also water creatures. This includes tree fairies, forest fairies, water fairies, river fairies, nymphs, naiads and udines.
What we have in common is that we like to help you and we all like to see you out in nature.
It’s very important that you spend plenty of time in nature. Your bodies were made to respond to nature and when you are too far away from it you are not able to concentrate.
You will feel torn.
You will not be grounded and things will be difficult.
You need to have a sanctuary of nature that you visit regularly.

Fairy Tree Spirit Image

How do Tree Spirits and River Spirits help? Do you help us with Ascension?

Crone: We are ascended beings so we help you with your connection to ascension.
We are helping you with your bridge to ascension in the 3D world. We are ascended beings that live in the 3D world with you. We experience 5D-10D and we also connect with you in the 3D world.
What we wish is to help you learn to live in a higher space (5 or 6D). Some of you will go higher at times when you are channeling.
All of you are able to channel high dimensional beings and we are here to help create that bridge.
All of you will be a medium when Ascension is complete on this planet.

Tree Spirits and River Spirits: Connecting to the Galactical resonance instead of the Schumann resonance, breaking ancestral patterns, and stabilizing the Earth Star chakra-more on this:

You know us as elementals but we are actually galactic beings and so as our branches reach out you see the sky and stars around us. That is the image we send to you because we are helping you connect to the galaxy as well.
We also would like to help you break any ancestral patterns in your life. This includes abuse of all kinds, financial difficulties, and issue of health which is compounded and it is passed down from flora of the Mother to the child. On Earth there at this time there are many toxins and health issues which can cause infertility. We also can help with clearing this.

River Nymph Tree Spirit Image

Tree Spirits and River Spirits: What are you here to help us?

Salia the River Nymph: In so many ways you are like us. You need water to live. You are bodies of water. We are not bodies of water but we are flowing like the water.
Our spirit very much echoes what we come from. Whether it is a tree, a river or anything relating to both-we are vibrating the same as water. 

Trees need water, rivers are water, you need water. And so we connect to you very easily and have always connected to you.
You know that all of this is very important to you and that is because we are very important to human life on Earth. We are excited to get to know you and attune to you so we can get to talk to you often.

Tree Spirits and River Spirits: How do we work with you?

Crone: It is very simple to connect with us In the [TAG] attunement we will connect so you can call upon us at any time.
If you need us before then you may lay your hand in a moving stream or you may place your hand on a tree trunk. These are the preferred ways because we would like you to be in nature.
If this is not possible then you may run your hand under the water in the sink.
You may call on us when you take a shower. You may have a green plant growing in your space that you may touch.

Green Man: All you have to do is ask-we are here always. We are near. We will show you how to balance your energy with the galaxy and Earth and the new Schumann.
So as the Schumann resonance of Earth is changing you may change with you. You may ride the wave instead of being thrown off by it.
This will also help you when the solar flares come for Ascension. 
You will be riding them easily and not affected strongly. We can help you create a deep Earthly connection.
This will help you plant firmly one foot in the New Earth which is why we mention the earth star help. We will teach you all the ways. Follow the attunement and the meditation for more help.

Tree Spirits roots image

Tree Spirits and River Spirits: What areas do you specialize in together or separate?

Crone tells us of her Help with Fertility

Crone: I have told you that I specialize in teenage years, births of all types and old age-the transition to death and the transition to birth. In whatever way that you feel connected to it.
I don’t mean just for women but men also. If you are wanting a baby I help find that connection for you. If you are wanting a family and do not have one. We are so pleased to be here.

Green Man: I specialize in so many things it’s hard to put into words. I am overviewing nature.
I am coordinating and helping those connect with basic needs and spiritual needs.
Basic needs for those who live in a different reality than humans such as animals. I oversee them in the forest to make sure their needs are met and that they have happy lives.
I oversee humans to make sure they remember to connect with nature.
I help with energies.
Trees often help to balance this Earth and heal.
That is why people like to have trees in their yard, parks, and foliage and gardens. You must have nature. You cannot live without it.

Tree Spirits and River Spirits: When should we call on you?

Udine “Moppa”: You don’t need to worry about when you need to call on us.
If we think that we can help we will come into your consciousness.
You will suddenly think of trees or think of rivers, undines, river fairies, all kinds of beings. Whatever it is when it comes to our type of elementals we will come to you and flash ourselves in your brain. Then you know it’s time to call on us.
We can help you with balancing energies, healing, ancestral healing and connection to the galaxy to some extent.

Tree Spirits River Orb Image

Tree Spirits and River Spirits: Do you have a connection with a certain color?

Forest Fairy “Kalina”: Greens and browns of course but don’t forget autumn colors as well. All types of golds, burnt orange and deep reds. These are the colors we are associated with. 

Tree Spirits and River Spirits: What frequency or dimension are you coming from?

This was answered earlier.
Green Man: 10 or 11D
Maiden Crone: 10 or 11D
Undine/River Nymph/Forest Fairy: 6-8D

Tree Spirits and River Spirits: What form do you take or look like?

Green Man: We take the forms of every kind of greenery. Trees or even river pods, willows, lily pads-in everything green. The flowers are fairies. Some flowers that are connected to trees are apart of the tree spirits.

Tree Spirits and River Spirits: Do you have an Ego?

Maiden Crone: I do not have an ego but many fairies do.
Green Man: I do not have an ego.
River Nymph “Salia”: I do not consider myself to be completely egoless like the Green Man or Maiden Crone. I do not have an ego as much as a fairy. There is an in between and that’s where I am.
Udine “Moppa”: Yep! We do-we are like fairies.
Forest Fairies “Kalina”: We do have egos and we do like for you to do things for us too. Just like all the other fairies we very much like for you to pick up trash and keep areas clean. This is also important for the rivers. We like snacks and drinks of all kinds.

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