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Intergalactic Channeling Spree Day 1 – Gamu the Pleiadian Fairy

Welcome to the first day of my Intergalactic Channeling Spree!

Today, I am channeling Gamu, who is a Fairy from the Pleiadian Star System. 

Gamu isn’t a little fairy, like the earth-bound fairies we normally channel. She’s tall and thin, more like the elves you see on the Lord Of The Rings. She has long black hair and big, transparent wings! She’s dressed in a long, flowing dress, she carries a sword with her as well!

She brings healing that will help you connect with your higher self, so you can better deal with the dense emotions and energies (especially all of the stress in the holiday season). 

When she says, “Hold your hands…” she means palms up.

Gamu helps you connect with your Soul Star Chakra, which is above your head. Her sound healing vibrations will help to clear your energy and feel more connected with your true self on a higher level.

Listen to the video to get the sound healing I channeled.

Here is Gamu’s message for us:

I step forward with greetings. 
I want you all to know that we regard you highly.
You have come to this heavy vibration of earth
to do great things.
Even just surviving this kind of heavy density 
without your soul intact and all your memories intact is quite a feat in itself.
We know that this time of year can be quite heavy and distracting.
We wish to help you with that by connecting you
more to your higher self and this is a way
you can always help yourself with dense emotions and energies
and so all you have to do is 
arrange your hands (palms up)
to hold the light
imagine that light coming down through your Crown Chakra
and into your body.
This light is coming from your 5D Chakras.
Let it fill you so that you can connect.
Connect up. 
Reach for yourself.
Your True Self
Your soul resides in your Soul Star Chakra.
It is above your head.
Let me help you with Sound Healing.
We hail you, Pleiadian Starseeds… 
For many, many of you exist on earth in many ways.
Some of you holding our DNA.
Some of you holding memories from our planets.
We are so happy to be so close that we can help 
all the different beings of our system.
We all work together and we wish to help you
through this transition of Ascension… 
Connecting to your higher self and learning how
to do it is the simplest and easiest way to feel your vibration rise
which can help you in many ways.
Getting that 5th Dimensional Perspective on your life
and making you feel one with yourself again.
I send you great love
and know that we are near and we are waiting

until the time that we can step forward—
Not just in spirit, through Mediums such as this one, but in person.
We have met before, many of us, and we cannot wait 
to physically meet you again.
Goodbye for now.

How do you feel after this channeling session? Were you able to connect with your Soul Star Chakra? I’d love to hear what you saw and felt as I was channeling!

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See the next Channeled Message here:

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