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Are You On The Right Path For Ascension?

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Rachel Chamness

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May 08, 2020

My Spirit Guides & other High Vibe Helpers have been pretty clear about the fact that we have a choice of where we are going in the future. This isn’t just about the Law of Attraction. This is about 2 clear paths that each of us has to choose from: We can either live in fear of what we see as our coming reality, or we can choose an Ascension Path instead. 

How are your thoughts about choosing your path?

In this video, I share some messages I have gotten from my Angels and Spirit Guides consistently for the past few months. We can choose this reality we see…  years of lockdown, forced medical procedures, food scarcity, media controlled reality—the 3D Matrix—or we can focus on an Ascension Path toward the Golden Age that’s coming.

And what about our 3D family members and friends? 

Unfortunately, you aren’t able to fully change things for them. They chose a harder path. Their souls might have chosen to be on the darker side of the path, to help us with our Ascension as well.

Don’t worry about your children. They will be able to come with you on the 5D path if that is what you choose.

Focus on yourself. That’s all that any of us can do. And focus on the things that make you happy, the things you are grateful for.

And if you choose the 5D path, your intuition and gifts are going to expand! All of your Angels and Spirit Guides will be with you and you’ll be able to talk to them. 

Work on yourself. Step into your Life Path and your soul purpose in this life. 

If you would like to get help in finding your Life Path, you can book a session with me here: 

LightPath Channeled Reading

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