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Intergalactic Channeling Spree Day 3 – Solomon, the White Dragon from Orion

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Rachel Chamness

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December 18, 2019

Welcome to Day 3 of my Intergalactic Channeling Spree! The Galactic Beings I am channeling are here to help us with Ascension, especially after the energies have gotten a little crazy because of the recent 12/12 Portal. We’re being prepared to release heavy burdens so that we can vibrate higher.

Here’s Solomon’s message for us:

Hello, I am Solomon from Orion
I watch over you.
We have come to help you,
many of us.
We have been to earth before
in other “Golden Ages”, as you call them.
I shine the white light down on you now
for clearing you and your path,
and the planet as well.
Know that as we come into this plane
you will feel your vibration rise as we come near you.
We like for you to ask for our help
so that we can come into your field
and bring your High Heart Chakra on line
and keep it vibrating at a high rate.
This 4th Dimensional Chakra is how 
you will transform yourself
and that is what the focus is for now.
Many of you are believing it is the holiday stress
that you expect in this month that is bringing so many difficulties
but it is actually just the time for things to be ironed out
and so many burdens must be released and left behind 
as we move forward now.
Have faith that you will get through this
for you are more than an earthly body,
for your soul is infinite.
Your soul has travelled through many lives, lifetimes 
and planets and beings.
You have chosen this time around for hard lessons 
and because it was what the world needed—
the Universe is what we mean by “the world”,
not your planet.
Feel this energy shift yours as I am bringing it through now
as a beam of light to transform
and help you on your path.
Things are coming faster.
Manifestation is working faster.
All is working faster on your goal now
especially when you receive this light that we send.
What are you doing for the world?
Is your profession one that helps others in some way?
That is the call now.
That does not mean that you do not need to earn a living
for you are still in a money slavery system
so you must absolutely charge for your services,
but whatever you do, 
whether you are in a standard earthly job
or you are a Light Worker who works on your own
you are to help others and receive payment for that
For what you have is a value.
But fear not for we are helping you come through
to a time where money is not a system,
or a part of the society at all.
In this realm, you will only do what your heart 
wants you to do,
what you have decided as your path for this life
before you came into it.
We love you.
We want you to feel this love and power that we send.
We want to connect to you.
Many of you are from our system. 
So many awakened now to realize that 
they have lived other lives in other places.
We love the term “Starseed” and are so glad 
it is part of the common vernacular now.
We await this awakening Ascension process 
with great hope.
We are here, excited to watch it unfold.
It has begun.
We send you great blessings.

I felt the healing that Solomon did in this healing session tuning up the layers of your aura.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and check out TAG – Transformation and Ascension Group, which is my group that helps people with the process of Ascension.

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