How to Build a Simple Sacred Circle for Psychic Protection During Mediumship Sessions

Today we are going to talk about building a sacred circle for psychic protection while doing Healing, Mediumship, and Channeling. 

How does this sacred circle differ from warding your house or protecting yourself from other people’s energies as an Empath? It’s a little bit of a different ritual, because you are protecting your energy from external forces and from the people around you, instead of making sure that what you are channeling is safe. You can join my TAG for Lightworkers group if you’d like to learn more about shielding and get access to a ton of other courses.

I do also talk about using some shielding for your home in this video as well, which I recorded live in my Facebook Group, 5D Daily, Spiritual Healers in Higher Dimensions.

Why would you make a sacred circle for psychic protection?

Well, when you are channeling as a Healer or Medium, you are allowing a spirit that you know to inhabit your being to heal and speak through you.

Please make sure that you learn how to do this properly! Don’t just start experimenting on your own! I teach how to heal and channel in all dimensions, safely with Trance Channeling, in my signature Accelerated Advanced Channeling Course.

If you are going to be doing some:

  • Channeling
  • Healing in High Dimensions
  • Speaking or Channeling with Beings of the Light
  • Astral Traveling
  • Deep Meditation in High Realms or Dimensions

You need to learn to use a sacred circle. The sacred circle holds the energy. The more you build this circle in one place, the higher the energy gets in that space and becomes even more powerful.

In order to set up the sacred circle, you need to prepare some items to put either on your altar or in the north, south, east, and west parts of your home or the space you use for your rituals. You also want to place crystals in the four corners. You can set crystals also in the corners of your home and your yard, as well.

You want to bring in the energy of helpers, guides, and angels, and the four elements (earth, fire, water, air) plus ethos (spirit).

Clear Quartz for Spirit Circle Image

For your Sacred Circle, you will Need:

4 Clear Quartz crystals. You will put these in the four corners of your room to represent the elements. You can put them on your altar or in the direction they are associated with.
You can also put some black tourmaline around—it isn’t necessary, but it can be helpful. I also recommend rose quartz, rainbow obsidian, and amethyst.

*Please note. If you are trancing, you NEED to make sure that you are able to be in control and present during your session. This means no drugs or alcohol while trancing. Even prescribed pain medications can have a negative effect on your ability to control your space and the channeling session. You are a bright light while you are trancing, and that is very attractive to a lot of beings. 

Back to your altar!

You will have your directional positions: north, east, south, and west positions. Fire goes in the south, water in the west, earth in the north, and air in the east. You can use a compass app for this, from your phone.

I keep fairies in the earth section, stones with Reiki symbols, Selenite, etc. I have instruments in the air sections, along with feathers, sage (which you should absolutely burn, and walk counter-clockwise around room) and Paolo Santo wood sticks. I use a candle for the fire, which you can also use for focusing on during your trancing session. Of course, water goes in the water section. I also have a little seashell there with an amethyst in it.

After you’ve collected your items and cleared the energy of your room with sage, lit your candle and placed your crystals around your room, you are ready for the invocation.

Burning sage for sacred space

Archangels Michael, Ariel, Raphael, and Gabriel, please stand on all four corners of this room and keep us all safe within by transforming all negative energy to love. I call in all my Spirit Guides, helpers of high vibration, all of my Galactic and Elemental friends and helpers of the highest vibration to come in and help me. (I call in the Elements as I touch their representatives on the altar.)

I call in Ethos, or Spirit. Archangel Sandalphon to come below me with Shekinah and Mother Gaia, unplugging me from the 3D Matrix and plugging me into Gaia’s Fifth Dimensional Earth Grid. I call in Archangel Metatron above, with Archangel Daniel and Sacred geometry. I call in earth, I call in air, I call in fire, and I call in water, I call in Ethos. I ask you to come in and guard me in this space and keep me safe. 

And I always Affirm: I only work with Beings of the Light.


Let nothing from me attach to my client and nothing from my client attach to me. Also, use Angel Fire or Reiki to protect your energy and your aura.

Crystal wand for Sacred Circle Image
A quartz crystal wand and white selenite wand

You can follow along with my Invocation at the bottom of this Blogpost if you want help.

Don’t forget to say thank you to your spirit guides when you are done with your work for the day. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is a nice touch. I always thank my Spirit Guides and Helpers for their support.

That’s how you will want to start every session to ensure that you have a sacred circle for psychic protection while channeling or doing mediumship, healing, or channeling work. 

If you want to learn more like this, join me in my Facebook Group, 5D Daily, Spiritual Healers in Higher Dimensions. Here is the whole video this post touches on, taken straight from my Facebook Group Live!

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