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A Channeled Message from Watathan, An Elf Living On Sirius

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Rachel Chamness

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January 16, 2020

Watathan, the Elf on Sirius, comes through with a channeled message again today!

Elves LOVE to help us out with issues and problems surrounding the home, so you can call on them for guidance and support with issues related to your home—even the bills! 

This month, in my TAG VIP group, I am channeling Elves by using Trance Channel Mediumship. I ask them 13 questions, like where they are from, what they are here to help us with, and what messages they have for us. 

They also send healing energy through me. 

Wathathan is an Elf who is on Sirius (though he might not be from there, but visiting!). He came through during the Intergalactic Party and during this month’s TAG-VIP MasterClass. You can find the earlier video of me channeling the Elf Watathan here and the answers to the 13 questions I ask the Elves in my TAG VIP group

If you are having a bit of trouble with the change-over to the year 2020 and all of the heavy energy that is being brought up to be released, this message is for you!

You can find the TAG VIP group here: https://www.soundwavesheal.com/tag

Here is Watathan’s message for us today:

I am here and so glad that you are tuned in to this frequency.
Things are changing at a rapid pace on your planet and 
things are happening which are causing you all to go through
such changes and you are having to work through negative things 
quite quickly for they will not stand anymore. 
Only the truth will come out now and things will be illuminated and
your life will be changing, but it will be for the better.
However, this time—now—you will be working through some heavy things.
This being, Rachel, has seen that. She’s telling me now that 
she has seen that many times in sessions.
I am here to tell you that it is normal, what you are going through.
If you feel that it’s been hard this week, 
If you feel that it’s been hard since the beginning of this year, 2020, 
this is why.
There is much to be sifted through, especially depending on how much work you’ve done and this is not me telling you you haven’t done enough work. 
Many of you have done a lot of work.
There is sometimes more work that needs to be done.
Sometimes the hardest thing that you had thought you were not ready for yet 
is now being brought forward for you to fix. 
Hold on for the ride. It will get better
and you will get through it. 
Call on your angels and your Spirit Guides for help.
Call on us, the elves, we love to help in any way 
and of course, the fairies, who we are often with. 
You will get through this and we are here to help. 

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