An Introduction to Elemental Giants, in many forms

Giants are Elemental Fae!

Giants are a diverse bunch of Elementals that includes everything from trolls to the Balboans (aka Big Foot!).

Would you like to know more about these often misunderstood creatures?

Watch this video to find out more about giants, trolls, and other kinds of giants!

Channeling our big questions with Giants today! 

Are Giants Blood-thirsty?

We are digging deeper with Giants now in 2023, but this video is from the first time we met Giants and many of their forms! In TAG, February 2020, we met and got help from Giants, our Big Gentle Elementals! Plus the Norse Goddess Skadi and Gods Thor and Odin as well.

2023 Update: Balboans and Gwolves!

PS Recently, we learned that Balboans don’t like to be called Sasquatch because they are NOT Sasquatch – so you can count Sasquatch in, as well.

Gwolves are also a type of Giant

Gwolves are also a type of Giant! Learn about them and many Elementals in my new Elemental Magick & Manifestation: a fae oracle deck & booklet on Amazon — or here on my site for other countries.

Gentle Giant image

Are Giants Elementals? 
Are Giants Blood-thirsty?
Are Trolls also Giants? 
What about Sasquatch or Bigfoot? 
Questions about Norse Legends too! 

Transcription of Giant Video

[00:00:00] Hi, I’m Rachel Chamness with Today I wanted to talk a little bit about Giants. 

[00:00:15] So Giants are elementals and we are talking to them this month in my Transformation and Ascension group. So the group is all about raising your vibe up to help you with ascension, which is where this earth is going to the fifth dimension. So helping us just really work on ourselves.

[00:00:34] And in this group, we have every month a masterclass where the beings step forward and talk to us.

[00:00:40] We ask them questions every month. And these questions help us understand how they can help us. 

Where do Giants Come From?

[00:00:47] Where do they come from? Why are they here? How do we connect with you? How do we work with you? What area do you specialize in? That’s those sort of questions. And then we have a sound healing attunement the next week where they connect to [00:01:00] us through sound healing.

[00:01:01] So I have been talking to some giants. I’m getting some answers from them for some of these questions that we have. So the main questions that we had were who are the giants? Like what do they consist of? Like, are trolls “giants”? What about these Norse gods and goddesses who are also coming forward this month?

Skadi norse goddesses image

Stand in your Power with Giants and Norse Goddesses

[00:01:17] So Skadi is the Giantess Norse goddess, who is definitely here this month. And Freya is here, Odin and Thor are here. So this whole group is coming forward to help us in TAG for self-love and empowerment, standing in your own light, taking up your space, and Helping you stand up for what you know is right. To know that you are connected and that you are receiving information from your higher self and how to take up your own space with that and just remember who you are and connect to the divine within yourself.

[00:01:50] So we have Assim, who’s a giant, who’s come forward. Then we have Fradir. Who’s another male giant. We have a female, a Giantess [00:02:00] WAtessa. Then we have the goddesses, Skadi, Freya. We have the God’s Odin and Thor. And then we have a troll named Baywin. 

Are Trolls Giants?

[00:02:07] So yes, the first answer is yes. Trolls are just a different type of giants. And the ones that we know as giants that are like, Jack and the Beanstalk- these types of big giants , they said they are Vassel Giants. That’s the name of what they are, but they’re all considered giants. And yes, Sasquatch too. Of course. We’re not supposed to call them Sasquatch. They have been talking to me for a few years. They like me to call them Balboans. And they are very gentle spirits.

[00:02:29] They are also elementals like giants or elementals like such as faires, elves, that sort of thing. Unicorns. The Balboans are not as connected to humans. You can ask them to. Help you stand around your home and keep you safe. But they mostly deal with plants on this earth, and, but they are kind of elemental, so, it’s pretty rare sighting to really see one.

[00:02:50] All right, so trolls are also a type of giant and they just look a little bit different. And apparently there’s all different kinds of giants, but these are the ones that we’ve been talking to.

Giant war image

What’s the Giant War About?

{00:03:00] So we had questions about the war. Between them and the war, between the Norse gods and the giants. So I did, trance channel, meaning I’ll let the

[00:03:13] Giant talk through me about this war and what he talked about was that it was both metaphorical and real in a different way. And he’s saying that that is how we now have these separate continents, because what they did was move the earth and that there was war energy, but it wasn’t like, I kill you, you kill me.

[00:03:33] He’s saying slightly different. So it’s the war energy is, is there, and I feel that war energy, but it’s more of a metaphorical like war. Words more than killing and that they’re moving the earth. So this is like how they moved the earth, the place of the earth to make the, all these continents. That’s what they’re saying to me.

[00:03:51] And I have no idea if this is in any kind of mythology, cuz I have not studied every mythology and I talk to a lot of different beings. So if it [00:04:00] is, I mean, I kind of feel like it might be in there. I mean, they’re, cuz they’re really showing me that, but I don’t, I really don’t know. So That’s what they said about that.

Are Giants Blood Thirtsy?

[00:04:07] I asked them about being blood-thirsty: he actually said to me, Assim said, are you not blood thirsty? Are humans not blood thirsty? You know, you kill things. You, you know, most your ancestors, if we can’t say that most people now, but our ancestors definitely.

[00:04:22] You hunted and killed. Animals for meat and many of you do today. And if you were a smaller being, would you not see that as blood thirsty? You know? And the nature of, capturing things is– he’s even showing me, like children capturing, even if they capture and release, like my child captures and releases lizards is very, very gentle with them, but they’re kind of showing like, how does that look to a smaller being?

[00:04:45] And that, that they’re very gentle and loving, but they’re not ripping people to pieces. Like that’s lore. So that’s not really… Is it? He’s kind of saying, well, it might happened. But they were extenuating circumstances. That’s what he just said. [00:05:00] Okay. So I did all this channeling and I was gonna post it, but I found it very contradictory what they were saying, and here we go again.

[00:05:07] So I thought I would just tell you what they told me. Now, once again, they are being pretty contradictory and that’s because they say something and then they’re kind of showing me something else. Did you or did you not like rip people apart? 

[00:05:19] Okay. He’s saying that was something entirely different and they’re not blood thirsty, so we’ll just leave it at that. He’s kind of showing me like they’re not humans and that this is like thousands and thousands of years ago and that things are different. He’s like, it’s just too hard to explain in a 3D manner. Okay. So we’re just gonna let that go. And just know that they’re here now in this space as elementals holding their space. So elementals are the term we use for things like fairies, elves, and unicorns, dragons, that sort of thing.

[00:05:48] They once lived on this earth, they’re showing me. But when we find these bones of giants that have been found, and we do know that giants lived on this earth. He’s saying [00:06:00] those are not the elemental giants. Those are mixed between elemental and human. In that there were several races of elemental giants in humans, which were these sort of.

[00:06:09] You know, medium size beings, like, not medium size to us, but to them. Do you know what I mean? Somewhere between our size and their size, and that that is where you find the bones and the remains because they’re elemental. They are not born, they are not made in flesh, like in 3d, like we are.

[00:06:27] He’s showing me a 3D printer. They’re kind of funny. Okay, so then my question next would be, are ancestors of Neanderthals , are they related to giants? He’s saying yes, they are. And there’s several groups of those and there’s more groups that we have not found any remains of because they’re too deep in the earth.

[00:06:43] They’re too old. That’s what he is telling me now. Well, that’s interesting. He said there’s five groups and there were many experiments of mixing different kinds of beings on this earth. And to be the conscious like humans, I mean, cuz you know, our animals are way higher vibe than [00:07:00] we are.

[00:07:00] And not all of it worked out. He’s saying, some of those tribes were a little more blood thirsty and getting kind of mixed up with the giant lore. Which is why people believe that they’re blood-thirsty and I have to tell you that Assim is not.

Skadi image

Giants are Gentle Fae Beings

[00:07:12] He’s the most gentle being I’ve ever really talked to. Okay, so I just wanted to tell you a little bit about Giants. I hope that you enjoyed this, and I hope you’ll subscribe and hit the bell so you get some notifications. And if you wanna check this out, and get so many other extras, the manifestation, all the lives all the help, all the past classes, you can sign up for TAG.

[00:07:34] So check it out and thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you soon. 

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