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Intuitive Awakening

A Spiritual Journey of Psychic Awakening for Beginners

Are you ready to connect with your Spirit Guides, open your 5D Soul Star Chakra with unicorns and angels, attune with Fairies to get their help – and protect yourself and your energy from any sort of negative energies or entities that might be looking for a host? This is the class for you! Join now!
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Intuitive Awakening

A Spiritual Journey of Psychic Awakening for Beginners

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Protection & Shielding with Angel Fire Technique

Do you often pick up other’s energies? Would you like to learn a healing modality with Angels? Learn how to protect your energy and space as you start connecting with energies and spirit guides. Be able to send healing from Angels without using your own light.

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Meet your Spirit Guides Meditation

Would you like to get your own messages? Get to know your Spirit Guides that are around you in one of my most popular meditations. You can use it over and over again to meet more members of your Spirit Team!

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Soul Star Meditation with Unicorns and Archangels

Are you looking for enlightenment and to begin your Ascension Journey? Connect to your Higher Self and 5th Dimensional Soul Star Chakra with the help of Unicorns and Archangels so that you can recover your soul memories and Light Path (Life Purpose)!

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Fairy Class & Sound Healing Attunement

Would you like to communicate with Fairies? Fairies love to help us! They are like little Nature Angels! Find out how they can help you. Connect and be attuned to their joyful vibration with sound healing to line up your frequencies!