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Learn many techniques to become a Lightworker and Life Coach including opening the psychic connection to Spirit Realm, opening your Psychic Clairs, banishing negative thoughts for yourself or others, using oracle cards and pendulum, releasing yourself and others from past lives & releasing energy blocks for moving forward.

Learn to help and heal the many problems Lightworkers have in their journey such as self-belief, knowing the difference between your own thoughts and guidance from spirit, learning to raise your own vibe by deeply healing yourself, and keeping yourself safe from negative entities and healing others with Angel Fire Technique & sacred circles.

Sound Waves Heal fireBird and Stars Circle


Sound Waves Heal butterfly Circle

Protection & Shielding with Angel Fire Technique

Sound Waves Heal Star Circle

Shine Bright & Become a Clear Channel Masterclass

Sound Waves Heal Single Eye Circle

Open 8 Psychic Clairs Meditation

Sound Waves Heal flower Hair of Human Head

Clair Opening & Solfeggio Liquid Reiki Sound Healing

Sound Waves Heal fireBird and Stars Circle

EFT Tapping: Busting Imposter Syndrome

Sound Waves Heal Key and Butterflies Circle

Sigil: Increasing Psychic Clairs for mediumship

Sound Waves Heal Notebook and Pen

Manifesting with EFT and Switchwords Class

Sound Waves Heal Music note with Heart

Balance Your Chakras with Sound Healing Class

Sound Waves Heal Meditation Woman Star and Butterflies Circle

Pendulum Beginner & Advanced Techniques

Sound Waves Heal Hand join to star

Learn to Use your Psychic Senses with Oracle Cards Masterclass

Sound Waves Heal Circle of Butterfly

How to build a Sacred Circle

Sound Waves Heal hexagon into circle

Sacred Circle Invocation