Whale Elemental Beings: Origin & Ascension Help

TAG Masterclass: Trance Channeled Messages from Whales

Introduction and TAG Update Information on this Whale Month

I hope you enjoy this Masterclass pre-recorded in 2020. At that time, we [members of TAG Lightworkers Membership Group] were experiencing some ascension symptoms of the beginner spiritualist.. headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. And those just coming into the space of Ascension may still be experiencing these — if so, this month in TAG will really help you with the original intention of clearing that.

For the rest of us, who are onto the 2022 deeper ascension symptoms—such as releasing heavy density as we incorporate all the new light codes and healing of this new layer of ascension—this will also help! Even though all the offers of this month were pre-recorded in 2020, they have a deeper layer to help us with this and more in the coming years. This is because whales, like all Light Beings, are outside of time and space in the higher dimensions. So re-watching these TAG Offers like the Whale Attunement, Meditation, etc — will really clear another layer within you! This is great news!

whale diamond light image

Bethesda speaks of their Beginnings & The Planet Bree

Rachel: So the first whale that’s come through that I’m going to trance channel, her name is Bethesda. And we’re going to start with her and we’ll see who else comes in. You never know what will happen. So let’s see. Alright. So, the first question of the 13 is where do you originate from? And I’ll let her answer.

Bethesda: We come from a primordial sea. We are a very old race, and of course, do not originate from this planet. There are some of us who are highly evolved, meaning [we] can walk without the sea. And those are the ones who seeded us to this planet. So there are many types of whales from where we are. We have seeded the planet with the version you know, for we originate from a water planet. We also consider Earth or Terra, a water planet as well.

We have come here to oversee, to help and to guide. We feel a connection with humans and many humans who are empaths pick up on this connection and feel love for whales and fascination. And in that way, the connection between whales and humans helps with the desire to keep the waters cleaner. We are coming to a critical point where we may need to step in if things don’t improve in the oceans, but we hope that the direction of the planet towards ascension will be in time to prevent any extra measures. For yes, ascension is on a timeline, but it’s not exactly certain because it depends on Earth. It depends on you. We are working hard to awaken more; more people, most by the sea or on islands are already awakened. Those farther in from the coastline sometimes are harder to reach. Our original planet is called Bree. 

Rachel: Okay, this is Rachel. I was asking her what her original planet was, since the question was where do you originate from? Bree, she’s saying. So she is showing me exactly what she was saying. Just to tell you what she was showing me while she was talking is that so ascension is not like a certain date, a certain amount of people need to awaken before we can get there. She’s just kind of saying this is all important work. You know what we’re all doing, just talking about this, even if we’re just talking about it to each other about ascension and all the things that are happening, it still helps because we’re bringing that energy of understanding into the world. And so by doing that more people awaken, even if you’re not directly talking to them; it’s just the energy is coming up because of that. So that’s really cool.

Transformation & Ascension Group whale Image

Question 2: Where do you exist now? Answered by Feron

Two, where do you exist now? These are the 13 questions we ask all of them so. This whale’s name is Feron, also female.

Feron: Where do we exist? Now you have the answer for where on earth we exist now for we travel around so that we may reach as many humans as possible. But we exist in other places as well, there’s still many of us on Bree. Some of us now evolved for land, though there’s not much land on Bree. We are also on many other planets like this one. Although I should say, Earth is a very beautiful planet, and it is not as typical.

Most other planets are not as beautiful as Earth. And that is why Earth is so popular for so many species. And it’s constantly being seeded with new species. It is a fascinating planet and all that are called to go to Earth and actually get to incarnate in Earth are very happy to do so. Your soul is so happy to be here, even if you have forgotten. There are many planets that we are on in this side of the galaxy, there are five, five planets. We thank you so much for bringing us forward in this month. For we are not always recognized as the elementals that we are.

Rachel: This is Rachel. She was just showing me an image of giants. The giants are coming up in a few months too.

Question 3, What do Whales have in common? Maldek answers.

Oh, here’s another one, it’s male, Maladek. Okay, we got a male whale. Let’s see, he says he’s a sperm whale, that’s funny. I’m sure there are many female sperm whales too. Let’s see what he says. 

Maladek: My deeper answer is that what we all have in common is the love of water and the love of all species. We have a very large heart chakra; High Heart Chakra is what you have that is in common. Our heart chakra is of the fourth dimension, which means that we love unconditionally and we wish to help all beings be more positive, be more open to the light of source and themselves, to be their best selves and even those whom you may call evil, we also wish to help. That is one thing we have in common. We all started as mammals of the sea, some of us evolved and others made the decision to stay as part of the sea. In fact, it is actually harder to evolve away from the sea. So some of us took that challenge so that we may help other planets to learn to breathe a sustainable molecule outside of the water so that we may travel in ships.

What do the Higher Dimensional Whale Bodies look like?

Rachel: This is Rachel. I just say this is Rachel, when I’m done with the trancing, so you know who’s talking? They’re actually showing me this. Of course, I’m curious, I want to know, what does it look like? He’s kind of showing me like bicuspids, is that the word like humans — not humans, but having two feet, arms, like a five star shape like we do. So I’m like, well, what do they look like? And actually, they don’t look like that. They look like mermaids. So he’s showing me this being that I have seen that I don’t know what it is.

So you have mermaids, there are male mermaids and mermen. Of course, society thinks a lot about mermaids. But there are mermen, of course, but these are — and I usually see them as men, but maybe they just look more masculine. There are these sea creatures and they don’t, they have a tail instead of feet. But they’re very human-like sort of, except they look like a mix between humans and elves and mermaids/merman. And they’re really interesting. I see them a lot. I’ve seen them for a long time. And they’re showing me that those are the ones that they have evolved to. So I don’t know if that’s in between and then they had legs, or if there’s just some way to get around, maybe, you know, they have less density or gravity so they don’t need to like walk on two legs and maybe they float or something. I don’t know, that’s very interesting.

How are Whales going to help us as Spiritual Helpers? Feron speaks.

Feron: This is Feron. We wish to help you with ascension. We wish to help everyone except the light that shines from source and comes down through the Soul star chakra. This light is part of your soul for you to remember yourself, and that brings you closer to ascension for of course you were ascended before you came into this human body.

We are here for ascension. We have waited a long time for this. This has been our main goal. We are also here, of course as Bethesda said, to help you have empathy for creatures of the sea to help keep it clean, yes. But our main goal is helping you open up to the light of ascension. When you are opening to ascension, you are opening more light coming down through your crown from your soul star chakra into your body creating more light and this light expands your aura, and it also readies you for Crystalline chakras which is a part of six dimensional being. So your chakras will eventually turn to crystalline chakras. We’re here to help you with the light. 

Rachel: Okay think I might have gotten too close to the mic there. Okay. Alright.

Whale Oracle Card Spread image
Try this Oracle Card Spread to bring forward messages from Whales

Why are you here on Earth? Bethesda Speaks. 

Bethesda: We are here to help you move forward into the light, to become who you are meant to become on this planet, to spin the wheels towards ascension to help you get there faster; to awaken, to join your minds in what you call telepathy. This is part of ascension. You have been practicing on social media sites, but you will be able to do it without a computer when you are ascended.

Rachel: This is Rachel; my ears are ringing, downloads. Okay, so yeah, I’ve heard that before that Facebook and all that, that’s how we will be able to — So what they show me is like — (this feels so very sci fi) It’s kind of like your mind is the screen you can turn it on or off. So like I could call you, I could think of you and call you and you could answer or not answer; and if you answer we’ll speak with telepathy. So it’s not like we’re reading each other’s thoughts all the time or a hive mind completely or anything like that. Although there are parts further, that is where some beings go eventually to sort of a hive mind but we’re not quite anywhere near that yet.

Elemental Magick & Manifestation: a fae oracle deck image
From my Elemental Magick & Manifestation: a fae oracle deck

How do we connect to Whales? Feron wants to talk.

Feron: To connect to us, we wish for you to think of us first as a whole and then look into our eye, and that is how we connect. And it can be in your mind or you can look at a photo if that helps. You will find that looking into our eye, one or the other, you will feel a deep connection. We will also connect you through whale song in the upcoming attunement. And when the whale song is in your soul, you will connect to us very easily without a picture. Just anytime you call on us we are connected for we are here. There are so many of us, and less of you who will call on us unfortunately. And so we are around. And we hope that you will tell others to connect to the whales; we are elementals too. We are wise and can help you with meditation, we can help you with ascension, with ascension symptoms. 

How do we work with Whales? Maladek speaks of Christ Light

Maladek: To work with us, all you have to do is connect to us. And once we are connected, we will help you. So one way that we help is that we can shape your energy. So if you think of your energies coming out of you like waves, which they are, we can move the waves around and change their frequency, it is all like light and sound together. And we can change that. Have you ever gone on a trip to see the whales? This being Rachel has, she can tell you. And if you have done it, you will feel a great peace when connecting with whales. For we are helping your energy. We are helping you rearrange your energy to be at a frequency where you can receive more of source light. 

Rachel: So that source light, Christ light, whatever you want to call it — it’s usually called Christ light. But because it’s confusing because of Jesus of the Christ is often called Jesus Christ. He’s not the originator of the light. He’s carrying the light. So it can be confusing when you say Christ like especially if you’re not Christian, it might be a little triggering. If you have some. If you have some religious trauma, which a lot of people do.

Are whales galactical or elemental image
The answer is: BOTH!

What area do Whales specialize in together or separately? When should we call on Whales?

The Light of Ascension

Bethesda: The light of ascension dawns on you now. It comes down through your crown, from your soul star from source. It comes down through every chakra, it widens them. So that they are bright lights, causing your aura to open and then you are able to receive more light and come closer to ascension and to where you are meant to be. It’s coming closer than you think, and many of you are already higher on the path than many. There are all levels here listening to this transmission and we are happy to help. We are happy to help you whether you are just being awakened and starting with questions and hunger for knowledge. Or if you are advanced on your path, it’s very important. We can help everyone.

Rachel: When she started, I heard, “We’ve answered this question, it’s the light”.

So I guess that was an extra thing he wanted to say. So when should we call on you? This is a question we often ask. When should we call on whales and not dolphins or mermaids, so when should we call on you? This is Maladek.

Maladek: That’s very specific. But it’s not something you need to commit to memory and memorize. For we are here, and we are always here. And when we can help you, our image will flash in your mind’s eye, or you will be reminded of Whales. Maybe two or three times in one day or a few days. And you will realize: Whales, that’s the answer to your problem.

If you are having ascension symptoms, we immediately want to be there we can help you adjust your waves, your currents. As we said before we came that we would help you manage the currents, swimming in the current, swimming with the flow of ascension. We are talking about waves, the sound and light waves which are you are always transmitting and receiving. This has to do with your higher light body and we can help you manage those.

And so what is that good for? Ascension symptoms is the number one thing if you are having too much ear ringing or headaches or feelings of anxiety, heart racing that could be part of ascension or opening to spirituality. This is where we can help. Of course in water, you will, it will be easier for you to connect to us in shower, bath pools and natural water of course. But once we are truly connected in the attunement coming next week, it will be even easier. We are always coming to you to remind you that we can help when there is a problem.

Rachel: Well, that’s good to know. So we don’t even have to memorize another being and like who to help here who to help you’re just let them tell us or if you have ascension symptoms, then right away, ask the whales. It’s really beautiful, what they’re showing me that light and sound thing. I see it, it’s like ray and it’s like maybe it has this kind of look.

And then this one has like this one and they’re all like all these waves. And this looks very much like the six dimensional activation that I have done. So the six dimensional chakras look like ley lines, almost, that’s what they like me to call them. They aren’t actual like chakra like that we know, like different circles or whatever we think of the chakras; it’s like a line.

And it’s very much like the tree attunement. I believe it was or last month when we did the tree spirits and river spirits, and they talked about how we connect from the earth to the Galaxy, actually they were talking about ascension into the sixth dimension. And so now that I’ve seen it, it’s pretty amazing. And that’s kind of what they’re showing me. It looks almost just like that. So I think, is it the same? It is the same thing. So they’re more than lines. They’re like these waves. They’re like sound and light waves. Super cool. I wish you could see what I see. I hope that you do. In fact, if you do see it, please comment, I want to know. Or send me a message. Alright. 

Whale underwater image
Beautiful island with palm trees. Whale underwater

Number 10. Do you have a connection with a certain color?

Blue and gray, and yes, this green is also nice color, but we like the blue and gray. Those are the colors we have picked for ourselves the most often. Some of us, of course, have other colors such as black, but the blue and the gray reminds us very much of our own planet. And those are the colors that we like to stick to. But you don’t need a color to connect with us. 

Rachel: Okay, I guess that’s purely informational. This is Rachel. Okay, number 11. 

What frequency or dimension are you on? 

I think they told me in my head a minute ago, but I’ll let them tell you. Let’s let Feron talk. 

Feron: We are on the fourth and fifth dimension on this planet. In this form the whales that you know, are fourth and fifth dimension. The others can go much higher. The ones that took the decision to go to land. We thank them for taking such a sacrifice. And because of that they can reach higher dimensions. Six and seven for them.

Rachel: This is Rachel. We need to find out about those creatures, the ones that are evolved whales.

What form do the ascended form of whales take or look like?

Maladek: You know our [earthly whale] form. If you are asking about the more ascended form of us, tall and willowy. Our legs are not completely separated, they are still somewhat like a tail. But we do have feet or they do. I’m not one of them. But we are all connected. The land is different. There’s nothing you have that I can describe it to. It is not so 3D, and so we can manage through it without having to walk with gravity like you do. The feet, they are shaped very much like a tail but they are something between feet and tail. But they are two instead of one and so it is possible to move around on a non-water surface much easier.

And the arms are still attached like fins, the best way to describe it as the top of the arm is attached to the torso, but the bottom parts of the arm under what you would think of as an elbow are not. No hair but no scales, smooth; the ears a little closer to what this being thinks of as elf ears only there is more behind it for the gills that we did have. The ears are more extensive, we hear in a different way and the atmosphere is very humid and thick. And so we still speak in the same way that you are hearing on this recording in the background and it travels through the moist air.

There is a LIVING Whale Ship!?

[cont.] Our ship, for these beings who take a ship, our ship is a living being as well.

Rachel: This is Rachel, that’s so cool. The ship is a living being. I feel like I saw Star Trek like that. Okay, question number thirteen.

Whale underwater image

Do you have an ego? 

This is the last question; Bethesda wants to answer.

Bethesda: My dears, we do not have an ego, no. No. We hope to help you ascend out of your ego. That is part of our mission. We thank you, we thank you for coming. So much gratitude for connecting with us.

Rachel : This is Rachel. Okay cool. Alright. So, next is the attunement where we will be attuned to them. I think this is really interesting: When they told me that they would help us “ride the current” and all of that, I was like well it doesn’t seem all that exciting, simplifying 5D energy, riding the current, more daily enjoyment of presence, etc. Oh and an enhancement of the throat chakra: making it happen, and more connection to Gaia; sea animals will do that. Let me just ask them one more question, about the throat chakra enhancement that they wanted to do. 

Bethesda: A part of your ascension is for you to find what Rachel calls the light path, your sole purpose on this earth, which is always to do with service and light. So when we bring the source light into you, this is a natural thing that happens. And so we want to help you get on that path faster and further. So that is also what we are bringing to you this month, which is something you all need, of course. No matter how far you are on your path, it is something that you always need more of, for we are always fine-tuning and reaching for more as long as you are on the earth and inside this body, then you have work to do and when you are done, then you are ascending through death, or what you call death. For there’s no real death, of course, only the death of this body that you inhabit at this time. And once you come out of it, you have the full return of your spirit and memories. 

Rachel: Okay, cool. All right. Thank you all so much. And I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what you thought. If you’re in TAG you can comment and if you’re watching this from a package, then you can send me a little email. I’d love to hear thank you so much.

Video speaks at the end about the pods Whales sleep in and what happens when they do! At 27:57 on the video.

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