My Adventures with Merlin: Meeting Merlin

My Adventures with Merlin, Part 1, by April Lindevald  

April Lindevald speaks of how she met the wizard Merlin for the first time, and how he became a big part of her life as a channel who brings Merlin forward for others!

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Introducing April Lindevald by Rachel Chamness

April L. Lindevald is a Medium, Counselor, Reiki Practitioner & Author. She is also a dear friend. I have known April for many years as a fellow Spiritual Seeker, way before I knew I was a medium. We attended monthly spiritual classes together for several years, with a fellow Lightworker who taught us many beautiful things. April also taught me how to use tarot and oracle cards, and even sold me my very first oracle deck – of course, it was a fae deck!

Later, when I began my own business helping others with their spiritual work, my work resonated with April and she has taken many courses and classes with me. She has been in my Transformation and Ascension Group since the beginning and also is now a Sound Waves Heal Practitioner.

In my Trance Channeling Mediumship Course level 3, my students learn to partner with one special Spirit Guide who wants them to bring their messages forward. April channels her partner guide, the great wizard Merlin. Their connection is so deep and beautiful, and every journey Merlin takes us on through April is so wonderful!

There are really no words to describe the deep respect and love I have for April, who not only is a gifted channel, but a truly beautiful human being. She seems to hold the magick of Merlin in her own eye twinkle and has a gift of imparting magick everywhere she goes, to everyone she meets! She is such a beloved member of our TAG Community.

Merlin, who is an aspect of Ascended Master St. Germaine, is also a master of the Violet Flame and a great teacher of Lightworkers. You can really get a sense of his manner of being when April channels him. April brings through Merlin, and often other beings as well in our TAG Group live two times a month. I have included one of these causal but magickal videos for you, at the end of this blog.

April is a gifted writer and has written one of my favorite books — The Last Wizard of Eneri Clare, which you can purchase on Amazon. She teaches tarot lessons and gives amazing tarot readings and personal channels with Merlin. There is more information about April at the end of this post.

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Blog Post #1, on the My Adventures with Merlin Series

    By April L. Lindevald

Friends and fans of my Merlin channels (which are happening now thanks to Rachel Chamness’ amazing Trance Channeling classes) have often said that they are not in the least surprised that I should be partnered with the famous Wizard from Camelot.  In truth, I have been fairly obsessed with Merlin and Wizards in general since childhood. I read all the books I could find on the subject, and in all the stories and movies that thrilled me, I never identified with the adventurer or the princess, but always the wise mage. I wanted to BE the Wizard.

Still, when he first came through in class, it was I who was incredulous that he should be real, and more, should choose to deliver his messages through me.

Until I remembered an incident that happened many years ago which might have foreshadowed what was eventually to come.

I had graduated from college at the top of my class, but had no idea what I was going to do next with a liberal arts education. I desperately wanted to be a performer, but did not know how to get a foot in the door. Contrary to my naive expectation, the World did not beat a path to my door. I retreated to my old room in my parents’ house and searched for an interim job, but the pickings were slim for an artistic brainiac with no real -world skills.

Finally, I snagged a position as a floor worker in a vitamin factory. I worked with machines and bottles all day and closed myself in my room most nights, reading about fantastic worlds, Magical beings, and brave questers. I felt somewhat puzzled and resentful at my circumstance, and gradually my consciousness became split between two worlds. By day I led a humdrum, suburban existence.

By night I believed I could be my true self, voyaging with wizards, unicorns and dragons; saving the World from the darkness.

Often I would read in bed far into the night, falling asleep with the lamp still on and the book open across my chest. On one such night, I opened my eyes, realized I had drifted off, put the book aside, and turned over to shut off the light. Except that someone was standing next to my bed, solid as stone, and bigger than any normal person. He looked exactly like—well—a Wizard.

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He was very tall, dressed simply in a nubbly grey wool robe, unbelted.  Holding a gnarled staff, he went hatless, his thick tousled hair and beard a glowing white. Most startling were his pale blue eyes, regarding me with a light of pure love, unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. As I sat up and met his gaze, I felt naked, seen and known, humbled but cherished, and tears brimmed in my own eyes.

He spoke no word, but, communicating through telepathy, pointed to where my grandmother’s old secretary desk stood across the room. Now, in actual reality, that desk was always partly closed, stuffed, and piled high with clutter.  In this Magical moment, I saw that I was indeed still in my room, but my grandmother’s desk was somehow cleared of debris and stood open. Lying upon it, open and waiting, was a huge tome; the kind you encounter in fantasy stories—heavy, leather-bound, with gold writing and symbols embossed on the spine.

My heart beat faster as I intuited that I was to go and look in this ancient and Magical book. What secrets would be revealed? Would I be privy to some Key to Life itself, the mysteries of the Universe unveiled for my eyes? Would there be a message especially for me or some wisdom that would make everything come clear all in a moment? I longed to go look, but hesitated, in awe of what I might see. The Wizard smiled and pointed again, and gingerly, I moved to the desk and looked down at the open pages…

They were blank. Not a word or a mark. Wrinkling my brow in confusion, I reached out and turned the page. Still blank. I rifled through them all…everywhere, blank.  Was this some sort of a joke? Or was it some deficiency in me; perhaps I was not worthy to see the mystical truths yet? Was something more required of me before I could have the prize? Had I failed some sort of test? Desperate and panicking, I looked to my Magical guide, who was still regarding me with the deepest affection. He smiled gently and shook his head, something of reassurance in his manor, and a twinkle of humor, but no explanation. Wordlessly, he sent me a message that I would see him again, and suddenly he was gone. 

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All at once, I was opening my eyes again in my bed, a book beside me, the lamp on, and my desk once more partly closed, clogged with debris and papers, no book in sight. Had it all been a dream? And yet it had seemed so real, more solid than anything in my three-dimensional life…    

In the morning, I remembered every detail, but I was distraught at the experience—so precious, so affirming, and yet so unsatisfying. I fastened on the idea of somehow failing, being unworthy to meet the greatest moment I might ever be gifted with. Torturing myself with assumptions and disappointment, I told my experience to a trusted friend. Hot tears running down my cheeks, I asked her, “Why was I not allowed to see the secrets of the book, to know what was in it? What more must I do?”

My friend put her hand on my shoulder and smiled. “Silly goose,” she said, “I think you have this all wrong.”

“What do you mean?,” I asked.

“You weren’t supposed to READ the book. You are supposed to WRITE the book!”

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Forty years later, I did write a book, a Fantasy epic of 600 pages, with a Wizard at its core. But I think the bigger message had to do with much more. Perhaps it was the Book of my Life that my guide was showing me, reminding me that it was up to me to fill it with worthy adventures, with Magic and Light and Love.

I did not stay at the factory long after that, and over the years, I have done my best to create a life that has never been dull, and have striven always to look beneath the surface of things for the Magic.  I am always encouraging others to do the same.

I never had another encounter as tangible or memorable with that Wizard, who I now am sure was Merlin, until now, when we have become fast friends and partners in bringing forward his messages to those who will hear. I believe he has been watching over me and whispering in my ear all through the years until it was time for him to emerge, and I was ready, to do our part in carrying the energy of Ascension into the World.

Getting in Touch or Scheduling with April

April Lindevald is Sound Waves Heal Certified as an Advanced Master Trance Channel and a longtime TAG member. She is certified in Light Language and Liquid Reiki Sound Healing.

A spiritual seeker most of her life, she has been an intuitive counselor and tarot reader for 30 years, and brings all this talent and knowledge to host 2 lives a month on TAG with her Special Guide Merlin as a TAG Team Member.

April is a Sound Waves Heal Practitioner and you can schedule through her link at If you wish to contact her for her next tarot class, you can contact me to send her a message.

You can purchase her amazing book on Amazon here.


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