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TAG Lightworkers Crystal Devas and Crystal Skulls – Channeled Masterclass

TAG Lightworkers Crystal Devas and Crystal Skulls – Channeled Masterclass

Rachel Chamness: Hi, I’m Rachel Chamness with Sound Waves Heal. Today I’ll be bringing through a trance channeling for Crystal Devas and Crystal Skulls and their connection to Lemuria in today’s masterclass, which is for April 2022 in our transformation and ascension group community for Lightworkers.

Crystal Devas and Crystal Skulls

I’m so glad that you’re here. I’m really excited to bring through Crystal Devas and Crystal Skulls and their Lemuria connection. So when I first got that this was going to be the topic for this month, I brought through the Crystal Devas, and they also mentioned Crystal Skulls, which I thought was really interesting because I’ve never felt a deep connection with Crystal Skulls.

There’s the ones from Atlantis Shore, but just in general, collecting Crystal Skulls and things like that never really appealed to me. But what I’m getting is that there’s a collective; so this is the Crystal Skull collective that’s coming through. The Crystal Devas, if you don’t know, are small, little Fae that live inside certain crystals. So those are coming through as well— and also they have this connection to Lemuria, which I don’t know what it is yet, and I can’t wait to find out. 

Lemuria Lemurian image

Seventh Dimensional Pathways and Connections to Lemuria

So we also have a Lemurian coming through, he calls himself Sands. That’s what he says his name is, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say. So this is all about the Seventh Dimensional Pathways. Because in this month in TAG they’re all coming through to help us with opening the seventh dimensional pathways and the connections to Lemuria. So these pathways will help us with our ascension journey and light path by opening our auric fields, our crystals and our crystal grids to this high manifesting vibration. So this is also about disconnecting from the negative and harmful 3D Earth grids that are overlaid around our planet and instead connecting to the power of the higher vibrational Gaia grid. So it’s more than one grid that we will be connected to.

I had this channeled message from the Devas, and they said they will show us how to uplevel our crystals, grids, pathways and personal field to the seventh dimensional manifestation highway used by Lemurians in their highest timeline. They did show me a little bit about that, and it looks so fascinating. So we’re going to go ahead and bring them in and ask them all the questions.

Of course, this part of TAG is just the masterclass, so it is the informational part where I bring through trance channel messages of those beings of the light who have stepped forward to answer our questions. The second part is the attunement, which attunes you with sound healing to the beings themselves and their concepts, which this month is all about the seventh dimensional highway of manifestation. Then we also have a meditation, which is always about healing and journeys to places where we can learn about ourselves and our past lives and our work on this planet, in this time, as well as our light path and healing. Then there’s always a manifestation tool as well. This month it’s a charm chant, which is just a little song sound healing phrase that’s going to help you bring in Lemurian manifestation energy. 

Crystal Deva image

What are Crystal Devas and How Do They Help Us?

So we’ll start with the Crystal Deva elementals Jojya, Neffim and Solac. And we want to just ask them a little bit about themselves and let them tell us how this all works. For example, are there Crystal Devas in every crystal, or how does it work? 

Crystal Devas: No there are not Crystal Devas in every crystal, but only those that have a certain vibration. The vibration does not line up with where the crystal is from, but can often line up with the vibration of the crystal itself, which has to do with sacred geometry of the inside and the outside of the crystal. This has to be natural and cannot be cut into the crystal for us to live inside it. There are times when a jeweler will take a crystal or gem with a crystal deva inside of it and will cut this stone into something more beautiful. In these cases, we help the jeweler bring out the same or better geometrical pattern of the stones so that it will hold the correct vibration for what it is intended for. These are used many times unconsciously by the wearer, and sometimes consciously. We are so pleased when you know that we are there and we love to help. Unlike other faes we do not have egos, and we are happy to help you in every way. That does not mean that we do not have personalities, for we do. And of course we are like other fae in that way, but you do not need to pay us homage or give us gifts to have us help you like some fae will. We are just happy to help. It is our greatest joy that we helped through the crystal and help you in your work. 

Rachel Chamness: That is really interesting, because I thought for sure that they had egos. I’m asking if they have egos and Sands, the Lemurian, says no, they don’t, it’s different. They’re saying some other elementals still have egos, or they can have personalities, but they don’t have egos. Okay— I think the word “ego” to us is pretty complicated and has many shades of what it actually means. So for the most part what they’re saying is, unlike other fae, you don’t have to leave a little gift, they will help you like angels will, and they’re just happy to help. 

Okay, let’s bring in Neffim.

Crystal Devas – Neffim: We also protect the crystal— it is another one of our jobs. We protect the crystal, and we protect the being who is connected to the crystal. So in this plane of existence, the humans who love crystals and connect crystals in many ways, whether as a Lightworker, or just as a person who is drawn to a certain gem or crystal, we help them in many ways to build the life that they would love to have. This is a life that of course is of their greatest good and of no harm to them. 

Rachel Chamness: Okay, so I asked if they meant to help someone build anything that they want? And he was saying, well, yeah, as long as it’s for the highest good and it helps people. So that’s what I call the light path actually, if you hear me talking about that— that is like our soul’s purpose in this world, on this earth, in this lifetime. It’s something that makes us very, very happy and also helps other people.

So for instance, my light path is doing this— helping people become mediums or Lightworkers, opening their clairs, learning to use psychic healing, bringing information forward, clearing people, doing sessions, and things like that. So that’s my light path, it makes me really happy, and I love to do it— it helps other people, and it’s for the highest and greatest good, which is always my intention. So you have one like that too, I’m sure, and either you’re working on it already, or you’re working on developing it, and there’s no timeline of course. And so that’s what I call the light path. 

Crystal Skull sunlight image

Anyway, let’s bring in Solac and see what he has to say. By the way, I never even considered that they would be male, and Neffim and Solac are definitely male or androgynous, and they don’t have a very feminine feeling, but Joyja does. Anyway, here’s Solac.

Crystal Devas – Solac: It’s very important to know that the light is important for crystals, and that we like to be cleared in the light – in the sunlight – and we don’t need very much of it, but a very concentrated ray, or direct sunlight can help us for just a moment— it can help clear us and bring us energy. And so let your stones come out in the sunlight every so often. We will give you a nudge when it’s time. 

Manifestation and Seventh Dimensional Pathways and Crystal Grids

Rachel Chamness: That was interesting— right when he was leaving, my ears did this funny thing and felt like I heard different sounds. I sometimes hear all these weird auric sounds as part of my clairaudience— they’re dimensional shifts sometimes, and it must have been something like that. That was different. Okay, let’s ask them about the 7D Pathways; this will be Solac. 

Crystal Devas – Solac: Yes, so there were these manifestation pathways or highways that the Lemurians used. They connected to them with intuition or crystal grids, and they were high, higher in the atmosphere, and connecting to them helped them manifest quickly. This was something easily learned. This was a practice that was taught and learned and used by many Lemurians. And it was a way to manifest greatly. It also had a side to it which wasn’t positive and contributed to the downfall of Lemuria. However, that side of this manifestation highway is now clear, and you are able to use it in the highest light and good for manifesting for yourself and others. And even though it is set up this way, we still would like you to always intend for the good of all when you are manifesting. It is a good practice, and an intention which is very important. 

Rachel Chamness: Okay, so they just kind of show me this pathway, and it’s very interesting. I’ve seen others like this. And I was surprised that he said that they connected through grids— crystal grids. I’ve connected many crystal grids, and I’ve connected the grids themselves to Pathways like this that I’ve seen on this earth that were a little bit higher dimensional, and they weren’t 3D at all. They were more like 5D or 6D. And I’ve connected to those before, so this is interesting. What they show me is that it didn’t have to be that way. They didn’t need the crystal grid, but those who had trouble seeing it, or really feeling it quickly and easily, just reaching out and finding it— they could use a crystal grid to help them do that.

Crystal Deva Crystal grid  image

And they’re kind of saying here in this life we can do the same thing. So if you can’t reach out and see that right now while thinking about it, then you could use a crystal grid to connect. But they also say, of course, they’ll connect you to it in the attunement as well. So the attunement coming up will really help with that. So if you can’t see it right now and you’re intact, don’t worry about it, because we’ll get there. So that’s really interesting. 

Okay, let’s see what the Lemurian Sands has to say, since we’re already talking about the Lemurian Connection. I’m going to ask him about the manifestation highway and the connection to crystal grids, Crystal Devas, and although we haven’t talked about it yet, crystal skulls, and the Lemuria connection. 

Lemurian – Sands: There’s a great connection to Lemuria because we have sent our energy forward into the world that you are in now— this timeline, and this time, by putting energy in many crystals that we had already, including crystal skulls, which as you know contain information, but they can also contain a portion of energy. So we placed energy in some crystals and crystal skulls and sent them forward. But we also sent our energy forward to crystals that were not formed yet and crystal skulls that were not carved yet, so that we could send our own energy into the future and into your timeline. Of course to us, the future doesn’t mean the same as it does to you, for time is very fluid. 

Lemurian Energies and Archetypes

Rachel Chamness: He talks fast. Okay, so then I want to know how Lemurian energies can help us now. Let’s ask Sands.

Lemurian – Sands: So we sent many for this timeline in this time, in particular. For right now is the time where some Lemurian energy can help you quite a bit. This is all positive energy and you need not worry that it was sent by anything negative.

The collective that I’m speaking from, that I’m a representative of, is a collective of many Lemurian beings. We are not a hive mind like the skull collective, but we work together. You might call us a club— perhaps that is a mild word that I can find here that would explain what we are, as we work together. So we are mages— we are what you might think of as a magician, which is an archetype which we sort of connect to.

Of course, it’s not really magic. It’s just metaphysical or misunderstood energies which people don’t understand at the time, but that’s fine, we can use that word. And so we came together and brought this energy forward so you could use it at this time. For there’s a lot of changes happening in this time, and there’s a lot of releasing of old, stagnant energies and archetypes that need to be released. And so you can use this energy for that— for moving forward on your own path, but also for manifesting.

So that you can manifest what is the greatest and highest good for you, for your family, for your life, and for your clients, or for whoever you want to help by connecting with this highway. And it’s sort of a fast track manifestation. And as you use it, you’re going to see how things manifest so quickly, and for you it will really become obvious that it’s true and real and not something that you are making up. 

Rachel Chamness: This is Rachel. I was saying, yes, often we believe we’re not sure if things are really happening or if we’re just making it up. So that’s what he was talking about. Let’s ask him, and then we’ll go back to some of these questions with some of the fae. How do crystal skulls help us in this specific time, and why?

Crystal Deva Crystal Skull image

Sands: So the crystal skulls are slightly different than crystals with Crystal Devas, or crystals in general. But crystal skulls are carved in this way to hold information like a brain. Obviously, this is the connection.

So we use them to hold energy, and the shape of them helps hold more energy, or more information— and so they’re very useful. There is a collective of crystal skulls, which can speak for them. And that is because once you bring something into being, well, you bring something into being. How it’s going to help you now is that if you are drawn to a specific crystal skull, and it has an energy that you may have placed in another lifetime or in another incarnation, or one of your guides has placed for you to find, that can carry energy into your life now.

How to receive the information of Crystal Skulls?

How do you receive the energy? The crystal, when you get it, you should clear anything that you do get always of any other interference— it won’t clear out the original intent or information that was programmed into it for you. And you can hold it and meditate with it, or you can leave it out close by where you do a lot of work, and touch it often. You can communicate with it. There are many ways that you can get that information. You can ask it to send it to you in your sleep over a period of time, so that it’s not too much information at once. There are many ways, and all of these work.

Rachel Chamness: Okay. Well, that makes sense to me. Alright. Thank you Sands. Wow! That was a lot. Let’s go back to the Crystal Devas. Let’s ask some of them how the Lemurian energies can help us now. Neffim wants to talk. So we’re just going to keep asking these questions for different beings and see what information we get.

Crystal Devas – Neffim: Well, it’s very interesting because the place that you are now is the closest energy that you have had so far on this planet, as far as the informational life that humans have had, since Atlantis. This is the closest energy that you’ve gotten to that matches the energy in Lemuria. So it’s kind of an overlap of energy signatures that are getting closer. This is as close as you have been. So now the energy from Lemuria can help.

We want to help you with any kinds of crystal grids you would like to make for any intention that you are making, if you know how to make crystal grids. It’s very easy to learn if you don’t know. We can help you use this grid, connect it to the manifestation highway, and help you bring this seventh dimensional light and energy in so you will be connected to the highway in more than one way.

After the attunement (posted in TAG Lightworkers), you can use a grid to connect to the highway, especially if you’re not in TAG and you’re not doing the attunement, you can ask for this seventh dimensional light to come in. And the seventh dimensional light is something that needs to be brought into this time to help clear out old energies and help you come to a little bit higher vibration that will match more with Lemuria and Lemuria’s time, but it won’t stay in this vibration for a long time. This is a small period of time where we can connect to the Lemurian vibration and use the help that they sent forward to help us then go on to a higher and different vibration, for this is a different time— and it will be a much more successful ascension of the planet as well.

Crystal Skulls and Crystal Devas Lemuria April TAG image

Breaking it down, Rachel sums up the Crystal Skull info

Rachel Chamness: Okay, let me just break that down to what they showed me in case you were like, huh? Alright, so you have Lemuria here, which, you know, had some good things and some bad things just like Atlantis. So they’re saying that the mages sent this energy forward, and they were all good guides of the light. They didn’t have anything to do with any downfall of Lemuria. They sent that forward to help us in this time, because at this time, these are the energies from now for the next two and a half years, they’re telling me right now – that will be connected with Lemuria, and the energies will be very similar. 

So we will be able to use that energy to go higher and bring our vibration higher. One of the energies that they’re sending is the seventh dimensional light, the seventh dimensional manifestation highway, the pathways, and there may be more than one. More tools that they’re bringing forward that can help include getting information from crystal skulls that we are drawn to— also the Crystal Devas can help us connect all these things with crystal grids if we don’t feel like our clairs are open enough, or we just want that extra boost. Okay, there’s your sum up. 

Reiki or Crystal Grids

Okay, so Reiki grids or crystal grids— there are many ways you can learn about them. I teach about them in Reiki, I think, and at the master teacher level. You can look them up on the internet, and there’s really easy ways to find out about making crystal grids. I know Angela Nicholson at does a really great crystal grid class, which I really recommend to many people and really love. So there’s just a million ways you can learn to do them. And you can intuitively do them as well. And so that can be a great help to you. 

Different Timelines of Atlantis and Lemuria

Let’s talk to the Crystal Skull collective. I want to know about this highway and how it was used in the Lemurians’ highest timeline. What does that mean? Because lately, I’ve been noticing that some things that I read or learn about Lemuria and Atlantis are different than some of the times that I’ve seen Atlantis and Lemuria— and I was told by Spirit that’s because there are so many incarnations, and there are many different versions or timelines of Lemuria and Atlantis. So if you hear something about Lemuria, or read something, and you’re like, wow, this is totally different than what I saw, but it also feels true, that is why. So I just kind of want to talk about that a little bit, and I’m going to bring the Crystal Skull collective for it because they’re telling me they hold so much information from all the timelines – that’s what they’re telling me now. This is cool. Okay, I’ll let them in. This is exciting. It’s not what I thought would happen. I love that.

The Crystal Skull Collective: Yes, there were many timelines. There were five different Lemurian timelines. There was one of the highest light, the highest timeline of Lemuria— the very beautiful, and mostly untouched by lower vibrational emotions, like greed, and it was well formed, and it dissipated only when it was time to leave. And there was no devastation, there was no bad ending to the time period. And there were four that did end badly. As for Atlantis, there are less timelines, there are two. There are two different Atlantean timelines. Okay, technically there are three. There is a third timeline, which is considered an Atlantis time, which is connected to Atlantis and could be considered the third timeline of Atlantis. So we can say three. 

Rachel Chamness: Okay, this is Rachel, that’s annoying to me. Is it two or is it three? Okay, so what they showed me is two timelines where Atlantis is in two places. One is an island and one is more like a peninsula. And then they showed me this whole other thing that has to do with Egypt. Okay, but I already know that for Atlantis, a lot of Atlantis beings then went to Egypt. But there’s another one that has deeper roots in Egypt and is not quite Atlantis, but for the sake of this argument for Earth beings at this time, he can say yes, that one too— so now he’s saying three timelines. Okay, I’m sorry. I don’t make this stuff up. I would just be like, be clear! But okay. 

Here’s a question. They said that the crystal skulls help us in this specific time, and why now? I know that Sands already said a few things which I have already forgotten what they were, because as a trance channel, it just goes whoosh, so I’ll have to listen later. But let’s ask the crystal skull collective.

Lemuria Crystal Deva Crystal Skull image

The Crystal Skull Collective: In order to access the information in the crystal skulls, you have to be at a certain vibration. This is a very vague word for what I’m trying to say. Your vibratory signature has to be a certain way. So there’s more than one way that your signature can be high. You have talked a lot about fifth dimensional energies and being 5D and raising your vibration to the fifth dimension, and that is one way. But there are also other ways. So it’s not just a blanket line or horizontal line of energy.

There’s also other parts of this energy, as if a Star of David becomes a Merkabah— that kind of popping out of other energies that you don’t see. And then those parts of it have to be a certain way to be connected to the skull. And that time is here, and that’s what’s connected to Lemuria. Therefore, you are now able to get more information from your crystal skull. So if you’ve had one for a long time, and you’ve been getting information from it, then you can now get even deeper information, more information. So this is the best time to be collecting information from skulls that have information in them. And yes, even skulls that were made in this timeline and even recently can have a lot of information in them, because it was sent forward from Lemuria and also includes information put in by other light beings and ETs. There is no worry that you have dark information in your crystal skulls as long as you clear them and pick ones that you’re connected to— that you pick the skull yourself. 

Rachel Chamness: Okay, so what he’s showing me is don’t worry about that, that doesn’t have to be in your reality. The information in skulls is pretty protected. There’s some sort of geometrical, sacred geometry within the skulls, which to me doesn’t make sense, because the Crystal Skull can be carved in all different ways. But they’re saying it’s not exactly the shape of the skull itself, but the information is around it spiritually, or clairvoyantly. It’s there, and it’s around it. And so they’re showing me that. So there is this kind of sacred geometry that encases all crystal skulls, and it will have that geometry, and it will be all really good information to have. 

So I don’t know why they keep talking about stuff like this— maybe the audience today has a little worry about the dark coming in and tricking us. I mean, I know that does happen, and there’s been a lot of clearing for that lately. I think that dark magic stuff is really coming up a lot. And we’re really releasing that right now. So I guess it’s kind of in the thought processes of people worrying about dark magic, or dark things trying to get in. So he’s trying to tell you not to worry about that. You can tell the difference between dark and light— you can feel the difference, and it’s a very rare instance that you would have gotten a skull that doesn’t have the highest light because there is sacred geometry that protects them. And he’s telling me now that’s almost non-existent— a Crystal Skull with dark magic stuff in it. So he’s saying not to worry about it. 

Earth Grids and Higher Dimensional Grids We Can Connect To

Okay. Alright. Well, that’s what they’re telling me. So let’s see what else they have to say. Is there any other information that we can get here? Let’s ask them about the 3D Earth grid. So they say there are harmful 3D Earth grids that we are connected to that we are releasing and that we can replace them with these higher dimensional grids and manifestation pathways and things like that.

So I’ve seen this— there is a poverty grid in the Appalachians that I’ve been trying to clear out, clear people from, and get them disconnected from. And there was also another negative grid— I don’t know if it was a poverty group, but it might have been because it was abundance work, in my neighborhood as well, that I cleared. And that was really interesting because I live in Fountain City in Knoxville. So there’s all these geysers underneath here, and there were a lot of water beings that were like, “we’re so excited you’re here, we really want to connect.” They had been waiting for me to connect.

So you can do your own work if you are a Lightworker, especially in your neighborhood or in your town— disconnecting from any negative, old 3D grids and connecting to higher manifestation grids, or just higher vibration grids for yourself, your friends, your family, your neighbors, your town or the earth. You can do a lot of that, and I kind of think that that’s what they are bringing forth here with all of this energy. So let’s ask one of the Crystal Devas. Let’s ask Joyja.

Crystal Devas – Joyja: Yes, there are many grids in many places, and they are becoming loose. They are becoming less powerful, and it is time now to disconnect from them and connect to something of higher vibration of more power that will help you more. And it’s very easy if you have your senses open – your clairs open – to reach out and find these and disconnect yourself from them and connect yourself to Gaia in the fifth dimensional grid or higher. Her new Earth grid connects to these higher grids, like the seventh dimensional grid they’re bringing in from Lemuria. There’s some sixth dimensional grids you can attune to or connect to, and then there are other grids that you may personally have from your starseed helpers, and your ET helpers also, and you can connect to them.

And if you have crystals, you can ask the crystals to help you, especially if they contain us, the Crystal Devas— we love to help. And we can lend our help in many ways through the crystals, and not just for this work, but any other work that you use crystals for— we are often helping with bringing that energy through for you, such as through sessions as this one uses us for, or for any other help that you may need with crystals nearby either consciously or unconsciously. 

Blue Avians 6D Earth Image

Rachel Chamness: Aha, okay. Yes, I do use crystals in my distance Reiki work, and they do lend their help. And most of the time, I just think of it as the help of the crystal itself. Like, for example, this crystal is the rose quartz, and it’s really good for self-love and things like that. However, if there’s a Crystal Deva in there, that’s a Crystal Deva that’s helping. So I don’t often look too deeply to see if there are devas in my crystals, and I think I’m going to from now on. Okay, I just feel like we should ask Sands if there’s anything else he wants to tell us.

Sands: The work you’re doing is very important. We are so glad to see you doing it. We can see that these timelines on Earth are becoming fewer and fewer as they come together to join the Ascension timeline. And we see that it’s going to be so much better than anything that we had in Lemuria and also Atlantis, where some of us were as well, but not all of us. And so it’s very important work that you do to be bringing this vibration higher on the earth, and in your bodies, and in your clients’ bodies, if you work on clients as well. So we’re happy about that.

And we’re ready and willing to give a hand now, especially during this time where it is the best time for us to come forward and help. And so we ask that you do, and we thank you so much. And know that this manifestation can help you in pretty much every way of your life, and everything that you’re doing here is trying to manifest something better for yourself, for your light path or for your own peace and serenity, by doing shadow work, or by releasing things to try to be better. All these qualities of a Lightworker are all manifestations in some way or form. So you can see that faster manifestation really makes a big difference in your life. And so hooking up to all these different energies that are flowing faster and better and for the highest good is only going to help you manifest more in your life and help you get farther, help more people, and bring the Earth closer to its transformation sooner. And we’re so happy to help you with this in this time period. 

Rachel Chamness: So remember, they said that this Lemurian period we’ve crossed, where our vibrations are similar and where they can help us the most is during the next two and a half years. And it sounds like it has just started. So they’re saying it started in the middle of March, and this is 2022. And this is being recorded, so it doesn’t matter when you listen to it. But that’s really cool. So I hope this helped you. If you have questions, because I can’t think of anything else to ask them, you can put them in the comments below. And I will ask and get some answers for you. 

So this is the Seventh Dimensional Pathways Masterclass with Crystal Devas and Crystal Skulls.

Thanks for coming. TAG is a Transformation & Ascension group. It’s for Lightworkers. There is a beginner’s group at this time. If you want to start somewhere, you can get caught up, and of course, TAG Lightworkers also contains the beginners portion as well. So, so glad to have you, and if you have any questions, I can’t wait to hear them. Thanks for watching. Looking forward to TAG the rest of this month, the attunement, the meditation and the charm chant for manifesting. Thank you so much and have a great day.

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Reiki Healing Everyday Uses

Reiki Healing Everyday Uses

Reiki is a healing modality of light discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th Century. Though Dr. Usui discovered this method of channeled healing, he did not invent it.

What are Psychic Attachments or Entities in Auras

What are Psychic Attachments or Entities in Auras

Psychic Attachment or Entities in Auras
Did you ever wonder if you might have a psychic attachment or an entity in your aura, feeding off of your energy?
Have you been guided to this article because you want to understand about entities or psychic attachments that can attach to your aura? These low-level entities can feed off your energy, depleting you, and make you feel like you are not yourself.

I see these attachments often. I used to think they weren’t real. But as a psychic healer, I have realized that they are all too real. Anyone can get them and especially Lightworkers and Empaths, because we are a bright light.

8 Steps to Process Shadow Work

8 Steps to Process Shadow Work

What Is Shadow Work? And Why is Shadow Work Important?
Shadow work is when we look at the parts of ourselves that make us sad, disappointed, angry, shameful, or regretful and then we begin working on them.

2024 Smoky Mountain Lightworker Retreat

2024 Smoky Mountain Lightworker Retreat

Did you know how powerful Silent Meditation in a Group of Higher Level Lightworkers is?

In the evening, Silent meditation with the group is going to Blow. Your. Mind. This energy uplevel is going to ignite the following channeling practice. I will begin with trance channeling messages and healing. Everyone can then optionally bring any gift they possess to the mix: Light Language, Trance Channeling, Impressions and feelings they are experiencing, and more. Wow, this sort of community lightwork sharing is going to be one of your favorite parts of this retreat!

Earth Elementals Channeled Messages TAG Masterclass

Earth Elementals Channeled Messages TAG Masterclass

So I think we should just start with a little information about these guys. They are from the light, even gremlins are from the light. They are more neutral fae, meaning that they’re a little bit trickster. They can play a few tricks on you, but they do it for you to learn. It’s for your own good. It’s nothing that will hurt you or is evil in nature at all. They’re a little bit tricky and they’re really cute. And they are often helping you with electronics that are problematic, or even lawn equipment like your lawnmower or even like your refrigerator or your microwave, your toaster oven, or even your iPad, your phone.

This is the kind of thing that they help with. They’re, kind of tinkers and they can be really helpful if you get to know them. They don’t like to be seen too much. Well, I’ll let them tell you more about them, but they are not, Bad or evil, but they can be a little tricky. And I’d like to also just let you know that sometimes if you’re like, no, I’ve seen these guys and they are bad fae, I just want you to know that there are a lot of shape-shifting things out there that pretend to be fae creatures that are not good.