Orion Star Being Berthia Brings a Channeled Message

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Rachel Chamness

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January 26, 2021

Orion Star Beings

Orion Star Beings are who are coming through this month for Sound Waves Heal in my TAG VIP Membership program. These Orion Star Beings have been bringing through messages about Ascension, helping us with Ascension symptoms, and bringing us healing and Light. If you missed the full channeling of all 4 Beings that came through, including The Artist (Formerly Known As) Prince whose soul hails from Orion, Check out this post next.

One of the Orion Star beings, Brethia, is on the Orion Galactic Council, and she came to me to bring me a message about how our manifesting is really speeding up right now. She explains in the channeled message transcribed below.

Orion Star Beings from Orion Nebula Image

Orion Star Being Berthia Video Transcription:

Orion Star Being Berthia Video- Rachel Speaking:
I’m here today with an Orion star being named Brethia. She is from the Orion Galactic Council also known as the Orion Star Council she says. She is with me today because every month I connect with a group of beings and bring them through for information for learning and attuning to so we all talk to them or have them help us in our work. Also, they bring in manifesting and gifts in the meditation and attunement. There are four offers a month in my monthly group TAG and this month is Orion and Mintaka which is part of Orion. Berthia is one of the beings that came through from that system.

You can look back and see another video that I published of the masterclass from this month’s TAG website. This is the first time that I’ve published the monthly Masterclass. TAG has so much included in it. There are over 36 programs now which includes tons of beings to connect with and learn about. Sharing this masterclass on my YouTube channel was a cool way of giving you a glimpse of what is offered in TAG.

Today, Orion Star Being Brethia wants to bring us a channeled message and sound healing:

Orion Star Being Berthia:
Hello, I am Brethia. I am so pleased to meet you, each one of you. Thank you for coming to listen. There is much happening on your planet and not all of what you see is reality. Much is being held from you no matter where on the planet you are. Some is through media, which may or may not be obvious to you but there is more than that. There is much being held from you in your psychic abilities and in your perceptions. There is more that you should be able to see on your planet that is being withheld or repressed.

That is not the message of fear that I want to tell you, but a message of joy for that is changing. There is much happening now on a great scale and there is much that I want you to know about you choosing your reality. You have heard this many times and yet I tell you that in this time, it is very possible to choose your reality with your thoughts more than ever before.

This is more than manifesting, for this is using your focused thoughts to stay on a path as many of your reality paths are splitting now and you are choosing which path you will follow. I want to give you some help on pinpointing anything that is making it hard to stay on the path [of enlightenment or light work] or any shadow work where you are searching for the answer for the source-that is what I have come to help you with. The more that you can work on these things [shadow work triggers] and get past them, the more that you can stay on your path.”

Watch the Video for the Sound Healing.

Orion Star Beings From Orion Image

What does this channeled message from Orion mean in a plan way?

Orion Star Being Berthia Video Transcribed more:
This is Rachel. She shows me a lot of what she is saying. There is a lot being withheld from us, a lot that we don’t see but all that is going to change. To me, what it looks like is that a veil would lift and we would see more, but first we really need to deal with whatever is coming up in our path that is preventing us from feeling good. So working on our problems and doing shadow work—as always—so we can focus on that timeline path that we have chosen that we want for ourselves. I really have been seeing that a lot.

We are choosing our reality in such a higher profound way in this time than we have ever done it before. Like it is really a choice. Like all of that “what you say is what you have” -what you’re saying, what you’re thinking is your reality before was more abstract but now it is more real. You are truly choosing your path by what you are saying and what you are thinking about and how you are feeling.

It is important to not feel like you have to be in the mindset of “love and light always”, and instead to be real and focus on what comes up so that you can feel good and you can feel high vibe. That is what this 3D life is all about. That’s how we get to the 5th dimension—by working on our shadow work, working to love ourselves, and shine that light outwards so that  we can really step through to the 5th dimension.

If you have a question about this channeled message, please leave it in the comments.

Of course, as always, if you’re interested in Light Language, meeting these beings in TAG, Reiki or learning Trance Channel Mediumship yourself, I teach all of these things. You can find the different links at the top of my page.


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