What is Auric Field Cleansing?

Why is Cleansing your Aura / Auric Field Important?

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by Maggie Wolf, Multidimensional Animal Intuitive & Sound Waves Heal Practitioner

Aura & Auric Field Cleansing

Is Clearing the Auric Field Important?

Many lightworkers are familiar with techniques to clear and balance their chakras, but they forget about their auric field.  Your auric field interacts with your external world and can experience tears, leaks, and hooks of energy from others, so please send your auric field some love!  

If you’ve ever had a chakra that felt like it needed frequent re-clearing because it wouldn’t stay clear, it might have been because of something in an auric field that kept finding its way back into the chakra system.  Negative vibrations tend to work their way into our body from the auric field, so it’s hard for the chakras to stay clear if the aura isn’t clear too.  

I was taught to pay attention to the auric field by a Native American medicine woman who swatted things out of my aura with an eagle feather.   She taught me to notice the energy just outside my body and chakra system, in order to try to catch unwanted energy before it could move more deeply into me. 

Sometimes our daily experience of life can cause energy hooks to connect into different layers of our auric field – work stress, family disagreements, health challenges, financial worries, traffic, technology, miscommunication, and more. All of these and other routine parts of being a twenty-first century human can cause energetic hooks to latch into our aura field, creating negative cords.  These can be even more frequent if you engage in a lot of social media or have a public-facing job.  Even the most minor frustrations can be enough to create a hook.  

How to know if you have an Energy Hook

A good rule of thumb is that if it triggers you, then it’s hooking into your auric field somewhere.  If allowed to persist, energetic hooks can sap energy, anchor in negative thoughts or emotional patterns, and even make their way into the physical body, causing illness.  They can hook into any layer of your aura – so we want to clear the entire auric field, even the most high vibrational fields.  

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Seven Layers of the Auric Field

Your auric field consists of at least seven layers that have some connection to your chakra system, but are distinct from it. In some traditions, these are called “subtle bodies.”  They look like layers of an onion around your physical body.  Here’s a brief summary of each of the layers, starting from the inside at the physical body:

Auric Field     Location Aspect   Common Energetic Hooks

Etheric BodyClosest to Physical Body (inner-most layer)Physical well being, security, and feelings of abundanceTriggers related to health, pain, aging, external standards of beauty, money worries
Emotional Body2nd from the insideEmotions about yourselfTriggers related to self-doubt, inadequacy, or any other negative perception 
Mental Body3rd from insideIntellect and mindTriggers related to brain fog, lack of intellectual clarity, or mental capacity
Astral Body4th from insideLove, relationships, and connectedness Triggers related to loneliness, heartbreak, grief, and loss of connection
Etheric Template5th from insideSoul’s purpose in alignment with divine planTriggers related to blocked  manifestation or inability to speak your truth or show your divine purpose (or not knowing your  purpose)
Celestial Body6th from insideSpritual bliss, enlightenment, ascensionTriggers related to communication with guides, angelic realms & Higher Self
Ketheric or Causal Body7th from inside (outermost field)I AM presence, universal oneness, akashic records, soul’s recordTriggers related to soul contracts, ego & past life trauma 
Auric Field Cleansing and energy hooks image

Energetic Hooks

Small hooks may come from minor day-to-day frustrations, or big ones from major, unhealed traumas (even traumas that cut across multiple lives).  Trauma-related hooks require healing the underlying wound, so they may require a healing process—but when you’re at the end of that healing process, releasing the hook and being done with that energetic cord— is an empowering conclusion to the shadow work.  

All auric hooks create an energetic cord between your auric field and the initiating event (and anyone involved in that event).  Of course, YOU may create these in others unknowingly too, hooking into their auric field!

Techniques to Clear Auric Field Layers

There are many techniques to clear all of the layers of the auric field— meditating and using self-reiki is one of the best!  (I also created a meditation for members of TAG to do self-clearing – it’s part of the vast library of material available to TAG members.) 

The most important step is  always to send the hooks back home with good wishes, transmuting them with love. They are usually sent by someone unintentionally who is also hurt, frustrated, or struggling. Because of this, we want to clear them with compassion for ourselves, and for those who might have sent them unintentionally. 

After clearing our own field, we also want to call back and release any energetic hooks that we might have unconsciously sent out to others, reclaiming our own energy.  They get sent out without even knowing it sometimes, during moments of frustration or aggravation as routine as missing a parking space or getting stuck in a slow checkout line, so there’s no “blame” in this— it just is.  (And blame would just create another hook….)  

Unintentional Hooks and Cords

Creating energetic cords is part of being human in a dense vibration—but engaging in a practice of good energy hygiene can make you more aware of them to try not send them out accidentally yourself, and clear them almost immediately if you do.  

All living things have auric fields, so even animals can sometimes benefit from auric cleansing too — especially if they have experienced trauma, or potential cord-related issues with humans (like separation anxiety). 

If you need help cleansing your auric field, I offer this service as distance-healing, as part of a Soul Alignment session, which may also include retrieving parts of your soul left elsewhere and re-seating the soul into the physical body if you find yourself trying to drift off of the physical plane.  I also offer this service for animals as part of a Animal Healing and Soul Mission session.  

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Maggie Wolf, Multidimensional Animal Intuitive

Maggie Wolf is a Multi-Dimensional Animal Intuitive. She has been certified by Sound Waves Heal as a Reiki Master Teacher & Light Language Practitioner and is a Sound Waves Heal Practitioner. She is also certified in Animal Communication by Cinimon Clark.

Maggie uploads a beautiful video each month in TAG as a TAG Team Member to help us all with Messages from our Animals, and other Psychic Healing Techniques. She has been a TAG Member since 2020.

You can book with me at https://soundwavesheal.as.me/maggie .


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