Druids & Priestesses of Avalon: Highest Timeline/ Akashic Knowledge Masterclass

Druids & Priestesses of Avalon Trance Channeled Masterclass: Avalon Keepers Our Lady, Babesck, Mattagar, Geneaux, Francois, Ballatette and Siveign speak through trance channel Rachel Chamness to tell us what we need to know for our Highest Timeline and Good in the coming months of Ascension. If you like to listen so it has less pauses, you can set Youtube to play at a faster rate, such as 1.75x!

Accessing information from the Akashic records for our Highest Timeline and learning about Avalon rituals

Trance Channeled Message from Avalon for our soul group from Our Lady from the Temple of Isis (Magdelena)

Our Lady:
You were all beings of light in Avalon time— as all of us were— and of course you are a being of light when you are fully in your highest self or your oversoul.

There was much work that we did there in the temple of Isis. We studied the Akashic records and we formed the highest timeline that we could for this 3D life that you are living now in this time.

This is a very important time for your planet and your species and there are other species involved as well— many— and so we worked with these timelines, and with much energy to create the best path and it is now time for you to connect to that path. 

And so that is what we will work on this month in the offers of TAG. (TAG Lightworkers Avalon November 2021)

We will all come forward and put the pieces together for you. 

There were many rituals, yes, in Avalon and our days were simple but ritualistic and we worked simply and together as a group to make sure that this knowledge could be brought forward to this age.

So it is time for you to remember this knowledge and we will help with that, of course.

This bookthe Akashic record— is a book of knowledge. There are many versions for there are Akashic records for your lives and your soul and there are Akashic records for places such as the one that you are on now that you call Earth. 

It is also a living being of Gaia and so there is a book for it as well. That is the book that we worked with to create what is to unfold now.

We would like you to know that there is no stopping what will unfold. It is predestined and pre-written and part of it was pre-written by us in that life.

That is what we did. Avalon is a very sacred place beyond the veil in Atlantis and it was a very important work that all of us who were there did— and you are possibly in Avalon depending on who are watching this— most of you were there in the TAG group, and many of you were watching from a higher dimensional frequency.

There were many tools that we used for our rituals. There were crystals, very large ones, and there were other tools as well. 

However, part of our work was imbuing you with these tools.

The best way to describe it is if I would be imbuing you with a molecular structure. Of course it is not an exact molecular structure because it is channeled from a higher frequency, but if you’d like to think of it that way, than you may.

And so you don’t need the physical tools, you only need the metaphysical tools in this life to bring it forward

And you will succeed. 

It is a journey and a path between now and full ascension.

Avalon Druids TAG Image
Is this Avalon?

Rachel: What she shows me is a rife machine. Do you know what a rife machine is? I have one. 

One of the things it does is you can put in the molecular structure of something— say like a medicine— and then you can run the energy of the rife machine on you either directly or indirectly— which is a whole other discussion— but it works the same way and that is kind of what she was showing me is that it’s something that I can understand. 

She shows me that you can put the energy into your body with something physical. 

Of course we do these things with psychic healing as well, but that is the best way she can show that crystals that we worked with or the large tools are imbued in us.

We just have to reconnect to that— which she is going to show us in the attunement so that we can bring all of this forward.
I really like the way that she said there was an akashic record for planet Earth because that makes sense because it would be for Gaia so I thought that was neat. 

Avalon Priestess TAG Image
Avalon Goddess, looks a bit like Babesck

Goddess Babesck speaks of Sacred Rituals in Avalon

Rachel: Let’s bring in the goddess Babesck forward
I see her as an earthy, matronly goddess.
She is very earthly and motherly looking. 

She reminds me very much of how I would think of Mother Earth. 

If I didn’t know Mother Gaia so well, then I would say she looks like a planetary mothering being. That’s what she reminds me of — a mother of many, many beings, so let’s bring her forward. 

Babesk: You wish for me to talk of the sacred rituals and I understand the wanting to know.
I feel your trepidation of incorrectly bringing the ritual forward this medium that I am speaking through. And, I understand.
I want you to understand that the ritual that we did in Avalon isn’t necessary in this life. 

It is different now because you can bring through your own ritual and we ask you to do that— for every being here on Earth is unique and you can have your own way of bringing through the tools that you have been taught and imbued with— and so you need to find the ritual that is best for you. 

Perhaps it is morning meditation, perhaps it is an evening walk with presence. Perhaps it is many hours in meditation contemplation and communing with your spirit guides and high light beings.

Perhaps it is sometimes one and sometimes another— for there are many times in your life which will require different rituals for sometimes you may have more time and sometimes you may have other obligations such as parenting, such as intense work, and other time consuming third dimensional aspects of your life.

So be gentle with yourself but always seek the ritual that you are to bring forward. And that is the best way that you will find your highest ascension timeline is with presence and ritual, meditation, journaling— whatever it is that you are a vessel, that you are connected to your higher self and to your high light helpers. 

This is the way that you will get there, along with the usual advice of shadow work and personal work. 

Avalon Priestess TAG Image
This looks a little how I see us as Alccolades in Avalon with Our Lady but our Robes were mostly white.

Mattagar speaks of the Highest Timeline

Rachel: Okay, let’s bring forth this being Mattagar. He definitely has a lot of male energy so let’s see what he has to say.
I’m going to ask him about the highest timeline

I am Mattagar and I am a different type of being that you have spoken with before.
There are only three of what you would call me and we move through time differently.
And so I am as I always have been on this earth in one incarnation and this is the very high vibrational and so I was here in every high vibrational place that was on earth such as Lemuria and Atlantis and all the others.

Your timeline is assured.

When the third dimensional life gets you overwhelmed, exhausted and defeated, you must remember that your success is assured in the highest timeline.
As always, your path is only blocked by your own beliefs.
This is not a judgement. This is a path of the human in the 3D life.
There are many obstacles. Many obstacles that have been told to you until you believe it and once the density of these thoughts and these emotions— and the density of this Earth is beginning to lift away and you can see the lightness of higher dimension— it help you rise and rise, much like Avalon rose as Atlantis fell and became another realm entirely. Or returned to its original realm. For really it was a gateway, a portal, but it was very physical and it became more ethereal once again. 

We are all here to help you reach this timeline— and always we ask you to look inward when things are not working out as you planned, or when things seem as if they are going in the wrong direction.
Remember that is only a time. It is only a stop on your path and it is showing you that it is time for work — personal work, shadow work to overcome and you will overcome it. 

It is difficult in the moment and I can see that and I understand it for I have been here for so long, but you have chosen this work and you will be so proud when you get through it. I send you my blessings. 

Rachel: Wow, his energy is amazing. He shows himself to me almost as if he’s like a gargoyle or like— some sort of stone creature.
Now I am suddenly seeing him— perhaps he is… and I have chills.
Perhaps he’s like a standing stone. 

But he says there is only three of them.
I’m not sure but I have chills everywhere so I must be on the right track.
It is a really interesting being.
Okay, that was a little deeper trance too. I like that. 

All right, we also have two male druids who are Geneaux and Francois.
These beings have pretty much explained how to spell their name but I am never sure if it’s 100% right so that is just what they told me their names are and I think i got it close hopefully so we’ll see. 

Avalon Druid TAG Image
Avalon Druids working with their books and Akashic Records

Geneaux Speaks about his experience of being a Druid in the time of Avalon

As I connect to Geneaux.. I see him— I see them like monks. They are writing furiously. 

They are bringing in other mediums, so they are bringing in information. Well, you don’t really need to be a medium to be in that high vibration. They are writing down really important knowledge and information for the future and I see many leather bound books. I am asking them where they are now. Let’s let Geneaux come through…

Watch the video at the top of page to get the rest of the Masterclass Channeled information on Avalon

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  1. Mose /D.E. Pedigo

    Halo, my name is D.E. Mose Pedigo, i hope not to be teased as I am fairly new to my understanding in this life of the akashic universal knowledge library.
    My guides have led me to write these facts and share my mind here. in some format of truth in an open light and hopefully be read and or shared with someone how can help me address the results of these experiences and assist me in cultivating these new to me skills.

    As I’ve been shown, i have accessed akashic many times in this life/and previous but the majority of the experiences in this life being taken back and vailed in transition back to the physical form, from astral.
    around 3 yrs ago i was allowed more access then i had every been allowed previously, i was introduced to Gaia light and life of creation while inside the akashic torus. i was in the presence of some sort of scheduled and arranged astral gathering that i was welcomed to, but did not know i had been invited to.
    it felt like dozens of other souls in my direct presence (and hundreds of Thousands attached) while only 2-3 were visible at any particular moment. i was in a different place then i had ever been allowed on previous visits. i was surprised and overjoyed to see so many un vailed astrals. and naturally, my first question was, “why am i here?” they all said in unison, “to be unveiled” as Gaia spoke thru them to me as i was guided through the “crowd” to the center of a toroidal space with no walls, floor or ceiling but held everything that has, does, and will ever exist. all i can say to describe is she is a divine presence and i asked she/they’re name? and was told Gaia in my language of understanding and a plant like dragon/esque tentacle which was one of hundreds of thousands of millions of tentacles that were weaved like an invisible transparent vail was removed from my eyes. in that moment i began sobbing and thanking them for allowing me to see all in gaias love and light. i was was again embraced by Gaia while i cried and i reached forward to accept the embrace and one or two of the astrals that were present and helping me said not to touch Gaia but she wouldn’t stop me, and in touching her back, i was paralyzed, like electricity was the only thing holding me together and she was rearranging all the molecules of my body and mind with knowledge and understanding beyond my ability to sort or process it. i was told on my next visit that i was given a lifetime pass to akasha and that was a rare and complicated gift that is not granted often or to be taken lightly and it would cause new rifts in my life and to be careful who i speak with .that has resulted in me not speaking about it for 3 yrs (other then my guides)and writing it vulnerably in a public forum (even tho its been there in every one of my existences). and now.. 3 yrs later it feels like i got a complete card catalog download instead of just checking out a book, like previous visits
    this is the first time I’ve openly attempted to communicate with anybody outside of my head. it has taken 3 yrs to sort out this much and be able to write it without feeling like I’m absolutely bat shit crazy. i hope someone can help. i am an exhausted and weary traveler. im new to town and need some guidance.
    im scared and im doing okay.
    many thanks in advance of replys and Blessings be mo charaid i

    • Rachel Chamness

      Ha, sounds amazing. You could join my free Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/5ddaily to find more like minded souls! Also you could really benefit from my TAG Lightworker Membership, which you can find in the menu… see if it feels right to you. <3


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