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No Reward Without Risk

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Rachel Chamness

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February 10, 2020

When you chose this life on Earth as your Higher Self, you don’t usually choose an easy path. No, you choose a hard one—one that requires risk, trust in the unknown, and more. We chose drama, high stakes, big things!

So, when it comes to your Life Purpose, or what I call the Light Path, we must make some hard choices and big risks! 

Here’s a good exercise that will make this idea clear: think about a time when something great happened to you. Now trace it back to how it happened… and you will likely come across a hard time in your life when you had to make some hard decisions or you faced some pretty tough times. 

So what risks are you taking now? 

Let me tell you about some I big chances I took and let me tell you, Spirit rewarded me with some incredible growth of my gifts, abundance, and more.

  • Told everyone in a conservative town I was a Psychic Medium
  • Rented a local treatment room when I had no local clients
  • Started scheduling local classes when I had no local clients
  • Paid for advertising when I had no money from the actual business that I had coming in
  • Paid for and joined a class I knew would change my life, that was a serious financial stretch
  • Moved to a new town with very little money for a 9-month job internship, and met the love of my life

^^All of these big risks I took changed my life.

Some of the time when I do readings for people, I hear back about how things came true, or how their readings helped in many areas. Once in a while though, people ask why what I predicted for them hasn’t come true yet.

For instance, a client might ask, “Why haven’t I met the love of my life yet?” I usually tell them, “Well, Spirit told you to do a few things—take a couple of risks… Have you done what was suggested?” The answer, then, is usually, “No.” I let them know then, that the partner they are waiting for will likely appear while the person is making changes in their life or after these risks are taken! And so, since they didn’t do take those risks… the rest hasn’t happened yet either.

What are you protecting by staying safe? To step into your dreams as a Lightworker or just a regular person, you have to take risks.

Being a Psychic Medium takes courage. I not only have to open myself up and trust the messages Spirit sends me, but I also have to share those messages with others. Sometimes the messages I get sound just KRAZY with a K! And I have to trust the process and communicate them to the client. It is often the weirder messages that resonates the most with clients! That’s where you, as a Medium, will get the most confirmation. When you feel like, you just can’t make this stuff up, you know it’s not coming from you or your Ego.

I hope you can face the Risk-Taking Challenge now! Go out there and take risks for yourself! Change things up! Build your dreams!

Would you like to learn to be a Medium? Check out my Online Classes for my Mediumship courses! You can also check out my TAG-VIP Group to help you move forward with your Spiritual Awakening, Lightworker Path, and Manifesting your Light Path!

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