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Trance Channeled Lyran Upgrade Masterclass with Beings from Lyra

Trance Channeled Lyran Upgrade Masterclass by Rachel Chamness with Beings from Lyra

This is a transcript to the TAG Lightworkers Community Masterclass in August 2022, which is channeled by Rachel Chamness: the Lyran upgrade.

Rachel: So the Lyrans are here, and they are wanting to help us during this Lions Gate portal by connecting their own 7D Light Grid to our planet to help us more.

The Lyrans are here to help us this month and I’m so excited to have them back in TAG. We connected with them a long time ago in 2019 as TAG Lightworkers community has been around for a long time. And this month from the constellation Lyra comes the Lyran beings. 

Who are the Lyran Beings? What do Lyran Beings Look Like?

Who are they? Lyran Beings are beings from the constellation Lyra. Mostly what I see is that they are humanoids who have a cat-like appearance. There are few planets [in the Lyra constellation] that have all different kinds of beings. 

The Lyran beings that I see most have lion faces and a humanoid body, but have fur like a lion on their body. And I see Lyran beings who look very human but with big cat-like eyes. I see beings from Lyra who are very sleek humanoids, with skin that has rosettes on it, sort of like a jaguar or cheetah. And I’ve seen all kinds of Lyran beings like that. 

Lyran Beings Autumnas, Saowlay, Hensi and Raputus

These are the Lyran beings that I see the most, though. So today we have a few Lyran beings who are coming through. I’ll be trance-channeling Autumnas, Saowlay, Hensi and Raputus. And these are the ones who have come through. 

They have a seventh dimensional Lyran light grid that they are ready to share with us—if we would like it. And of course, we would like it. This 7D Lyran Grid will help us in this stage of ascension. 

Where are we in Ascension? Channeling Lyrans 

Lyrans Seventh Dimensional 7D Light Grid is now here for us

We are in a very hard part of ascension. And it’s been hard for a long time, but we are almost at the halfway point—they are saying. And so we welcome that knowledge. The Lyran beings said that if we can connect to their seventh-dimensional light grid—if we can grid it into the planet ourselves by just accepting the light, bringing it through and bringing it into the earth, and seeding the light— that they can help us with this by bringing more ease into our life. 

This will give us an upgrade in our lightworking abilities. 

And the Lyran beings would also like to bring us some ascension news. Actually, we would like some ascension news so I asked them to bring it to us.

Lyra lyran being image

Lyran Being, Autumnas: Ambassador of the Lyran system from the Lyran Council 

7D Lyran Light Grid: How it Helps, Protective Qualities

So let’s begin with the first Lyran being to come and talk to us: Autumnas. She appears to me very feminine, she is tall and lean and she has a very sleek skin, meaning it seems very smooth. It doesn’t have wrinkles or pores or anything like that, and all of her whole body and it has rosettes on it. So her skin is very golden, and has the rosettes like you would see on a cheetah or a jaguar. And she’s really interesting. So let’s see what she has to say about the 7D grid and what they want to tell us.

Rachel Trance-Channeling Autumnas from Lyra: 

Hello! I am an ambassador of the Lyran system from the Lyran council here to welcome you. We would like to help by connecting a solar light grid to your planet. This grid is one of safety. It is a shield of sorts that helps your vibration in the higher dimensions, helps you release the third dimension and its trappings—and the fourth dimensional trappings as well. 

[This Light Grid] helps you release these darker forces or these unnecessary negative forces in your world and connect higher to more higher vibrational places. These grid points help anchor you more easily into the fifth dimension. 

Lyran Beings ask us to accept their help by accepting this Lyran Light Grid

And so, we would like your help. And your help is just an acceptance to allow us to integrate these energies into your body and therefore through your body to your earth. And when enough [people] accept this, we are able to grid this light into your planet. 

H3:Therefore helping you with ascension, helping you come to ascension faster, helping with your symptoms, helping you get past this harder part. 

And yes, there are more hard parts ahead. It is not all ease and grace after this portal. However, some of the harder releases will be in the past once you have come through what you are experiencing now. And so we are so happy to help, we are here to help you bring this level of love higher. It may seem redundant, but there is much love in our grid. It is composed of solar energies of Christ Light and of the love that we have, that we keep alive between us all—that we send to your great planet to help you. 

We are so pleased to do this and to allow for more love, and to allow the miracles of more love for each other, more acceptance, and more love and acceptance for the self to allow these changes to occur. And for you to see the changes and the miraculous changes you will begin to see in your world. 

Rachel: Okay, so she was just showing me that this influx of a higher level of love, of love for each other and acceptance of ourselves— things we’re always working on of course, it’s nothing new there. But she’s just showing me that we’ll see a great manifestation of that into our world, that’s going to be really beautiful to witness and that that is what’s coming up next. So I guess this would be ascension news. Let’s see if she has more to say. 

Lyran Being Autumnas gives some Ascension News

Rachel Trance-Channeling Autumnas from Lyra: 

So the demonstrations of love will be happening on your planet, more than you’ve seen before, it will be heartening. It will help you with your own ability to release opposition, duality, and anything else that is keeping you from staying in the heart center. 

And we are so pleased to help. There’s much happening outside of your planet as far as shields and protection and new energies coming in. 

And of many third and fourth-dimensional matrix energies falling away. And so we can say the light is winning. 

Of course, we always knew that there would be no chance of the third dimension coming forward into a place where they can succeed. Their days are limited in this lower frequency being or beings who are controlling the planet. And so their desperation is real. 

However, you can be assured that all is well and on track. And in fact, there’s much happening that is speeding up the ascension now that more are awakening. 

There are many, many awakening during this time, much more than you’ve seen before. And that is why so many of you have been called to be Lightworkers for you will need to lead. There are many, many to lead and we need many to lead them. So, thank you. Thank you for coming here in this way to receive the light, to transform your own life, and to help others do the same. 

Rachel Trance Channels Saowlay from the Lyra Community called The 844

Rachel: That was Autumnas. Now let’s talk to Saowlay. Saowlay shows himself to me as standing in a group. And so I wonder if this is a group. He is also a group representative not of a council like Autumnas but of a community he’s saying, of a community on Lyra. So let’s let him speak with us. 

I’ve been seeing him in so many different forms. I don’t know if I can describe him. He’s showing me in sort of a leopard-like body, like on our world and then as a tall humanoid, and then as light. So let’s see what he says.

Lyra Constellation image

Rachel Trance Channeling Saowlay from Lyra:

I’m Saowlay. And yes, I represent a community of beings. A great number of souls. And I speak for us all. We have much to send you. 

What is this higher vibrational light from Lyra and why do we need it? 

What is this higher vibrational light and why do you need it? 

Why would you need to connect higher than the fifth dimension? 

It’s because as lightworkers, you will need to carry this light forward as ascension is here. For there’s always more dimensions to discover, and to uplevel to. 

There’s a great deal in the seventh-dimensional [Lyra]grid that can help you in the fifth dimension. And so we bring that through. Some of these higher dimensional energies help you ground more into the fifth-dimensional energy in some ways—for it is the kind of energy that you would receive while in the fifth dimension to help you. And so it is already helping you ground into your fifth-dimensional self. 

For we see you moving through the dimensions often. And we see you go pretty high in your meditations. And there’s much that you don’t understand about going back and forth, but there is a lot of inter-dimensional realities and energies that must be grounded into all of the dimensions or densities that this planet will hold. 

And of course, there is no [such thing as] time and all is happening at once. And so once you are fully realized in the fifth dimension in many years, you will see how this works. 

But for now, we would like to join with our friends and other galaxies and other constellations and with you during this portal to help bring in some soothing energy. And [bring] soothing energy to help, for it is quite a lot that you are integrating at this time and will be integrating throughout the month. And so we would like to help. 

You can call on us for help and healing. Our group, we will bring it to you. We have a number that is 844 and you can call on us The 844 anytime you would like our help, and we will send it.

Rachel: Okay, that was Saowlay of the 844 from Lyra. Okay, now it’s Hensi’s turn to tell us what he would like us to know about the upgrade we’re receiving from Lyra, about the grid, our ascension news, whatever he’d like to tell us. 

Hensi from Lyra tells us about The Lyran Upgrade we are receiving

So Hensi seems to me to be a smaller being maybe three or four feet tall. I also see cat-like features, mainly, again, rosettes on the body, but not fur. Some fur may be here. He’s interesting. He looks different than other Lyra beings I’ve seen. So let’s see what he has to say about the grid or the upgrade or whatever they’re bringing us.

Rachel Trance-Channeling Hensi from Lyra:

This Lyran upgrade will help you ground into the grid. There is a way to ground into light upgrades which doesn’t include grounding to Earth. It is a different kind of grounding, that stabilizes the light within you and provides a type of grid of light in your auric field as well. 

This can be very helpful for obtaining the higher dimensional frequency you seek and the ones that you may channel in meditation or otherwise—as this medium does. 

For there are access points to the light grid which we are installing. Grounding into this light is part of what will help you upgrade. For you must ground to go higher, as you may already know. 

But this is a different way or a different dimensional way than the way that you normally think of grounding into Earth to go to higher realms. And so we are happy to help you with this upgrade. You will find it helping you in your meditation in your Astral traveling or in your higher dimensional travel and multi-dimensional and shamanistic work. Whether you do that for yourself or for others, we are here to help you. 

What Hensi from Lyra showed me: Dimensional Shifts & Access Points to ascension and higher dimensional light

Lyra Constellation image

Rachel: This is Rachel. So, he’s kind of showing me that this next part of ascension has also to do with—it’s hard to explain. He kind of shows me that they’re not portals, but they are sort of dimensional shifts. 

And they look to me like almost like a clear layer, thin layer, like a filter almost, and you kind of flip through (to the side) very easily. So it helps you if you’re already doing any kind of multi-dimensional work or [multi-dimensional] traveling or shamanistic [work]. However you want to think about it—even just in meditation. [He says] that you’ll be able to flip into these higher dimensions more easily, because they have these access points that they have [given us]. 

But the access points are almost like when you make a crystal grid, but there’s something else. They’re like light but they feel to me —solid. They almost look like a metal stick with a ball on the top. I don’t know how to describe that, but that’s what they keep showing me. 

And it’s like something you can almost feel—it’s so very grounded and steady and firm, like into the earth or whatever multi-dimensional grid it’s into—maybe New Earth makes more sense.

 And it looks like a grid of light and sacred geometry. I see a lot of rhombus and triangles, and it’s really very cool. And he wanted me to hold this (holding up my crystal smoky quartz), it’s my quartz, Smoky Quartz, which was helpful to bring him in. He feels really solid and grounded. And I feel like his shorter stature, it almost feels like heavy gravity, or like heavy air or just a real grounded feeling. So that was interesting. 

Raputus from Lyra: a higher dimensional being of light, a helper to Lyrans and to us.

Okay, so our next being is Raputus. I don’t get any sense of gender. Only I can see, Raputus feels very light and airy, almost like it’s not a real form. Or there’s much space in the form. Let’s see what we get. 

Rachel Trance Channels Raputus from Lyra:

I am a Raputus and I am a being of light in a Lyra system. I do not have a body in the way that you envision it. I am a helper to the Lyran realm of light and achievement for all beings are always achieving a higher status or dimensional quality or a purpose of light. 

And so I am their helper, and I am pleased to help you as well. I am one of the ones who lend the help of this light to their planet, and then we’ll help wield it to your planet through this grid. 

And this grid is a structure much like you have structures on earth of light, and also of sound, and also of third dimensional quality such as the pyramids and others—circle stones, other structures which you may not realize. 

Some under the earth which are like light antennas and they are making a sacred grid on your planet and many sacred grids inside. 

And so we connect to these grids and we connect to also grids that you have created and made on your planet. And we help upgrade those as well. 

Where have you made light grids on your planet? We are happy to use this light to upgrade your grids and connect them to our grids and we appreciate your help of gridding places. 

We look forward to meeting you on a higher plane and we send much love, much light and much transformation your way, as you will begin to see in many. 

You will begin to see this transformation, like you have never seen before. To help you with this transformation, we ask you to release worries and fears of what others do. 

We see there are many structures trying to take a hold on your planet, many changes to control the masses and it is quite scary or fearful for the beings on your planet, for the humans, and we ask you to not put much energy into that. 

For it is but a fleeting moment and a worry of a future that will likely never happen to you. And so, we ask you to not place energy into what may happen. And know that there are many here who are helping, that you personally worrying or trying to stop something that you cannot control will not benefit you in any way. 

Put your trust in us. And of the way the world is turning—for it is going in the right direction. 

All is on schedule, in fact, slightly ahead. And so we ask you to instead enjoy the present moment. Enjoy the emotions and the delights of the third dimension for they also are fleeting. We send much love to you. Thank you for speaking with us.

Rachel: It is hard not to worry about that kind of thing when you see it happening. But I get their point. I mean, what can we do about it? 

Really putting your energy into that [low dimensional worry] kind of strengthens it actually, as per the Law of Attraction. 

So, I was kind of seeing that side of it as he [or they] were talking. Probably they. As they were talking, I just kept seeing how we worry about the stuff and we’re just putting energy into something we don’t want. And so to put our energy into the present moment, is beautiful advice. 

So I’d like to know what we can do to really increase our ascension or to help our energies integrate. And I’d just like to tell you very quickly what they are bringing for TAG masterclass and TAG Lightworkers this month.

Lyra lyran being costume image
Yea, this is not quite it!

What Lyrans are bringing to TAG Lightworkers this month..

There will be an attunement [activation connection], the Lyran grid and upgrade attunement. It’s a Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Attunement to align our energies with them, their new grid, their light, and an upgrade for us to help integrate the light in a new way. 

And then the Light Seeding Meditation, the Lyrans are going to guide us through a meditation to seed and anchor their light grid to our beloved planet—and activate it even deeper within us with messages and light codes. 

And then of course, a sigil, which is the short video of the month, the manifesting sigil. It is the Lyran sigil for integrating high energies and it is to help us assimilate the high energy upgrades for this month and for whenever we need high energy upgrades in the future. 

Autumnas from Lyra gives us an exercise to bring light into our bodies

But I want to ask them just for a little bit of advice or what we can do in general, especially for those of you who aren’t in TAG community or can’t be in it at this time, then what can you do since this will be on YouTube as well. So let’s ask what can we do? I see that Autumnas is coming forward to speak.

Rachel Trance Channels Autumnas from Lyra:

It is so much simpler than you might be expecting. We ask you only to sit comfortably in the light in the sunlight, to place your hands on your heart, to increase the light inside of you by giving your attention to it, and feeling joy and watching your light increase—and then asking for us to bring light to you. 

And we will bring the light down, down to your chakras, beginning in higher dimensional chakras and then coming down through your fifth dimensional soul star chakra as this one calls it, down to the crown chakra and into your body. 

And there you should feel us bringing that light down through all your third dimensional and other chakras in the body. And then really bringing it to the root chakra, or grounding it in, and then down further into the lower chakras, such as your Earth Star Chakra, and other chakras are available places there that we can anchor it into. 

And that way, we have brought this light in through you to the earth. So it is easier than you think. You just ask us and allow and give it time until you feel completely filled with light and feeling grounded into this new space. 

We also ask you during that time, to let your mind drift, as we bring situations personal to you, that can help you with what needs to be done in your life to release energies which are not serving you. 

What are you fighting against? What are you holding on to? What are you getting stuck in a repetitive pattern that keeps you from love, presence and spending your time wisely? 

We will bring these to the forefront of your mind either in this moment where you’re receiving light or afterwards, so that you can release it. 

And we do this with light and with love for you. And we hope it is received. We thank you for all of the work you do for yourself and for others on this planet. And we admire the human race and follow your spirits. Those souls that we know who are struggling in the 3D density and form. For it is difficult for you. And yet we admire, we admire you so, for working through all that you’ve worked through and all that you’re working through now. And we thank you. Until then.

Rachel: They always say that, how they admire us for all the work we do for ourselves, just living, you know, in this life. So that’s really nice. 

I ask you to try it. And of course, if you’re in TAG, we’ll all do it together. Especially if you need that little push of doing it, scheduled or with others. Of course, in TAG everything is uploaded every week and it’s a short video. But it’s nice to know that we’re all doing it around the same time and we can discuss it and it kind of helps us stay on our path and gives us a goal each week. So it’s helpful. 

Lyra Constellation image
Vector illustration of Lyra constellation in blue

Thank you for reading and watching this Trance Channeled Lyran Masterclass!

Thank you all so much and I hope you have a beautiful day. Thank you for tuning in and if you’re on YouTube, if you’re watching this on YouTube, I’d really love it if you would like and subscribe, hit the notification bell to get more masterclasses and other information that I love to post here. 

So I’m Rachel Chamness at SoundWaves Heal, Ascension and Lightworker Guide, thanks for coming. Thank you TAG community, you are so close to my heart. Thanks for being here. You can see the Lyran TAG Month and what it includes here.

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    I feel and just discovered that I think I’m a lyran ambassador from the council of 5 a draconian starseed and I made contact on Facebook been experimenting with binaural beats the thing I keep seeing is the 532 hz frequency but can not find any 532 hz frequency somthing told me it’s a binary frequency felt alone all my life even when my family is around the drac triggered my memory and I’m having tremendous flashbacks all manner of math running in my head feel lost


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