Sacred Geometry and Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass

This month’s Masterclass for my TAG VIP group focuses on Sacred Geometry and the Egyptian goddesses, Isis, Ma’at, and Bastet.

Every month, I ask the group of beings I am working with 13 questions and then I trance channel the answers from those beings—like the Egyptian goddesses this month—and also from any other entities who want to add to the answers.

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 1 – Where do you originate from?

Ma’at answers this Question:

We always were and always will be. We originate from Source. And that is how we come to be. We are everywhere. We are spirit, and we may also choose to come as a being as flesh, and we have.

She is showing me something many goddesses have shown me before: the goddesses are 13-dimensional, meaning they can be everywhere at once. She also shows me that they can appear as flesh and blood (a.k.a. take a physical form). But, as I get from many goddesses, a lot of the way they originate or inhabit the earth is just way over our heads and we can’t truly understand it.

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 2 – Where do you exist now?

Isis wanted to answer this one for us. 

Isis said:

We exist in the mind and in the ethos. We are everywhere. And we are where you call us, for you may call us, and we are there. We aim to help humans and other third and forth dimensional beings who call on us. We are ready to help.

And, of course, we help higher dimensional beings in a different way, which you will one day experience.

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 3 – What do you and this group have in common?

Bastet will be answering this question for us.

We have come to you now to help you with this balance. It is much needed for where you are in this stage of ascension, in this time in this place. There’s much going on there’s much swirling energy around you and around all that is on your planet. And so here we are to help reduce the extraneous symptoms of all of this energy, to help you balance—not just a balance your energy, balance your health, balance your body, balance your mind—but to balance all. 

There are many sides of this balancing in which you need balancing your family, and your spirit life, balancing your daily work. There are many things you must balance, and there are many Ascension layers that need to be balanced and ascension energies. And so we come this month to help you with that.

My hands felt like cat claws when I was channeling this from Bastet.

And this is what I channeled before. They are coming to help us balance this 3D to 5D+ energy, so if you are in TAG (my membership group), you are likely already dealing with the 5th Dimension (or higher) quite often. When we worked with the angels, for example, they helped us work in the 12th Dimensional space.

This month, the Egyptian goddesses are working with sacred geometry to help us find balance. 

That is related to the next question I usually ask: How do you help us with ascension? I’ll change the next question to get more information.

Egyptian Goddesses Sacred Geometry Image for Transformation & Ascension Group

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 4 – How are you helping us with sacred geometry? How are you connected to Sacred Geometry and how are you going to use it to help us?

Isis came through with this message.

The codes are everywhere. You are all beginning to see that there are sacred geometry, as you call it; codes, as we call it—there are codes everywhere. There are light codes and there are material codes, meaning corporeal—as this one calls it—or the touchable objects that has codes within it.

Everything is made up of these codes, which you call sacred geometry. Every cell, every drop of water, every molecule, it is all sacred geometry. It reflects what is Source. Source itself is reflected in every bit of energy as a type of sacred geometry and you will always find it, you will always find it.

And in these codes is the possibility of anything you want in the world. And when you see these codes and when you find this geometry, it is to remind you that you are in a place where manifestation is completely possible for anything that you desire, but especially for when you desire it for the highest good of all and not just for yourself.

In this geometry, you will find many answers and, as you rise in your vibration, you will see more geometry and you will understand it at a deeper level than you do now.

And there are those from your earth who understood this concept way early for their time, such as Nikola Tesla, such as Albert Einstein, and these names and more that you know, what they understood was this basic geometry. 

And so we use these codes to help you manifest anything that you desire. And what you desire at this time is to be lifted into a higher vibration and to find ascension with ease and grace. And you wish this for yourself, not for personal power, but to help others. 

And so it is that we come to you with this basic key of the universe to help you manifest this that you desire. 

That was really cool. I love being a Channel Medium.  

The next question I usually ask is, “Why have you come?”, but I feel like Isis already answered that. 

I am going to let Bastet talk now, as she wishes to do.

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 5 – Why have you come?

From Bastet’s perspective:

For you have called us and you have brought us here, as this group grows and the vibration rises of the collective of this group, your wishes become what you would call a prayer or a message that gets sent out. 

And we—not just the three of us, but many groups of beings—pick up on these threads and say, “I can help with this.” and then they present themselves to the spirit guides of this medium who then brings it to the medium’s attention in different ways until it becomes a theme in which we can come through to help. And this is how the cycle works, in case you did not know.

So we have come because you need this balance and harmony, for your world is imbalanced and it is not harmonious and Mother Gaia needs her balance and harmony back. 

And as we go towards this ascension of the planet of yours, to bring that harmony and balance—and also justice—back to this world, and we are here to help.

Those of you who would like to continue on this planet past the time of ascension rising, and in this time of ascension rising, many will go on to the other side, but you who wish to go forward will need the help of many, and so many have stepped forward to help.  

We’ve never gotten an answer like that before, and it’s a lot to think about

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 6 – How do we connect to you?

This is Isis again.

We are vibrating on a plane that is a level. It is a place that is reachable by vibration, intention, and more. For you to connect with us, you must raise your vibration to a certain point, and we will come to you.

If this sounds daunting, we will be making this much easier for you to connect to our vibration, through the sound healing attunement, which will be channeled for you next week, as you call it.  If you are unable to access attunement, then you must just call on us and find a way to connect your vibration to ours.

That is exactly how I see it. So when I teach channeling in all the ways that I teach it, which is trance channeling or light language or channeled sound healing, any kind of channeling that I’m teaching, I always tell my students (Rachel fill in here).

Archangel Sandalphon showed me that. Your vibration has a wave and the vibration of the being you want to talk to has a wave and you must match them up. That’s one of the reasons my business is called Sound Waves Heal, there is always healing involved, of course. 

These are really interesting answers. I knew this month’s masterclass would be a little bit different because we have these three beings and we have sacred geometry, which isn’t going to speak with us. So it is turning out to be really interesting.

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 7 – How do we work with you?

This is Ma’at:

Connect to us and we will help you in ways that you need for going forward. We especially can help you with Ascension symptoms or problems. We wish to work with you to help elevate the vibration of your planet. And so you must just ask us for our help, and we will come, and you should feel or know or see or hear our presence. 

If there’s interference in your auric field you may not be able to do this and we’ll need to find a way of clearing before we can reach you. 

Ma’at is showing me that you just need to be wanting to bring forth some regular mediumship information in order to work with these goddesses.

If you’re having some problems in your auric field you need some clearing. Then you won’t be able to contact them as well. But they’re happy to come help either way. It’s just easier for you to hear and understand them if your auric field is clear and balanced. 

This question is often like, do we need a candle? Do we need a crystal? Is there something that we need to contact you? They’re just saying, “No, you only need a thought, and you need to be clear enough to talk to them.”  They’re also talking about what they talked about before: that you need to be able to bring your vibration up high enough to meet them, because they are very high vibrational.

Gods and Goddess of ancient Egypt image

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 8 – What areas do you specialize in and is this something that all three of you do together or are there different areas you specialize in?  

We’ll start with Bastet.

I can help you with manifesting. Manifestations that you wish can be brought into the 3D world,  And I can help with that. I will help you with balance within the body and soul, especially to do with time allotment. If you are having problems, balancing your life, especially between work and play, or work and family, you may call on me, and I will help. And if you have a cat. I will send help through your cat. 

So if you have a cat, then they will help you with work-life balance. So it’s like the cat helps and actually, that’s very true. My cat does things like she’ll sit in my work chair at home to let me know that I’ve been working too long. When she sits in my chair, I know that we’ve really gone past the time when I should be done working and I really have to stop. 

Let’s see what areas Isis will specialize in.

Healing, bringing forth this sacred geometry, bringing forth this source energy, bringing it into your body for self healing and bringing it to heal others. That is how I can help you best—bringing in this energy of ascension, bringing in the higher vibrations of higher dimensions that you wish to experience and spend time in.

As you know, you will not be able to stay there until ascension is completed on your planet, but you may visit, and then you must come back down to the third and fourth dimensional space.

Next, I will call in Ma’at.

I want to help you balance your thoughts and your actions, the balance of justice, yes of truth, this balance is internal.

I asked her if she would tell us more, but she said no. Everyone who is watching will have to figure it out for themselves.

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 9 – When should we call on you?

This is Bastet:

For all of us work together to help you, for your purposes you will call us for help with ascension, or help with harmony and balance in general, be it inside your body, your mind or outside, even in spaces that need harmony.

If you work with spaces—if you are an architect or a designer or an organizer, or something that a decorator—know that we also help you with spaces.

If you are clearing your personal space for your own reasons, we will help you with that. 

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 10 – What is your main advice you would like to give concerning ascension, or current earthly energies. 

Bastet would like to answer this.

The current Earth energies are intense. The best way to get ahead of them—besides the spiritual work that you do for that is the obvious answer—but also making space, physical space in your home, making physical space in your body, by being as healthy as you can to create more space for your thoughts.

It all comes together. We are here to help.

When you need to rest, you must rest. This is very important. There are many energies that need to be assimilated. And if you are feeling them greatly, you may rest, you may spend time in water, or in the sun, and these are ways to assimilate this energy that is coming to you now, in this time, which needs to be brought into the body. This is how we will bring it forward.

This is how you will bring these energies to bring your body at a higher vibration, not just mentally but physically.  

Egyptian Goddesses Sacred Geometry Image for Transformation & Ascension Group

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 11 – What frequency/dimension are you from?

We already know they are from the 13th, but let’s let Ma’at answer.

Yes we are at what you would consider the 13th dimension and there are other factors here, I am not able to explain to you at this time, but you will understand as your frequency rises. In future time, you will understand these dimensional frequencies better than the number system you use now, which is not completely accurate, but it does help you understand. And so we do temper our answers to fit within the scale of which you do understand.

So, we have this all totally wrong, but it’s good enough for us to understand right now.

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 12 – What form do you take or what do you look like?

Bastet will go first. 

We are nothing but energy, but it pleases me greatly, the forms you have put me in as cat beings on your planet, and the forms you have put me in art and the form that I took once upon a time on your planet. I’m still pleased by the drawings that you earthlings have made of me, and I love to come in these forms, but really we are made of energy, and don’t often take forms.

And Isis says,

I also love the forms I take, which coincide with the way I am remembered on this planet.

She shows me herself as I have always seen her since I was little, in priestly robes of white and gold. And with this sort of Cleopatra hair, and there is something over her head which I think is some sort of circle, like some sort of round something. Now you see, I’m not really that much of an Egyptian, that’s like 0%. So I’m just telling you what I’m getting as a medium. 

I see Bastet with dark wavy hair, and of course, seen as the a black cat or with the head of a black cat.

Now we’ll bring forward Ma’at,

As the others, I am energy and come in many forms that please you.

Egyptian Goddesses Masterclass
Question 13 – Do you have an ego?

When it comes to goddesses, ego can also mean that you wish for others to think highly of you, this old fashioned word for ego. And so when we do talk to goddesses, I kind of ask the question, meaning, both (versions).

Isis says she has the answer.

We do not have an ego of either kind.

Both Bastet and Ma’at agreed.

So, neither. We did have a few goddesses who came throughTAG who talked about how they did wish for people to think highly of them, that sort of ego, or we talked about on earth before we talked about this kind of ego.

I just wanted to ask it in a way that we were all following and tagged with all the other goddess months.

Later this week, they will be bringing us a sound healing attunement, which will attune us to their frequency—Ma’at, Isis, and Bastet—and they want to attune us to Source, itself, through sacred geometry. In this attunement, they will be bringing in some gifts, bringing the balance of 3D and 5D plus life, so if you’re going up and down between 3D and 5D or higher, to bring the balance there. 

They’re bringing light codes to balance a world of duality.

They’re bringing balance within the body, which is health; balance with time, which is presence; balance with finances, which is harmony; balance with acceptance, which is a type of fifth dimensional and a sixth dimensional acceptance so that’s really great. 

After that we’ll have a light language sigil to bring sixth dimensional balance and harmony. They are going to be using the hexagram this time, which is pretty cool. 

And then a channeled meditation for returning harmony to all areas of your life, a walk with Isis, and it is truth, harmony, and balance. I hope to see you all for the rest of these offers in TAG this month. You can see more of what is offered this month if you join TAG, here.

I’d love to hear what you thought about these goddesses so please leave a comment and I’ll see you next time.


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