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Intergalactic Channeling Spree Day 4 – Phillea the Anshar

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Rachel Chamness

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December 19, 2019

Welcome to Day 4 of my Intergalactic Channeling Spree!

Today, we are talking to Phillea, an Anshar who is a human or humanoid who comes from thousands of years in the future. She’s tall has pale skin and hair. Her eyes are big and her neck is long. 

The ETs and Galactic Beings who I speak to are always so excited to work with us! They want to help us with the Ascension process and are interested in how we live our lives here on earth in the present moment.

Here is Phillea’s message for us:

I am Phillea and yes, we are the future of humans.
We are quite mixed though;
there are a few other ET DNAs added to the mix
of DNA that makes us.
This is not the same as the mix of ET DNAs that humans are now.
Of course, you have many alien DNA 
You are manufactured—
That’s not to be taken in any way except that it’s very scientific.
The way that humans were made and seeded on this planet.
And it’s not just you, for all of your animals
and most beings that you know were made, 
brought together…
Not so much in a lab as you would see but in a creation process.

What is our life life in the future?
It is different. 
It is hard to explain for our dimension is different.
There are pockets of different realities that we can join.
We can telepath, which is where you are going in the 5th Dimension.
So, with telepathy, we can have whole conversations 
and time and place in our minds with each other 
while just sitting.
But we can also experience nature. 
There are dimensions on our planet that have 
forests as you have, 
and there are dimensions of water and 
This is the best way I can describe it, 
for it is like walking through a portal into a place
and you can meet there, from any place on the planet that you are.
There’s no reason for transportation.
There is no reason for internet, 
for your brain will do it all.
We are using much more of our brain than you are,
for many parts of your “gifts” you call it—clairs
Many parts are dormant and are opening now.
If you are seeking your clairs to be open, there are many
that you can open here in this time and space
and of course, this being can help you with that.
She wishes me to tell you. 
We’d like you to know that, though Ascension has started 
and it feels very heavy right now, 
that it does get better.
There will be pockets of heaviness where you will need to 
release the old and work through some density
Some problems that you are working with in your life experience 
that you must release and then,
once you’ve gone through that, 
you will experience more heightened presence and joy in everyday life.
You are a Lightworker, 
you are on this path for Ascension.
Know that all the dark and what you call evil forces
on your planet will be on another timeline and you will be
rising out of it.
That does not mean that you are not interacting with it now,
so of course you must take care,
but eventually it will fall away.
Thank you. 

Phillea was showing me lots of portals—they are already on the earth and will be more easily accessible in the future.

They are bringing through a lot of Ascension symptoms.

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