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Intergalactic Channeling Spree Day 5 – Watathan the Elf from Sirius

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Rachel Chamness

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December 20, 2019

Welcome to Day 5 of my Intergalactic Channeling Spree!

I hope that you were able to get some comfort from the other Galactic Beings that have come before today.

Speaking of today, I’m talking to Watathan, the Elf from Sirius. He’s cute—kind of like a little furry, light brown Yoda! His body is small and roundish, and his arms and legs are short. He’s super high-vibe!

Here’s his message for us:

I am Watathan. 
I do not mind being compared to your Yoda,
for of course, are not all the beings you see 
on your television and in your reality just a channel 
of other beings?
Of course, I do not really look like that, 
but it is a little bit similar.
I can see where Rachel is saying that. 
We are so happy to come forward.
This is the first time, to be channeled through this being,
anyone from our planets; and we’re very happy for this one
has come from our planet at some time.
So we are glad to finally make this contact.
I feel how you are wanting assurance.
I understand it is hard for earthlings
because you have no assurance of what’s to come.
You have no… you have nothing but faith to go on, 
which makes it an unusual way to live
for everywhere else in the galaxy we have
more than that and so,
in a 3D planet, you are experiencing a totally
different kind of reality.
So, we understand it’s hard. 
It can also be joyful,
for it’s thrilling to find joy in a place
that doesn’t have so much of it all the time.
We want to help you find that space
the space you’ll find it in meditation,
you’ll find it in moments where you suddenly feel 
as if everything else falls away
and you feel
for that’s exactly what happens
when everything else falls away. 
You are connected. 
Connected to your higher self—
this is what’s being called “presence”.
Take a deep breath now.
Can you find that space
where you are?
Where your true self is?
Can you find that space?
I’ll help you…

[Channeled sound healing]

Your challenge is always to find
the presence to find yourself
in the chaos.
This is a very busy world you live in.
A lot of external noise.
Where can we find the silence within? 
I am feeling it as I am in this being.
It is a very interesting way to live.
So you might as well enjoy it 
soon you will be on your ascended path
it will definitely feel a relief for you
but you may look back fondly on these times.
Call on us if you need our help
We will come and help you.
We can always send you light codes
to connect with yourself. 
Your higher self.
If that is what you need, 
call on us!

What a fabulous message to end on! The beings from Sirius can help you out with light codes, and you should connect with the peace within yourself as well.

Don’t forget, I have the TAG VIP group in which we channel and get healing from a variety of different beings. The TAG group can help you integrate Ascension energies and be more stable and grounded!

I hope you enjoyed this series! Don’t forget that you can get a special channeled session with Galactic Beings, if you’d like! Check out my Sessions page!

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