How to Send a Message to Anyone using Archangel Gabriel

How to Send a Message that Will Be Heard with Archangel Gabriel

Sometimes you just need to be heard! Archangel Gabriel can help.

Sometimes if you feel like your message is not getting through, or if you have something difficult to tell someone, you may feel frustrated that your message just isn’t getting delivered! But Archangel Gabriel will help you.

Archangel Gabriel Communication Image

Enter Archangel Gabriel, Relationship Archangel

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of Communication, Relationships, and also helps release dense thoughts and reach higher dimensional love. So you can understand why Gabriel (or Gabrielle) can help with this issue of communication.

Different reasons you might send a message through Archangel Gabriel

Here are a few reasons you might want to use Archangel Gabriel:

  1. You are fighting with someone, disagreeing with someone and you wish to express your point, or how you feel but you aren’t speaking or you have a hard time getting words out.
  2. You want a raise at work, and you need to talk to your Boss without getting tongue tied and you want to make sure she really understands what you are saying and hears you.
  3. You have something to get off your chest to someone that is difficult to say
  4. Someone you will never talk to again has done something horrible to you, has hurt you deeply or violated you and you want to tell them off and even if they are deeply disturbed you can be assured that they will hear your message.
  5. Someone has just been disrespectful or rude to you but it isn’t appropriate to tell them off. Maybe they are a client or your Grandmother.
  6. There are no limits- think outside the box!
Archangel Gabriel Communication Image

How to Send a Message that will be HEARD with Archangel Gabriel

So how do you send this hard message through Archangel Gabriel? It is very simple.

You just say something like “Archangel Gabriel, take this message and clean it up and deliver it to so-and-so”. in your mind or out loud. Then give your message in ANY way you want.

You can Yell your message! You can Scream! You can Cuss!! Archangel Gabriel can handle it.

Then when you are done, tell Archangel Gabriel you are finished. Archangel Gabriel will clean it up and deliver it for you to that person! What does that mean? Archangel Gabriel will deliver the heart of the matter of the message. And, perhaps you will feel better just getting it off your chest. I always do!

What will happen next? What will Archangel Gabriel do?

Archangel Gabriel will deliver that message!!! You will feel your anxiety lessen, first of all. You will feel accomplishment- you were able to do something! And your message will get sent. Here is what might happen in the coming days, one of these things, or more than one:

  1. When you end up talking to that person, the perfect words will come to you and you’ll be surprised that the perfect timing of those words will happen. And you will deliver these words better than you have before. I know this is the best part for me, because I often don’t have words in the moment to express my feelings so this always is so surprising when it happens. And they will HEAR you, because deep in their subconscious, they have already heard this message! They will understand the HEART of why you are saying it, why you are hurt.
  2. You might hear from that person (if alive) and they will say they’ve been thinking about what you said… which leads to an open heart discussion that benefits you both.
  3. You might realize what your Trigger is in this situation! This might help you more than you realize!

Some Common Questions about this Archangel Gabriel Communication Method

I have been using this technique for over 10 years. I have told countless clients how to do this, and my TAG Memberships as well, in a few classes. It works remarkably well. There are a few questions people ask me.

Do I have to do this many times or just once?

You only have to do this once. But if you have an add on/addendum, then go ahead and do this exercise again, and add on. Do it the same way.

Can I say it in my head or does it have to be aloud?

You can say it either way.

What if nothing happens?

Be patient. Archangel Gabriel will definitely deliver that message. Perhaps the other person is just digesting it. If, after 2 weeks you hear nothing, you can repeat the exercise. But, you definitely don’t want to obsessively do this. Do it once and wait at least two weeks!

Can I really curse and scream?

Yes, you can really curse, cuss and scream! Even to your elderly grandma. The message she will receive from Archangel Gabriel will be a cleaned up version. For instance, “Bleep-bleep-bleep why are you treating me like such a child!” might get translated to “You know, my granddaughter is really not a child anymore. Perhaps I should treat her more like an adult.”. You’ll be amazed!!

Archangel Gabriel Communication Image

Would you like to know more about Archangel Gabriel and other Light Beings?

In my monthly membership Transformation and Ascension Group, we meet, connect to and receive manifestation techniques and a healing meditation from Light Beings each month. And all the past months, going back to 2018, are in the archives. In August 2021, we connected deeply with Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Uriel for Ascension of the Heart.

You can watch the Archangel Gabriel & Uriel Masterclass free here. We have had many angels and archangel months but we also connect to Elementals, Galacticals, Goddesses and more. I also have a TAG Beginners group which helps you understand Angels and Elementals but still includes the weekly Lives from TAG Team Mediums.

More about Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel helps us in so many ways!
I love to send messages through Archangel Gabriel, it has really helped me more than I can express!
Archangel Gabriel is sometimes known as Archangel Gabrielle and can be seen as male or female, or even non-binary, as Angels don’t really have a gender.

Archangel Gabriel— like all other Angels— can come to you with just a thought or a request. Like all Archangels, Archangel Gabriel’s job is to help humanity and other beings. If you would like to learn how to use the Angel’s modality of Angel Fire for protection & shielding your auric field, and to help heal others without depleting your own light, you can check it out here.

If you would like to deeply connect to Archangel Gabriel & Uriel, I’d love for you to experience the Liquid Reiki Sound Healing Attunement in TAG Lightworkers from August 2021, where we attuned deeply to Uriel and Gabriel to be able to receive their help in all areas they can help with— by communicating with them more clearly. We attuned with higher dimensional concepts of self-love and the self-love bridge to higher knowledge of the human self and our place here on Earth. I used Liquid Reiki Sound Healing for connection, which is a mixture of Reiki Healing & Channeling Sound and Light Codes and Beings. I do also certify others in this technique in my Trance Channel mediumship Courses.


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