What is a Spiritual Detox?

by Olivia Page & Rachel Chamness

What is a Spiritual Detox?

The short answer is that a spiritual detox is the process of releasing mental, emotional, physical, and energetic blocks before, during, or after a healing session.  The long answer is that a healing session can occur during the inner work you are doing on your own— or it can be done with the help of a Reiki Master, Shaman or other type of multidimensional healer. 

When the physical body releases thought patterns or blocks of energy in the body, it must reassemble itself— so to speak— so that it can function without those blocks.  That means that the body has learned how to cope with the block or pattern by creating an illness, dis-ease, mental and emotional strain. Now that this illness, dis-ease or strain has been removed, the body now has to figure out how to function or flow without that block there.  

For example:  varicose veins are veins that have lost the ability to circulate blood properly.  When you remove the damaged vein your body now has to figure out how to circulate that blood without the use of the faulty vein, and there is an assimilation process that needs to occur for the body to fully adjust.  This is similar to the adjustment the body and energetic field has to make when removing something that was no longer helping the flow of energy of how the body functioned. This adjustment can cause a spiritual detox.

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What occurs during a Spiritual Detox? Before, during, after? 

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual occurrences?

It’s important to note that once you’ve made the decision to have a healing session done or to do some of your healing work, you might start to experience the symptoms of a spiritual detox before the core of the healing begins.  These pre-healing detox symptoms can include tiredness, weepiness, loss of appetite, or thirst. You may have the desire to make major changes in your life— like diet changes, relationship changes and thought pattern changes. 

During your session you might have a release of emotions, you might release blocks through yawning, coughing, clearing your throat, or releasing gas.  You might feel warm, tired, tingling, dizziness or you may experience nothing. You may even fall asleep during a healing session.  If you are someone who doesn’t experience anything, know that:

1.  This is common also.

2. There is nothing wrong with you.

3. The healing still worked.  Some people are more sensitive to energetic shifts than others.

4. It might be days or weeks after your session when you start to notice that you feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically, or begin to see a pattern has ceased.

After a healing session, you might feel absolutely amazing and energized, and ready to take on anything.  You might also feel this really great feeling, and then slump into some lower feelings. This is because you released so much during your session that your body and energetic field is going through a big adjustment period.  

If you get a healing session and you feel like things are worse before you had the session done, know that this sometimes happens. This could be the hardest kind of spiritual detox, because it feels like things have gone backwards.  I have experienced this and thought “what the heck was the point of getting a healing session done, if I am going to feel worse?”  What was happening was that I was adjusting to the removal of toxic emotions, thoughts, and situations.  These things were a part of me, and I felt like something was lost— when in reality it was an opportunity for me to fill these spaces with something that made me feel better than these habits I was clinging to.  

If you do experience a slump period after a healing session, acknowledge this spiritual detox— and know that you have the opportunity to take your power back by making any necessary changes in your life that are going to help you feel mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically better.  A healer facilitates healing and enables you to be empowered by taking charge of your life, so you can live life in a more fulfilling and healthy way.

Another way that Spiritual Detox happens, is because you are Leveling Up

When your vibration is raised up for any reason in a session— whether blocks have been removed or you have been attuned to a new vibration, or state of being— now you must meet that higher vibration. There will be a period of adjustment while you come up to this new, higher vibration. It may require some Shadow Work, or some thought to adjust to new ways of thinking or looking at things, as well. And as you do, you may feel tired or have ascension symptoms like ear ringing or slight dizziness. Why would you have Ascension Symptoms? Because you have raised your vibration to be closer to Ascension, which is our goal!

What are other ways that can spark a Spiritual Detox?

As a Spiritual Teacher, Lightworker, or Reiki Master, you may experience an occasional spiritual detox because of holding space for your student(s). Teaching and attuning a group of people— or even one person— to Reiki, Light Language, Mediumship, or another modality could definitely bring you some of these same symptoms of spiritual detox.

This happens often to those of us who hold space for small or large amounts of people, especially if you facilitate healing in a membership healing group, like I do with my TAG memberships.

Why would that create a spiritual detox?

First, you are leveling up your vibration even higher by helping your student(s) uplevel. This is a common phenomenon as Lightworkers and Healers can attest to.

We often will also go through something with our Shadow Work or come to big realizations, right before our clients do. This helps us understand and help those that we help. This helps us have empathy and understanding for our clients.

Secondly, you are helping their detox process become slightly easier by holding an energetic space for them.

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What does this mean? To “Hold Space” for another?

It means you are helping them through the process, as their healer or teacher. I like to picture myself with my hands out, holding a big bubble of pearlescent or ultraviolet angel fire light that contains all my students within it. This helps them go through their challenges with some energy sent through me from Source. I am consciously thinking of them often, and sending them this space for them to work through their emotions, spiritual work, and blocks to process them.

This can also take up more energy than you realize! This spiritual detox can leave you slightly more tired and needing some of the help in the next section…

What can you do to help the process of a spiritual detox?

Now that you’ve had a healing session done— whether you feel amazing or like you’ve taken some steps backwards, there are things you can do to help facilitate your healing process through a spiritual detox.

1.      Drink plenty of filtered water and optionally add lemon. Even better— Program your water before you drink it.  Water is a conduit and helps the flow of energy and it helps the body release toxins built up in a spiritual detox.  Read more about this in my How to Program Water For Manifestation article.

2. Take a salt bath to help you release the emotions from the session. You can use sea salt, or even epsom salt. Maybe you can do some other self-care options as well. Treat yourself kindly during a spiritual detox.

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3.      Rest or Sleep.  Our bodies and minds do amazing healing work when we are asleep so go to bed earlier than usual or take a nap— or do both. Spiritual Detox can definitely make you feel tired.

4.     Ground into Mother Earth & Meditate.  Ground into Mother Earth, especially into the Fifth Dimensional Earth Grid (try this quick mini meditation). Meditate and check in with yourself.  See what is coming up for you, acknowledge these things and send yourself love. It might be some time for some Shadow Work. This would definitely help speed up the spiritual detox process.

5.      Listen to your body, what does it need?  Be mindful here because you don’t want to follow any cravings you may have that are unhealthy.  Instead, figure out what makes you crave the unhealthy thing and make a healthier choice.  The power is yours. Perhaps you want to fast or eat lightly. Perhaps you find yourself hungry for healing foods during a spiritual detox.

6.      Get another healing session done when you can, especially if you do have the experience of feeling a little worse after the session.  You have lived many lives and have probably been through many traumas during this life— and even after a healing session, you will continue to have life lessons to learn.  One session isn’t enough to get all the clearing done.  As a healer, I get two sessions done a month to keep myself clear and to continue my healing work.  As a healer, this is an important part of my work.

7.      After you’ve had proper rest, get your body moving.  This doesn’t mean a strenuous workout, this is something light such as stretching, going for a walk, or even swaying back and forth. This only has to be 5 to 20 minutes long. I wouldn’t recommend that you do anything that you physically can’t or shouldn’t do, and always check with your doctor before engaging in any new physical activity.  Getting your body moving is a great way to facilitate the flow of energy and to release energetic blocks.  When we don’t use our bodies enough, energy gets stagnant and can cause more blocks and dis-ease in our bodies.

8.    Call in your spirit team to surround you in love and protection.  Ask Archangel Gabriel to wash you with diamond white light.  You can also call in Archangel Raphael to help you with your healing journey.

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What triggers a Spiritual Detox?

A spiritual detox is triggered by any self-healing you do or from a healing session you got from someone else.  A spiritual detox can also be triggered because your soul has decided it’s time for you to release what is no longer serving your highest good and make some positive changes in your life.  The ending of a relationship, other traumatic events or big life changes such as relocating, changing jobs, changing habits or your diet can also trigger a spiritual detox.  An important thing to note is that diet isn’t just the way you eat, but it can be the types of media you watch, the people you hang out with or interact with, and the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself and how you view the world.  You are here as a soul having a human experience and humans are able to have a greater awareness of their soul self. The soul self wants you to see yourself in the highest light and live your life unencumbered by any blocks holding you back from living your best life.

Can you willfully go into a Spiritual Detox?

Yes, this would be your soul pushing you into your healing journey and you consciously or subconsciously hear this call.  You then decide to take an active role in doing your shadow work and begin your journey of healing.  Remember, doing healing work can potentially be a bumpy ride, so by choosing to go through a spiritual detox, you are agreeing to weather through the changes.  Be kind and gentle with yourself during this time.

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What is the importance of a Spiritual Detox?

The importance of a spiritual detox is you!  You are important, your health and well-being matter.  You deserve to feel amazing, to feel good about yourself, and to live your best life.  The other importance of a spiritual detox is that it allows you to release what no longer serves your highest good— mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Spiritual Detox allows for you to welcome new uplifted and healthier energy and experiences into your life.  It allows you to create a stronger connection with yourself and Higher Self. Spiritual Detox helps you be more in tune with your body and its needs.  It can raise your vibration and open you up to new levels of conscious awareness. 

A spiritual detox allows you to be the best version of yourself, and it helps you feel lighter and empowered.  Remember you matter and you are meant to live your best life— and going through a spiritual detox can get you where you need to be.  There will be ups and downs along the way, you’ll discover things about yourself that you never knew, you’ll feel amazing, sad and amazing again, but in the end you will become someone whom you respect and love.

What have you experienced in a Spiritual Detox?

Do you have some different kinds of detox symptoms than that are listed here? I’d love to hear in the comments below what you have experienced with spiritual detox!


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