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What is Ascension? What is the 5th Dimension?

Have you ever wondered what it means when people talk about Ascension and the change from 3D to 5D living, or the 5th Dimension?

In this video and blog post, I’ll explain what these concepts—Ascension and 5D—mean and why it’s important for you to know your Spiritual Life Purpose. 

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My Angels and Spirit Guides have told me that the Earth is changing from a 3rd Dimensional Reality to a 5th Dimensional reality. That means the Earth, itself, is going to be changing, and our human selves are going to vibrate higher, as the 5th Dimension is a higher density.

It might seem like things are bad right now, but there is a shift coming. Those who aren’t on a spiritual journey or helping others might shift into another reality (it’s not the greatest place). But they will ultimately return to Source and be able to see how they might have messed up.

Those who are on a spiritual journey—Lightworkers, Healers, and those whose mission it is to help and serve the Earth and mankind—if you’re on your Light Path and trying to be helpful, you’ll end up evolving into the 5th Dimension.

The 5th Dimension is a higher vibrational space. Many other Mediums and Healers are seeing this as well.

I’ve been shown that there may be a solar flare this year, sooner than we realize. That will be the catalyst for this big change.

There are Galactical Beings waiting nearby to help us out. Don’t worry! All Galactical Beings aren’t bad or scary. In fact, the ones that are the worst are already here on Earth! We’ll be escaping them because they can’t go to the 5th Dimension because they aren’t on a positive Light Path.

We know a lot of the beings that vibrate at a high frequency or density, including:

Angels (13th Dimension+)
Gods and Goddesses (10th Dimension)
Ascended Masters

These beings talk to Mediums, but they aren’t physically on this plane. If you become a Medium, you can channel their messages and meet them too.

After the solar flare, things will change. It might not shift drastically at first. We will still have bodies, from what I am shown, but we will all band together to help each other and the world.

A new Golden Age will dawn, something like Atlantis or Lemurian times. It will be a longer-term process that will lead us higher than the 5th Dimension. The Ascended Masters, Angels, and Elementals like Dragons, Elves, Fairies, etc. will be helping us with the transformation (a.k.a. Ascension).

In the time we are in, or the 3rd Dimensional times, we have a hard time understanding these truths. At the present moment, our Soul Star Chakra sits about 12 inches above our heads. Not all of it can fit into this body, so we don’t have all of the information that our Higher Selves have, like love, relationships, spiritual knowledge, past lives, etc. When we came into this world, we took the Veil of Amnesia, so we don’t know that we have the direct help of our Spirit Guides, Helpers, etc. 

We chose to incarnate in an age where we have to have faith in love being all around us. When we go through Ascension, or transform to our 5th Dimension lives, we will have a much more complete view of the world and the different helpers that are always with us. We aren’t alone, even though we might feel like we are. After we go through Ascension, we will have a better awareness of our mission and we will be able to see and work with our Spirit Guides and Helpers more clearly.

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