A Channeled Message About Ascension Doubt

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Rachel Chamness

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August 03, 2020

I’ve been hearing from a few Mediums lately that they have been experiencing doubt about Ascension… What if we are totally wrong? What if there is no ascension and it’s an elaborate trick on us Mediums?

It’s not wrong to doubt; after all, it’s human and it is an intelligent action to re-evaluate and try to look at everything you experience from another angle, to check off all the boxes of possibilities.

Sometimes I get that nagging feeling of doubt about my channeling,  too… but then I feel my Claircognizance (Psychic Clair of Knowing) kicking in and I know what is true. 

I got a message from my Doctor Teacher Inner Spirit Guide, Mother, during the second class in my Trance Channel Mediumship Class last week. During this session in the course, we learn to connect to our Inner Circle Guide, the Doctor Teacher, or the Doctor of Philosophy who helps us learn and grow.  

My Doctor Teacher guide (aka Doctor of Philosophy)  looks like a wizened old dark-skinned woman, but she says she is not from this reality. Sincethis was a channeled writing class too, she first gave me this written message:

The river runs through all.
Feel the flow to get to Ascension.
Connect to nature
Feel all the senses daily
It will help

She showed me a river, but the banks of the river were like the Matrix, with all of the red and black computer numbers, 0s and 1s all over the banks. She was saying, Follow the river. If you follow the river, you will get to Ascension.

If you follow the river and rely on your other senses as well, using all of your senses to connect with nature, you will find the way to Ascension. You [plural] use your eyes too much, too much Facebook, too much news, too much negative news, and you are not relying on the other senses enough. 

That brought up a little worry for me!!! Personally, I am always afraid of going too much in that direction—I don’t want to put my head in the sand and ignore everything that is happening in the world, enabling it in that way. So I asked her about that.She said, We know the Law of Attraction works. It’s not a conditional thing. So it doesn’t matter if the whole world is going to hell. And you’re not helping it because you are focusing on yourself.

If you are feeling happiness and gratitude, no matter what is happening around you, you will attract more to be happy and grateful for. If you build a cocoon of happiness around yourself, that is how you will get to Ascension. That’s how you’ll get through. Even if there is no Ascension, you know that the Law of Attraction works. In that way, then, it’s OK to cocoon yourself in your OWN real life and work on keeping yourself in a high-vibrational state, no matter what is happening around you.

That’s the way. That’s how you follow the river to Ascension. 

Be more grounded in the present moment. You focus on the things you CAN change and let the rest be. If you can stay in that space, in the present moment, focusing on gratitude and happiness, through the Law of Attraction you can make it through.

So, even if I worry about picking up a timeline that we don’t see playing out, I am not wrong in the overall channels that I am getting: choose to focus on the positive things in life. Ground into the Earth (through the 5th Dimensional Earth Star Chakra), and keep your thoughts as high vibe as possible.

I hope this helps you! Since this channel, a few other Guides & Beings I have talked to have repeated to me “The river runs through” and shown me that river again! Don’t let fear get you down… follow your Gratitude River to Ascension! See you there!!

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