A Channeled Message from the Pleiadians About COVID-19 and Love

This is a channeled message from some ET Helpers I’m in touch with—a group of 12 Pleiadians—about the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Up to this point, I’ve been consistently getting the message that we are clearing up the last bit of what we need to work on for our Soul’s Purpose right now. It’s going to be a good time to work on ourselves and to spend time with our families.

Even if you and or someone in your family gets sick, you have to remember to stay in love, not fear.

That is the big question/lesson for us in this current crisis: Can we choose to stay in love and not succumb to fear?

I am a Pleiadian Starseed and I will be channeling a group of Pleiadians that often guides me to answer some of the questions we have about the COVID-19 Pandemic and the aftermath of the quarantines, the economic crisis.

Some of the questions that I might cover in this channeling session are:

  • What is the best way to shield against fear and anxiety?
  • Is the news we are watching real or should we avoid it?
  • How can we best help others as healers?
  • How can humanity focus on finding a cure?
  • If we get sick, how can we get well?
  • Why/how did this start?
  • Is it possible that it will just pass over in America?
  • What will happen to the economy?
  • Is this a time when old ideas are being deleted and we are experiencing a rebirth?

Or my questions: Is this a sign of Ascension? Is all of this happening because the 3D world will be getting worse before it gets better? Will everything change after this? Will the Kabal be done and will trafficking and greed end? Will things end up being awesome?

When I test that, I’m not getting a yes.

What I want to ask about today is if what I see is what is coming for us.

Personally, I see that the 3D world is just getting worse and worse, but we’re ascending from it and getting better and better.

This is the final test: can we stay positive?

I am also seeing evidence that people are being rounded up and there will be some shocking news about some celebrities or some people who the regular world might not realize are doing terrible things. Those people seem to be being rounded up and taken care of. Is that true, or is there another truth?

I wonder if there are many different realities here, where some people will experience it one way and others will experience it in another way?

What I see is the 3D world getting worse and worse as all of us who are 5D continue to get better and better, and then we split off into two realities. There may be more than two, though.

When I started to channel, here’s the message I got from my Pleiadian Guides:

Hello. We are here. It is very difficult to hold this vibration in density for your space, your dimension is very heavy with fear at this time. And so we bring forth good news to you: Your reality is what you make it.

There are many realities from this point forward that you can choose and it is your choice to choose fear—a lower vibration—or love and joy, the highest vibration.

For this is a test.

Can you choose love in times like this? Can you find a high vibration in yourself?

If you need help, there are many Lightworkers to help you. If you are a Lightworker, this is time to help others as much as possible. You will be busy during this time when others are not.

It is time to help and time to heal. You are being called forth. Now we will instruct you. If you keep yourself at a high vibration, you will receive your messages to go forward.

This also answers many questions, how to keep yourself away from fear and negativity. Spend more time in meditation than on social media or news outlets. Spend time with your family. Spend time with your loved ones, if you can.

If you get sick, you may get well. Take care of yourself as if you had the flu. A nebulizer would be good to have. If you do not need assistance, then stay home.

If you ask for help, your Spirit Guides can help you, but we cannot reach you if you go into a place of dark fear. You must keep your vibration as high as you can so that we may reach you.

If you need help, call out to another Lightworker.

It will pass. It will pass.

Some things will get worse. Some things need to go through a change to get better, and the economy is one of those things. You will be helped. You will help each other and we will help you. You will not starve. Have faith. You will not drown in bills. These 3D worries will be taken care of. You do not need to worry about money. Things will come. Things will miraculously help you. All will be OK in that respect.

But, if you get caught in the fear, you will experience pain, for there will be crumbling of ideas and there will be crumbling of old systems. This is true.

There are higher powers at work and they are going to take this opportunity to help.  They will crumble some terrible systems at work on your planet, but not all of them. Some will only be completely disposed of when the planet becomes a 5th Dimensional space. But many things will be dismantled and are being dismantled now. The economy will crumble because it cannot sustain, but it will not hurt you.

We are here and we will step in if we must. There are many here. They are all here. We are here to help and we will not let you suffer.

But you will suffer if you go into a place of fear and we will be distressed if we cannot reach you there, so you must choose a higher vibration at this time. You must find a way to release your fear. You must help each other.

This is a decree. These are the times. Everything is changing. Be joyful and hopeful, for this is the first step. This is the first line. This is the first part and there are more parts to come. And you will find much release before the end of the year.

When I channel, they show me things. They were saying they were all out there around our planet.

I felt their love for us. They will not let us suffer; they will step in to help us. We don’t have to worry so much about the people who are less fortunate than us, either. They will help them, too.

Also, we don’t have to worry that they won’t be able to be helped if they are in a negative space. They (the Pleiadians) just meant that you can help others if you stay in your higher space and a higher vibration and if you get stuck in a lower vibration, it will be harder for them to help you, and it will be like you are torturing yourself.

We just have to have faith that everything is going to be OK.

But it isn’t a completely happy message. We have to find a way to release the fear. If you need a session, you need a session. You can even get a mini-session from me.

All Lightworkers need to step up now and help each other when we can. There are free resources online. If you need help, ask your Guides to help you find the best helpers or solutions to the issues that you are facing.

Another thing they were showing me was about silver and a nebulizer. I am not a doctor, so I cannot give you medical advice. I am only giving you a message that they want me to give you. According to them, you can nebulize silver. You cannot use hydrolysate. You must get real silver. And I don’t know a whole lot about this, but I will eventually link to an article about this.

I do have some of this silver that is a real silver, and I use very little of it and it’s not clear. It’s not the clear hydrolysate, which is what a lot of people buy—you can’t use that.

If you can order a nebulizer on Amazon, you might want to order one now.

I also saw that you should take care of yourself, if you are sick, as if you have the flu, you can do these 6 things:

  1. Broth
  2. Rest
  3. Salt baths
  4. Lots of water
  5. Sleep
  6. And your vibration is very important too- Try to work on raising it through Shadow Work.

Avoid the news and getting caught up in scrolling on Facebook and being on that negative wheel. Don’t get caught up in the fear.

How did it get started and why?

They didn’t really say.

This is like the first step. There are a lot of things crumbling, like child sex trafficking rings. A lot of things are going to crumble.

The economy is also going to change to get us off the money system.

Is this related to 5G towers?

Do not worry about these implementations, for you will ascend before it can affect you deeply. Is it related? In some ways, it is. There are many factors at play here, but we have a better control over what is happening on your planet and we can circumvent many things. And so the plans of evil people, as you would think of them, are thwarted.

For those of you who are ascending now into the 5th Dimension, this is part of the path. This is the first wave. Remember to stay in love, not fear.

I hope that these messages were helpful to you. They did help me.

Please stay safe, and remember, stay in love.

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Much love to you all!! 💕💕

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