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Mini-Sound Healing Session with the Rainbow Dragon

Have you ever wanted to work with dragons? 

We all have a Dragon Spirit Guides and even a Personal Dragon (a.k.a. your #1 Dragon Spirit Guide!), and there are many other dragons around that will help us out when we need them. Our Personal Dragon has been with us for many lifetimes!!

This Rainbow Dragon wanted to share sound healing with all of you, and I recorded this for my Facebook page in 2017. 

The Rainbow Dragon in this video connects to our own ancient wisdom and helps us with the Law of Attraction. It knows that when we use this ancient wisdom—the wisdom that has come through lifetimes with us—we will use it for our highest good. He also wants to connect us with Universal Knowledge, which sits at our Soul Star level (Soul Star is a 5th Dimensional Chakra). 

Why should we attune to dragons? Dragons are here to help us with Ascension into the 5th Dimension. They protect us, they astral travel with us in our sleep, and they transmute lower energies. They can burn away future unpleasant situations that are not necessary so we can avoid them.They are our friends and were real to us in other Golden Ages like Atlantis and Lemuria.

When I channel information, I often use my Spirit Guides and Angels to help me research. I love Diana Cooper’s Dragon Cards, for example; they are the deck with the Rainbow Dragon came from.

During the attunements and when I channel dragons, they usually want me to just sing, and not really use any instruments. In this video, though, I use a couple of tuning forks in the process.

I see this dragon with his feathers being a rainbow, and his body is dark grey. He’s beautiful.

Here’s what he had to say:

Listen and you will be attuned.
I’m here now.
I will guide you if you ask for my help.
This is a time where we step forward
Into our gifts and into our light 
And shine it for everyone else 
To help everyone meet us on a higher plane 
In which we are to ascend.
Thank you for coming and I look forward to working with each of you.
You can keep me close.

Other Dragons and What They Do

When I was working on my dragon attunement, many other dragons came through with healing and messages. 

The Earth Dragon came through to help us with clearing paths, removing blocks, and connecting with the land/space around us.  

The Fire Dragon came through to help us burn away the things that no longer served us.

The Orange/Gold Dragon from Arcturus came to help us open our knowledge and vision of what the Earth will become and to stand in our power so that we can help others and ourselves through the ascension process.

The Source Dragon attuned us to the infinite realm of possibilities and potential. It also accompanies us on the journey to find our truth.

The Silver Lunar Dragon bathed us in Divine Feminine Light and helped us to heal the feminine aspects of ourselves.

And Archangel Gabriel came forth with the Pure White Dragon from Orion (find out more about the Pure White Dragon from Orion here) and the Black Dragon from Saturn. Together, these three entities help us with the ascension path by opening us up to our personal wisdom and use that wisdom with determination and focus so that we can more easily flow into a new way of being.

For me, working with dragon energy is always so powerful!

I hope you enjoyed this mini-sound healing session with the Rainbow Dragon. If you’d like to become attuned to the other dragons to help you break through personal blocks and get more into alignment with your Light Path, check out my Dragon Package which includes my dragon attunement. 

Dragons can do so much for you! They help:

🐉 Burn off Karma that you’re carrying from lifetime to lifetime and also move blocks out of your way!

Open your 5D Causal Chakra & Re-activate & Illuminate  dormant Atlantean Light Codes within

🐉 Help protect and care for us. They CLEAR LOWER ENERGIES for us and even BURN up memories that harm us so we don’t have to experience them again.

🐉 Unlock our FIFTH DIMENSIONAL SOUL BLUEPRINT so that we can use our gifts to be who we are truly meant to be!


Don’t forget! If you are called to be attuned to my dragon attunement, you are a future Lightworker!

In every lifetime, you have a personal Unicorn and personal Dragon who reincarnate with you. In Atlantean times, your personal Dragon was with you in the flesh; now your persona Dragon is a Spirit Guide, waiting for you to accept and call on him/her!

When you work with my Meet Your Personal Dragon Mediation, which is included in the Dragon Package in TAG, you’ll meet your Personal Dragon and learn how to work much more closely with it!

Join us at my Facebook Group, Ascension & 5D Daily!


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