4D and 5D Chakras, Plus A Channeled Message From Andromedan Being, Mombai

Do you know about our 4th and 5th-Dimensional — 4D & 5D Chakras? You likely know the 3rd Dimension Chakras: the Crown Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, the Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexis Chakra, Sacral Chakra and the Root Chakra

But our 5th Dimensional Chakras will open up for us as we get close to  Ascension.

The 4th Dimension

The Fourth Dimensional Chakra has a new chakra, the High Heart Chakra. This is a lovely, light pink color. It is all about self-love. And many of our 3rd Dimensional Chakras will also update to 4D and 5D, as time goes on.

How we get to Ascension and to the 5th Dimension?  We can get there through love and love for others: this 4th Dimensional Heart Chakra. 

The High Heart Chakra is about healing yourself and truly loving yourself. When you are healed, you look at the world through a lens of love.

Many of us are already vibrating at the 4th Dimension. You might bounce back and forth between the 3rd and 5th Dimensions, especially if you have a 3rd Dimensional, Matrix-like job. It can be hard for us to maintain a high enough vibration to stay in the 5th Dimension all the time.

If the concepts of Ascension and the 4th and 5th Dimensions are new to you, you can have a look at these blog posts I’ve done that will give you more information.

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4D & 5D Chakra Image

The 5th Dimension

The way that we get to the 5th Dimension is through love… Self-Love and Love for others. The fifth dimension exists without the concepts of time.

The 5D Chakras, as I know them:

Earth Star 5D Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra is about 12 inches or more below your feet, deep into the earth. This is what can connect you to the New Earth.

Many of us are stuck in the 3rd Dimensional Matrix, or the earth that we’d like to leave behind. This is the earth that has a timeline that’s pretty horrible. Instead of staying here, we’d like to ascend to the 5th Dimension, so we want to plug into New Earth.

Imagine a Chakra or chunk of earth, a planet or a ball of glowing energy about 12 or more inches below your feet. This is Gaia’s Earth and it is important for us to plug into this energy so that we can ground ahead of Ascension. Do this every day!

Imagine roots coming out of the bottom of your feet, going down to the Earth Star Chakra. They can wrap around the Chakra or latch on to the energy there. It will help you also to connect with the new earth we are creating with our thought and with the lightworking missions we are on.

Soul Star 5D Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra is about 6-12 inches above your head.

This is where the seat of your soul is. This is where you are holding all your memories, where all of your past life information from all timelines and galaxies and your Starseed origins are located. Also, any information you’ve ever learned or want to learn is stored there. Any questions you have can be answered here.

Causal 5D Chakra

The Causal Chakra doesn’t line up with the other 5D Chakras yet. When we get to the 5th Dimension, it will be completely in line with the rest.

In many sessions I do, I often see these Causal Chakras moving. The more a person works on healing themself, the more in alignment the Causal Chakra comes with the other chakras.

The Causal Chakra brings a balance of male and female energy. On the earth we are  on now, there is far too much toxic masculinity and not enough of the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine energy. In the Causal Chakra, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine come together in a more balanced, even way. 

This is also where you’ll receive the Christ Light. What is the Christ Light? We all know Jesus, the biblical character. He was a wielder of the Christ Light. Other words for Christ Light are Source Light, God Light; it’s the light you imagine when you picture the light coming off of the Universe, God, the One. We receive this light in our Causal Chakra.

Time Transcendence 5D Chakra

This is about the astral plane. What is the astral plane? Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real? That’s an astral plane dream. 

If you have a hole in your auric field, astral dreams can be terrible. You should get a session with a Lightworker to patch any holes in your auric field if that’s a problem for you.

It could also be an alternate reality for you. These dreams feel so real. This is astral traveling. Your spirit will leave your body when you astral travel.

Your Spirit Guides will help you astral travel. Don’t worry! It’s what we are meant to do!

If you aren’t able to do a lot of light working during the day, you’ll be doing a lot of it in your sleep.

Your Time Transcendence Chakra is kind of like a portal. You go through there and then out into the astral plane, into another dimension, to a place without time. (The 5th Dimension and above have no time.)

You go there to help people in other lives, or you might be helping yourself in another life as a Spirit Guide. Or maybe your Spirit Guide is someone you are helping out in an alternate life.

Stellar Gateway 5D Chakra

Archangel Metatron is a big part of the Stellar Gateway Chakra. The Stellar Gateway Chakra is for ascension, so we want to make sure we open this chakra and that we ask for help to open it wider so that we can reach ascension as fast as we can. 

The faster that we can all work on ourselves, and get to this place of non-judgment for any reason at all—to this place of love for yourself and for everyone else—the faster we can get there, the faster we can get to ascension. And the faster we can get to Ascension, the faster we can get to a Golden Age in this world, and that is where we want to be. 

The Golden Age that is coming will be as beautiful as Atlantis or Lemuria. It’s what our goal is, or where we want to be. 

I hope that this information helped you!

I also channeled an Andromedan being in this video.

This Andromedan being is named “Mumbai”, I think that’s as close as I can get. She actually gave me another name the second part of a name which I’m not even sure I can get out sounds a little bit like Helioprism or Mumbai Heliokrysya or something like that.

She is a beautiful blue green-skinned female. I’m not really seeing hair or maybe very short-cropped hair. She has interesting patterns on her face and some halo almost like a ring, like Saturn. It has what looks like stars on it so I’m not sure if that’s metaphysical or has a meaning or it’s actually something that is more of her higher self or the way she looks like all the time.

I’m going to let her speak through me. The date today is June 29th, 2020.

Mumbai from Andromeda’s Message:

“Hello, I come to you. I am Mumbai

I come to you from far away. We see what is happening on your planet as if it were happening right in front of us. Even those of us back in our galaxy, like myself, can see the happenings on earth and we watch and wait and are very excited for what will happen. We’re very excited for your choice in this, for yes you do have a choice.

This being is right: there are two at least two alternate paths that you can take. One is in the third-dimensional reality in the Matrix. Yes, that’s what we all do call it. (You are) plugged into thoughts and ideas that are no longer true, clinging—maybe unknowingly—to information you have been taught over and over in your life as a child so that it feels real but it is not real. 

What you consider fantasy is what’s real. It is hard to grasp. You must leave all ideas behind and accept the fantastical. It is a leap of faith, a transcendent leap of faith for you.

It is not easy. We do not envy your position. We do not. All who wanted to go to Earth and experience this time are there. It was awarded to you. You wanted to be there. You wanted to go. We applaud you for your service and for your help.

There are many lightworkers, many. You must choose love. You must choose the higher path always, not (just) sometimes. Not one hour of the day when you faithfully meditate, but every decision question.

Question your reality, question everything. 

Not everything is as it seems. Many of your basic beliefs are completely untrue. Everything about your planet is more than you think; much of it is a lie.

It is a very interesting way to live, to not know these things; to be told things that are not true over and over until you feel them as truth, and to break away from it.

This is not a judgment for you. This is incredible that you could break away from this, that you could see what is true, that you could open your psychic senses to understand what is true—to believe what you know is true in your heart and in your soul.

I beg of you to meditate every day, to connect with your higher self, to work on yourself, to look at the world through love (and) no judgment of what others should do. No judgment of how people react in any situation. You do not know their struggle. It is not for you to judge.

It is for you to accept and send love to every situation and to ask yourself why any other person would trigger you and what is in that trigger that needs to be healed. (It’s) not a judgment against them, but an opening for healing for yourself 

Doing all of this and living in the moment—that is how you will ascend.

This one, this medium, worries so much about what is coming and yet, I say to her and to you: It does not matter what is coming. It only matters what is now. Stay in this moment, in this now, and make it the best you can.

Put away your electronics remember the old world of stories of laughter, of time with the family, that does not consist of electronics or screens. Remember the old ways they have been much lost and they are real heart connections.

I must go now but we are watching and we love you and we send our healing and love.

Please let me know if this message resonated with you!


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