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Moving Forward TOGETHER as Earth Beings in this Time

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June 08, 2020

If focusing on a problem and pushing resistance against a problem gives it more power, then what can we do for real change? For if you understand these concepts you know this is true.

This country needs so much change it can tie you up in knots every day. 😞

One is to look inside yourself for what racism & separatism you have there. For there is racism and separatism in all of us, in how we see the world. And we work to overcome that constantly.

Heal Yourself First

Healing the self is the most important action to take. You cannot change others by pushing against them. 

How can you change evil? People who are so mired in their own pain that they kill others for no reason at all can’t be changed by your anger. If that were true, well we would have made a difference already.

Love can help the healing process

But if we can change ourselves, we can build a future of healed beings. For most are broken, scarred, and in pain. We can help heal the next generation through our actions. How can we go forward together instead of separately?

Love all, give healing, and help where you can. Look for ways to help others. Let’s stay away from more separatism with judgments for beliefs, reactions, actions, and words for others. To come from a place of understanding that many people come from a place of trauma and will react differently to situations. To not get caught up in blaming, judging, and making assumptions.

We are all homo sapiens and of course, judging someone based on their skin color – an organ- is crazy and ridiculous. But it doesn’t stop there. Where else do we separate and judge others? How they act, what they do, what they like, who they follow.. look at the small ways you separate yourself and judge others and work on LOVE and coming together as ONE 💕

If everyone healed themselves, what a wonderful world this could be. Start with yourself and maybe your actions will help someone else heal themselves.

TOGETHER we can move towards a high vibratory future with love for all. 💕

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