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No Such Thing as Wasted Time

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March 29, 2018

🎶Once, I was so driven, focused, obsessed with singing opera and the business. I am a talented singer for sure, but the preparation always made me miserable and feeling… well, absolutely off my rocker. Nothing about it ever made me feel good, it just was never the right path for me.

I loved the on stage moments and singing live, but honestly, that is about 5% of the job. Yet, giving it up felt almost impossible. I had spent most of my life for that goal, worked so hard, spent so much money, poured so much angst into it. I wanted to give up all that heartache, but I didn’t know how I would! I was emotionally tied to it.

At that time, I worked so hard on myself with amazing Lightworkers to help me get through whatever was blocking my road to being “more”. More famous, more work, more singing, more polished, more hirable, more happiness tied to work… turns out that wasn’t my right path. 

But was all that time not fulfilling the right dream wasted? All that angst, all that time (20 years folks)?

Nooooo! All that time brought me to this! This amazing wonderful work that fulfills my soul! That makes me jump for joy DAILY with what I do. 

While opening myself up to higher levels of this work to become a Lightworker myself, I suddenly I knew without a doubt, THIS was the reason for my voice. And that it was what I was supposed to do. 

Then, all that resistance to quitting the opera life just fell away. Completely. I knew exactly that THIS is where I should be.

I can’t express how amazing it is to help & teach other Lightworkers & Beautiful Souls to find, fine-tune, or step onto their Light Path, connect with their Higher Self, connect with helpful Guides and remove any blocks keeping them from their True Purpose! And, I am using sound to do it… it makes me so happy to find my purpose. Let me help you find yours!

My Free Facebook Group Ascension & 5D Daily is here.

My Transformation & Ascension Group is a monthly group which helps with every aspect of Ascension! Each month, a new group of beings is selected to help us go forward, and we challenge ourselves to really move forward with Spiritual Growth!

Blessings to my fellow and future Lightworkers on this journey with me!

Giggles, & Mona Lisa Smiles,



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