Healing Parental and Religious Wounds in April

ascended masters healing Mar 30, 2020

It's now time to heal parental wounds... It is amazing how many people are talking to me about healing their issues with their parents, and how much I see the topic being talked about all over the web!!

We will be working on healing Parental Wounds, Religious Wounds, and more in the TAG-VIP Membership Group in April. Mary Magdelene and Jesus of the Christ Light are stepping forward to help us with learning in a Masterclass, Connection Attunement with Sound Healing, Healing with a Meditation and manifesting more love.

I was so hesitant about working with Jesus of the Christ Light and Mary Magdelene this month because I was worried that people would see it as Christian religious content—but it is for healing—plugging into the Divine Mother & Father which they both represent. Both entities can bring Divine Feminine and Masculine energy to us for balance and healing, and this is a time for deep healing.

There are many different timelines to choose from now that we have begun the Ascension Track. In order to choose the highest vibration, we must focus on healing our old wounds. One message that comes through for everyone is:

Are you on your LightPath, doing what it is you are called to do in this life?
Have you healed your wounds or are you actively working on them?
Are you connecting to your Higher Self, meeting your Guides and listening to them, growing your psychic senses or Clair-gifts?

This is the time for us to work more seriously with those tools that can help us with Ascension. I'd love to help you! If you feel called to join us in TAG-VIP or if you'd prefer a short session, click below:

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Healing Sessions

PS - TAG Members get 25% off of healing sessions as a perk!

I am channeling more often for the Collective in this time as well. Stay tuned to this blog and my You Tube page for more to come.

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