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Lion’s Gate Attunement – Aligning with new Ascension Energy for 8/8/2020

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Rachel Chamness

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August 06, 2020

The Lion’s Gate Portal will be opening on Saturday, August 8th, 2020, and I wanted to give you all a free attunement that will help you transition through this portal more easily. 

This Lion’s Gate Activation will especially align your 5th Dimensional Chakra Chakras such as the Stellar Gateway and Earth Star Chakras.

What we are doing today is more about aligning your energy and where YOU are in the ascension process with the Lion’s Gate Portal, which will help us get to the next level of ascension.

After I offer a clearing and protective prayer, I start the Attunement and Activation. 

The Beings who are helping me with this attunement are some Greys—the quintessential aliens who you see in emojis or in movies. They have a bad reputation on Earth, but it isn’t true. The Greys I work with have big hearts and are great healers. I also work with an ET called Sabalta, who is a nurse/healer/doctor. She helps me with a lot of different types of sessions, especially sessions that are medically related. We also have an Angel and some other Galactical Beings stepping in to help.

This session will be a DNA Activation, which will activate light codes in your 5th Dimensional Chakras which will then spread into your 3rd Dimensional Chakras and DNA. This will also work with your 4th Dimensional High Heart Chakra.

Some Elementals, including Mermaids, Dolphins, and Whales came through to help with the 4th Dimensional High Heart Chakra.

When we work with our Soul Star Chakra, or the seat of our soul, you may remember some of your soul memories. 

We go on to the Causal Chakra, where we receive Christ Light and Divine Feminine and Masculine Balance. Some of you may hear a duet of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine working together in the Liquid Reiki Sound Healing I bring forth.

Then we go to the Time Transcendence 5th Dimensional Chakra where we go for Astral Traveling.

Finally, we go to the Stellar Gateway, which is our Gate of Ascension. Archangel Metatron and Archangel Daniel are there. Metatron holds the gate open for us and Daniel is also part of the Ascension Gateway as well. The Stellar Gateway won’t be fully open until we are finished with the Ascension process. Every time we connect with these energies or work toward healing, the Stellar Gateway Chakra opens up a little more.

We give this prayer: We ask that all the beings who have come forth to attune our Chakras to the Lion’s Gate Portal help us with this next step of awakening, helping us attune to this portal so that the changes we face are easier. For, though we want the highest and greatest good for everything we ask for and do, we would also like to experience things a little easier, as a lot of the energy we’ve been facing lately has been very heavy. We are doing our best as humans and we are asking for help. 

I’d love to hear what you experience during this attunement! Please let me know in the comments below this video.

Background Music is licensed and copyrighted Rose Quartz by Josh Bergin, used with permission

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