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Is Your Original Wound Blocking Your Abundance?

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Rachel Chamness

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November 24, 2019

Would you like to be able to attract more financial abundance in your life? Are you worried that your Original Wounds (OW) will have an effect on your ability to manifest abundance? The more I do spiritual work, the more obvious connections between the spiritual path, abundance, and our latent wounds become to me. 🌞I’ve decided to start posting more about myself so you can get to know me better! I realize I don’t do that enough outside my Transformation and Ascension Group (TAG)-VIP Group.

A lot of people don’t know I grew up with a terrible gluten allergy 🍞and I didn’t even realize it until I was about 14. At that point, we didn’t understand “gluten” sensitivities in the way we do now, so I just thought the issues I was experiencing were related to a wheat allergy. I tried the wheat allergy diet for a while but found it was difficult for me to keep weight on while I was on it. This was in the 80s! I was the only person allergic to wheat in the whole world, or so it seemed. There weren’t a lot of options, then. As a result of my diet and allergies, I developed a lot of tooth problems. Grain Intolerance and tooth decay are closely linked. My gluten intolerance coupled with long periods of extreme financial LACK led to me having even more challenging tooth problems since I did not visit the dentist enough.

This week, in fact, I am recovering from some very expensive tooth surgery! 🙃Luckily, these dental bills are not as trying on my pocket as it could have been. My income improved greatly a few years ago.

I worked hard on increasing my abundance for many years, and finally started to see a really drastic shift several years ago. Since I have opened up to my gifts and become a Medium—I teach mediumship classes as well—my income has increased more than 400%!

What have I done to increase my financial abundance? Well, the list is long. I have disconnected from my earthly parents’ abundance issues with  from a meditation in TAG and connected to my Divine Parents instead. I have cleared my ancestral line of abundance blocks (and see it working in my family!). I have done countless EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) sessions & Spiritual Abundance work (both are available in TAG as well!). I have cleared past life poverty vows and all kinds of spiritual resistance to abundance as well by calling on the Archangels, and can do  that for you as well, in my Archangel Attunement for Abundance. I have cleared thoughts and beliefs and “truths” that kept me from abundance that I didn’t even realize I had!

The most important part? I have connected myself to my Spirit Guides and I follow their advice for Spiritual and Business Growth for my own Life Path. If you would like to connect to Spirit Guides or ANY Guides, you can start easily and for free by listening to my Meet Your Joy Guide meditation, which is free on SoundCloud.

Other options you can try to improve your financial abundance:

Take my next Trance Mediumship Channeling Course and become a Channel yourself!

Join TAG-VIP for LOTS of Lightworking building, healing, and Spirit Guide Connections for an incredibly low price!

Have a Light Path Session with me to find out how you can build your dreams and life purpose for your primary income source as well if that is your path (it usually is)—this is all channeled information.

Why am I talking about financial abundance anyway? Since we are stuck in this 3D world, slaves to the current monetary system, why not try to ease our problems by increasing our cash flow and working on our dreams? I believe that is part of our mission here on earth.

Perhaps abundance is not your issue at all. Maybe reading this post makes you think of another issue in your life… The type of spiritual work that helps with core issues or what we call the OW (Original Wound) in TAG—is covered in the Transformation and Ascension Group. Abundance is definitely my OW!

What is your OW? We have attunements and courses that address abundance, some that address shame, some for self-love…. there are many variations and we cover (or will cover) most of them in TAG.

How can I help you? Would you prefer to learn to do the work for yourself by learning Light Language or Trance Channeling, or would you prefer to have a one-to-one session with me? I’d love to help you.

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