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Channeling Sigils - The Star of David

One of the most important abilities I have is channeling information. Sometimes the information comes through in song or sound healing, sometimes with words or channeled messages, and other times, I channel symbols and sigils.

What are sigils?

When you google "sigil" you get the following description:

A sigil (/ˈsɪdʒəl/; pl. sigilla or sigils) is a type of symbol used in magic. The term has usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of a Jinn or other entity. In modern usage, especially in the context of chaos magic, sigil refers to a symbolic representation of the practitioner's desired outcome.

Of course, I keep it high vibe in my practice, so my sigils are focused on things like abundance and healing.

Channeling Sigils

Every month, in my TAG-VIP group, I include a sigil or an affirmation chant that helps members get even more out of the topic of the month. For example, I have channeled sigils that help with everything from releasing childhood trauma to manifesting magical...

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Are You Ready To Learn Trance Channel Mediumship?


One of the most frequent questions I get when people are interested in taking the Trance Channel Mediumship class is, "Am I ready to learn Trance Channel Mediumship?".

If you know that you are ready, you can sign up here!

But if you are not sure yet, read on (or watch the video) ...

Basically, if you are called to take the class and if you get information when you do guided meditations (like being able to see and interact with beings or see your surroundings in your mind's eye), then you are ready to take the class!

If you don't feel like you are ready yet, there are a few different options for you to explore. First of all, you can work on opening your Psychic Clair Senses. I have a great meditation to help you Open Your 8 Psychic Clair Senses here.

Also, if you feel like you might need help with clearing any blocks or feel like you might have attachments that keep you from being able to channel, you can book a Clear Session here.


#channeling #mediumship #trancechannelmediumship...

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What Clairsentience Is and How Mediums Use It

mediumship psychic senses Feb 20, 2020

Last week in Advanced Trance 2 Class, we worked with Elementals on Clairsentience and what it means for a Medium. For 6 weeks in this intensive class, we bring forward a different being to be trance channeled each week. The list includes Elementals, Galactic, Angelic, and more. Each being helps us in some way, and the Elementals we trance channeled (let them speak messages through us) last week brought a lot forward about clairsentience and what it means for Mediums. These beings also helped increase our clairsentience during the class.

What is Clairsentience? It is our Clair for feelings (emotions) or sensing things through feelings like a pain in your hand, tenseness in your stomach, etc. Clairsentient people may also be able to sense the presence of spirits.

This Clair is most often associated with Empaths. People who have a strong Clairsentience sense make very good Counselors and Healers because they intuitively can feel into a person's emotions, needs, and mental...

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No Reward Without Risk

mediumship Feb 10, 2020

When you chose this life on Earth as your Higher Self, you don't usually choose an easy path. No, you choose a hard one—one that requires risk, trust in the unknown, and more. We chose drama, high stakes, big things!

So, when it comes to your Life Purpose, or what I call the Light Path, we must make some hard choices and big risks!

Here’s a good exercise that will make this idea clear: think about a time when something great happened to you. Now trace it back to how it happened... and you will likely come across a hard time in your life when you had to make some hard decisions or you faced some pretty tough times. 

So what risks are you taking now?

Let me tell you about some I big chances I took and let me tell you, Spirit rewarded me with some incredible growth of my gifts, abundance, and more. 

*Told everyone in a conservative town I was a Psychic Medium
*Rented a local treatment room when I had no local clients
*Started scheduling local classes when I had no...

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How to Build a Simple Sacred Circle for Psychic Protection During Mediumship Sessions


Today we are going to talk about building a sacred circle for psychic protection while doing Mediumship and Channeling.

How does this sacred circle differ from warding your house or protecting yourself from other people's energies as an Empath? It's a little bit of a different ritual, because you are protecting your energy from external forces and from the people around you, instead of making sure that what you are channeling is safe. You can join my TAG VIP group if you'd like to learn more about shielding and get access to a ton of other courses. There's also a fabulous stand alone course for protection and shielding on my website.

Why would you make a sacred circle for psychic protection? Well, when you are doing Trance Channel Mediumship, you are allowing a spirit that you know to inhabit your being to heal and speak through you.

Please make sure that you learn how to do this properly! Don't just start experimenting on your own! I offer a course in Trance Channel Mediumship that...

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A Channeled Message from Watathan, An Elf Living On Sirius


Watathan, the Elf on Sirius, comes through with a channeled message again today!

Elves LOVE to help us out with issues and problems surrounding the home, so you can call on them for guidance and support with issues related to your home—even the bills!

This month, in my TAG VIP group, I am channeling Elves by using Trance Channel Mediumship. I ask them 13 questions, like where they are from, what they are here to help us with, and what messages they have for us.

They also send healing energy through me.

Wathathan is an Elf who is on Sirius (though he might not be from there, but visiting!). He came through during the Intergalactic Party and during this month's TAG-VIP MasterClass. You can find the video of me channeling the Elf Watathan here and the answers to the questions in my TAG VIP group!

If you are having a bit of trouble with the change-over to the year 2020 and all of the heavy energy that is being brought up to be released, this message is for you!

You can find the TAG...

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Lightworkers Live Podcast

healing mediumship Dec 02, 2019

The Lightworkers Live podcast hosted by Heather Corbet, Gia Trionfo Hooper, Rachel Chamness, and Erin Stabile is a podcast for Lightworkers and those who are called to serve. Whether you are starting on your spiritual path or a seasoned Lightworker, this podcast is relevant to you.

Join us for spiritual lives, Spiritual work, doubts, insecurities, spiritual modalities & walking the Life of a Lightworker. Get ready for special guests, what we see & experience, & spiritual education. Lightworkers Live is always raw, authentic & honest.

You can find us on: itunes, Google, Spreaker, Stitcher, Libsyn, Spotify.

You can learn more about us here as well! Lightworkers Live podcast

Please make sure to subscribe and leave a review if you are called to do so. We thank you for your support and have an amazing week!

Heather Corbet, Gia Trionfo Hooper, Rachel Chamness, and Erin Stabile

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Helpful Ascension Guides & TAG-VIP

Ascension is near. What does that mean? How near? Spirit tells me it's somewhere in the next 15 years, and also that it has already started. Look at all the astrological wildness this year, at rapid growth of Spiritual mindset, and the Spiritual awareness spreading like wildfire through people looking for more meaning in life.

Ascension has already started! And what that means is that we are pushed to deal with our problems, our blocks, our pain. We are pushed to work on ourselves, to help others, to spread goodness, to feel light and hope within us in a very trying time on Earth.

Earth is heavy, it's dense. Spirit is light, bubbly, magical. How can we get from one to another? That is part of Ascension. Finding our Light Path, our purpose, our meaning in this life. How can we do this? By leaving behind the denseness of fear by dealing with our pain, by opening up our psychic senses, and by connecting to Helpful Guides and Spirit Guides.

That's my specialty. Helping you...

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No Such Thing As Wasted Time

mediumship my story Mar 29, 2018

Once, I was so driven, focused, obsessed with singing opera and the business. I am a talented singer for sure, but the preparation always made me miserable and feeling... well, absolutely off my rocker. Nothing about it ever made me feel good, it just was never the right path for me.

I loved the on stage moments and singing live, but honestly, that is about 5% of the job. Yet, giving it up felt almost impossible. I had spent most of my life for that goal, worked so hard, spent so much money, poured so much angst into it. I wanted to give up all that heartache, but I didn't know how I would! I was emotionally tied to it.

At that time, I worked so hard on myself with amazing Lightworkers to help me get through whatever was blocking my road to being "more". More famous, more work, more singing, more polished, more hirable, more happiness tied to work... turns out that wasn't my right path. 

But was all that time not fulfilling the right dream wasted? All that angst, all that time (20...

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