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Supercharge Your Affirmations with Switchwords

switchwords Jan 30, 2018

Is that little negative voice in your head CANCELING your affirmations? I wanted to reach out to you today, in my newest Living Your Best Life Blogpost to give you an easier way to manifest your desires.

Affirmations… if you have been on a journey for self-improvement, you have probably heard of affirmations. For instance, looking in the mirror and saying a positive manifestation for your life… or using “The Secret”.. you have heard of this, but perhaps just saying affirmations until your brain believed you has worn you out! Perhaps you couldn’t figure out why it did not work.

You may say “I am a MILLIONAIRE!!” to your mirror, but maybe a little voice in your head says “not with all those school loans you aren’t…” which makes that affirmation hard to materialize!

Affirmations have to be done in the right space… feeling good and positive before you start. However, many times our affirmations contain longing,...

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