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Claircognizance, Mediumship, & Dragons

dragons psychic senses Mar 06, 2020

What is Claircognizance? This Clair is the psychic knowing Clair. It's when you just know something—deep inside you—and you don’t know why you know it, but you know you do.

One common theme among people with Claircognizance is that we can always tell if someone is telling the truth or lying.

This is my strongest Clair. It was the least threatening or scary Clairs of mine when I was a child, so I never tried turning it off. I remember vividly that I always knew whether a person was home to answer the phone by the first ring with incredible accuracy. This was back in the 70s before people had answering machines!

It feels to me as if I am a human pendulum. My whole body gives me a yes or a no feeling when I ask a question. Others describe Claircognizance information as the feeling of a thought passing through, or as a memory or knowledge directly downloaded from a past life or a Spirit Guide, and sometimes even words coming out of your mouth, without you fully...

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What Clairsentience Is and How Mediums Use It

mediumship psychic senses Feb 20, 2020

Last week in Advanced Trance 2 Class, we worked with Elementals on Clairsentience and what it means for a Medium. For 6 weeks in this intensive class, we bring forward a different being to be trance channeled each week. The list includes Elementals, Galactic, Angelic, and more. Each being helps us in some way, and the Elementals we trance channeled (let them speak messages through us) last week brought a lot forward about clairsentience and what it means for Mediums. These beings also helped increase our clairsentience during the class.

What is Clairsentience? It is our Clair for feelings (emotions) or sensing things through feelings like a pain in your hand, tenseness in your stomach, etc. Clairsentient people may also be able to sense the presence of spirits.

This Clair is most often associated with Empaths. People who have a strong Clairsentience sense make very good Counselors and Healers because they intuitively can feel into a person's emotions, needs, and mental...

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Helpful Ascension Guides & TAG-VIP

Ascension is near. What does that mean? How near? Spirit tells me it's somewhere in the next 15 years, and also that it has already started. Look at all the astrological wildness this year, at rapid growth of Spiritual mindset, and the Spiritual awareness spreading like wildfire through people looking for more meaning in life.

Ascension has already started! And what that means is that we are pushed to deal with our problems, our blocks, our pain. We are pushed to work on ourselves, to help others, to spread goodness, to feel light and hope within us in a very trying time on Earth.

Earth is heavy, it's dense. Spirit is light, bubbly, magical. How can we get from one to another? That is part of Ascension. Finding our Light Path, our purpose, our meaning in this life. How can we do this? By leaving behind the denseness of fear by dealing with our pain, by opening up our psychic senses, and by connecting to Helpful Guides and Spirit Guides.

That's my specialty. Helping you...

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