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How to Build a Simple Sacred Circle for Psychic Protection During Mediumship Sessions


Today we are going to talk about building a sacred circle for psychic protection while doing Mediumship and Channeling.

How does this sacred circle differ from warding your house or protecting yourself from other people's energies as an Empath? It's a little bit of a different ritual, because you are protecting your energy from external forces and from the people around you, instead of making sure that what you are channeling is safe. You can join my TAG VIP group if you'd like to learn more about shielding and get access to a ton of other courses. There's also a fabulous stand alone course for protection and shielding on my website.

Why would you make a sacred circle for psychic protection? Well, when you are doing Trance Channel Mediumship, you are allowing a spirit that you know to inhabit your being to heal and speak through you.

Please make sure that you learn how to do this properly! Don't just start experimenting on your own! I offer a course in Trance Channel Mediumship that...

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