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Beginner’s Guide To Meditation Using Mala Beads

meditation Jan 25, 2018

If you ever felt like you just couldn’t make your mind still enough to meditate without being guided, this article is for you. That is how I felt for years… barely able to sit still, much less clear my mind to start a meditation practice.

I started taking yoga, and found how at the end of a class, during Shavasana, my mind was finally clear and meditation happened. It was incredible!! How could I get this outside of a yoga class?

I have taken countless classes with other healers, in groups and privately.. one day I met with my private teacher and she announced we would meditate with mala beads… I remember thinking, this was going to be rough.

But it wasn’t hard! It worked. I found a way to clear my mind and meditate, finally! And, I love it.  It has led to other ways of meditating for me, since the practice of meditation is cumulative and the more you do it, the better you get at it. I don’t need my mala beads to meditate but I still use them....

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