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An Introduction to Giants, in all of their forms

elementals giants goddess Feb 06, 2020

This month, I am channeling Giants for the TAG group. Giants are a diverse bunch of Elementals that includes everything from Trolls to the Balboans (aka Big Foot!). Would you like to know more about these often misunderstood creatures? Watch this video to find out more about giants, trolls, and other kinds of giants!

Are Giants Elementals?
Are Trolls also Giants?
What about Sasquatch or Bigfoot?
Questions about Norse Legends too!

This month in TAG (Transformation and Ascension Group) VIP with Rachel Chamness we meet and get help from Giants, our Big Gentle Elementals! Plus the Norse Goddess Skadi and channeled messages from Freya, Thor, and Odin!

Giants help us with:

Standing in your light
Taking up your space
Empowerment & Self-Belief
Remembering who you are
Connecting to the Divine within yourself

Join the TAG Group this month for a Masterclass, Meditation, Attunement, Manifesting, and LIVE readings and Q&A in the private Facebook Group!

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