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Is Your Original Wound Blocking Your Abundance?

abundance healing Nov 24, 2019
Would you like to be able to attract more financial abundance in your life? Are you worried that your Original Wounds (OW) will have an effect on your ability to manifest abundance? The more I do spiritual work, the more obvious connections between the spiritual path, abundance, and our latent wounds become to me.
I've decided to start posting more about myself so you can get to know me better! I realize I don't do that enough outside my Transformation and Ascension Group (TAG)-VIP Group.

A lot of people don't know I grew up with a terrible gluten allergy and I didn't even realize it until I was about 14. At that point, we didn't understand "gluten" sensitivities in the way we do now, so I just thought the issues I was experiencing were related to a wheat allergy. I tried the wheat allergy diet for a while but found it was difficult for me to keep weight on while I was on it. This was in the 80s! I was the only person allergic to wheat in the whole...
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