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Intergalactic Channeling Spree Day 4 - Phillea the Anshar

Welcome to Day 4 of my Intergalactic Channeling Spree!

Today, we are talking to Phillea, an Anshar who is a human or humanoid who comes from thousands of years in the future. She's tall has pale skin and hair. Her eyes are big and her neck is long.

The ETs and Galactic Beings who I speak to are always so excited to work with us! They want to help us with the Ascension process and are interested in how we live our lives here on earth in the present moment.

Here is Phillea's message for us:

I am Phillea and yes, we are the future of humans.
We are quite mixed though;
there are a few other ET DNAs added to the mix
of DNA that makes us.
This is not the same as the mix of ET DNAs that humans are now.
Of course, you have many alien DNA
You are manufactured—
That's not to be taken in any way except that it's very scientific.
The way that humans were made and seeded on this planet.
And it's not just you, for all of your animals
and most beings that you know were made,
brought together...
Not so...

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Intergalactic Channeling Spree Day 3 - Solomon, the White Dragon from Orion

Welcome to Day 3 of my Intergalactic Channeling Spree! The Galactic Beings I am channeling are here to help us with Ascension, especially after the energies have gotten a little crazy because of the recent 12/12 Portal. We're being prepared to release heavy burdens so that we can vibrate higher.

Here's Solomon's message for us:

Hello, I am Solomon from Orion
I watch over you.
We have come to help you,
many of us.
We have been to earth before
in other "Golden Ages", as you call them.
I shine the white light down on you now
for clearing you and your path,
and the planet as well.
Know that as we come into this plane
you will feel your vibration rise as we come near you.
We like for you to ask for our help
so that we can come into your field
and bring your High Heart Chakra on line
and keep it vibrating at a high rate.
This 4th Dimensional Chakra is how
you will transform yourself
and that is what the focus is for now.
Many of you are believing it is the holiday stress
that you expect in this month that...

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Intergalactic Channeling Spree Day 2 - Alparabeam the Blue Avian

Welcome to the second day of my Intergalactic Channeling Spree!

Today, I will be trance channeling Alaparabeam, the Blue Avian. Alaparabeam is one of my Daily Helpers and Spirit Guides. This Intergalactic Channeling Spree was actually HIS idea.

With Trance Channeling, I let the beings speak through me. This is actually something that I teach as well. (information at the bottom of the page)

Blue Avians resemble storks with blue feathers. They vibrate at a very high level or high dimension frequency.

Here is his message:

Hello and welcome.
Glad to see you here.
I know that if you are here,
you are interested in furthering your path
and readying yourself for Ascension.
This is the reason I have come to this planet
for I am right outside in a ship with others
watching and waiting for Ascension,
here to help, waiting to help even more.
Some of you have spoken with us and seen us
And we are here to help you through this time of Ascension
which has begun since the 12/12 Portal on December 12th

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Intergalactic Channeling Spree Day 1 - Gamu the Pleiadian Fairy

Welcome to the first day of my Intergalactic Channeling Spree!


Today, I am channeling Gamu, who is a Fairy from the Pleiadian Star System.

Gamu isn't a little fairy, like the earth-bound fairies we normally channel. She's tall and thin, more like the elves you see on the Lord Of The Rings. She has long black hair and big, transparent wings! She's dressed in a long, flowing dress, she carries a sword with her as well!

She brings healing that will help you connect with your higher self, so you can better deal with the dense emotions and energies (especially all of the stress in the holiday season).

When she says, "Hold your hands..." she means palms up.

Gamu helps you connect with your Soul Star Chakra, which is above your head. Her sound healing vibrations will help to clear your energy and feel more connected with your true self on a higher level.

Listen to the video to get the sound healing I channeled.

Here is Gamu's message for us: (redo)

I step forward with greetings.
I want...

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Intergalactic Channeling Spree!


When you channel like I do, you never know who is going to come knocking on your psychic door with a message for humanity!

Last month, I worked with some very earthy Elementals, namely the Tree and River Spirits. If you are curious about channeling them for yourself, you should check out my Tree and River Spirits Package!

This month I got the urge—or the nudge, really—to do 5 days of channeling Intergalactic Entities!

What is an Intergalactic Spirit or Entity?

As you know, we humans only inhabit a small dot in the entire Universe (a.k.a. the Earth), and our 3D senses can't pick up on the 5+D Spirits unless we've trained ourselves to be open to them.

Intergalactic Spirits, Entities, and Beings are spirits quite like people. They might have a different form or come from a different solar system than we do. Oftentimes, they come with messages of hope, grounding, and support for us.

There are a few planets that come up when people channel Galactic beings quite often; they are...

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Lightworkers Live Podcast

healing mediumship Dec 02, 2019

The Lightworkers Live podcast hosted by Heather Corbet, Gia Trionfo Hooper, Rachel Chamness, and Erin Stabile is a podcast for Lightworkers and those who are called to serve. Whether you are starting on your spiritual path or a seasoned Lightworker, this podcast is relevant to you.

Join us for spiritual lives, Spiritual work, doubts, insecurities, spiritual modalities & walking the Life of a Lightworker. Get ready for special guests, what we see & experience, & spiritual education. Lightworkers Live is always raw, authentic & honest.

You can find us on: itunes, Google, Spreaker, Stitcher, Libsyn, Spotify.

You can learn more about us here as well! Lightworkers Live podcast

Please make sure to subscribe and leave a review if you are called to do so. We thank you for your support and have an amazing week!

Heather Corbet, Gia Trionfo Hooper, Rachel Chamness, and Erin Stabile

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Is Your Original Wound Blocking Your Abundance?

abundance healing Nov 24, 2019
Would you like to be able to attract more financial abundance in your life? Are you worried that your Original Wounds (OW) will have an effect on your ability to manifest abundance? The more I do spiritual work, the more obvious connections between the spiritual path, abundance, and our latent wounds become to me.
I've decided to start posting more about myself so you can get to know me better! I realize I don't do that enough outside my Transformation and Ascension Group (TAG)-VIP Group.

A lot of people don't know I grew up with a terrible gluten allergy and I didn't even realize it until I was about 14. At that point, we didn't understand "gluten" sensitivities in the way we do now, so I just thought the issues I was experiencing were related to a wheat allergy. I tried the wheat allergy diet for a while but found it was difficult for me to keep weight on while I was on it. This was in the 80s! I was the only person allergic to wheat in the whole...
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Helpful Ascension Guides & TAG-VIP

Ascension is near. What does that mean? How near? Spirit tells me it's somewhere in the next 15 years, and also that it has already started. Look at all the astrological wildness this year, at rapid growth of Spiritual mindset, and the Spiritual awareness spreading like wildfire through people looking for more meaning in life.

Ascension has already started! And what that means is that we are pushed to deal with our problems, our blocks, our pain. We are pushed to work on ourselves, to help others, to spread goodness, to feel light and hope within us in a very trying time on Earth.

Earth is heavy, it's dense. Spirit is light, bubbly, magical. How can we get from one to another? That is part of Ascension. Finding our Light Path, our purpose, our meaning in this life. How can we do this? By leaving behind the denseness of fear by dealing with our pain, by opening up our psychic senses, and by connecting to Helpful Guides and Spirit Guides.

That's my specialty. Helping you...

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Mother God Channeling

You may think of Mother God as the female side of Source, as Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, or Isis... I connect her to all of these names, and there are more.

This week I felt her near. I channeled her message on Youtube here.

Then, today, on Mother's Day, I received her message and posted on Instagram:

Remember that your Spiritual Mother, Mother God, loves you unconditionally, does not criticize or judge you. So if you have a strained relationship with your Earthly Mother, know that your Spiritual Mother is there for you.

Channeled Message "I love you unconditionally, in every world, on every plane, in every field and flower, in every action, in every mistake, in every do-over wish, in every regret. I love your honesty on this journey and your bravery. Keep doing the hard work, I am here for you". 

I hope this message finds you well! Thanks for reading!

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No Such Thing As Wasted Time

mediumship my story Mar 29, 2018

Once, I was so driven, focused, obsessed with singing opera and the business. I am a talented singer for sure, but the preparation always made me miserable and feeling... well, absolutely off my rocker. Nothing about it ever made me feel good, it just was never the right path for me.

I loved the on stage moments and singing live, but honestly, that is about 5% of the job. Yet, giving it up felt almost impossible. I had spent most of my life for that goal, worked so hard, spent so much money, poured so much angst into it. I wanted to give up all that heartache, but I didn't know how I would! I was emotionally tied to it.

At that time, I worked so hard on myself with amazing Lightworkers to help me get through whatever was blocking my road to being "more". More famous, more work, more singing, more polished, more hirable, more happiness tied to work... turns out that wasn't my right path. 

But was all that time not fulfilling the right dream wasted? All that angst, all that time (20...

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